10 Tech Tips to Make Your Life Easier

10 tech tips

Technology is becoming an integral part of our everyday lives, whether we use it for work, school, or just for fun. Learning how to use computers and other technology tools can make your life easier.

Today’s article features 10 tech tips that you can start using right away to boost your productivity and save time on daily tasks.

1. Hide Zero Values in Your Data

Hiding zero values in your data can help de-clutter your workbook and make it easier to read. It’s especially useful when you’re working with a large spreadsheet that has a lot of numbers.

There are several ways to hide zeros in Excel, including using a custom format or the Excel Options menu.

Alternatively, you can use a formula to suppress the display of zeros in your chart.

One of the easiest ways to hide zeros in your data is by creating a number format that hides the value in cells with 0s, but displays other values as expected. This works best if you’re importing or transforming your data on a regular basis.

2. Reverse Search an Image in Google Chrome

Reverse image search is a useful tool for journalists and photographers who want to figure out where a particular photograph originally originated, or who might be using it without permission.

If you use Google Chrome on your desktop, you can right-click an image and select “Search Google for This Image” to do a reverse search. Alternatively, you can use Google Lens on your Android or iOS device to do a search by image.

If you have Google Lens installed on your browser, it will automatically replace the old-school reverse image search option in your right-click menu. But if you want to kick it out, you can do so with a simple Chrome tweak.

3. Open a Link in a New Tab

If you want to open a link in a new tab, all you need to do is hold down the Control key (on Windows) or Command key (on Mac) while clicking on it. This method works on all browsers and loads the page in a new tab in the background, making it easy to navigate multiple pages at once without leaving the current one.

Depending on the context, task at hand, and next steps, opening links to documents or external sites in a new window or tab can make sense. However, it’s best to avoid doing so when possible, because it can be disorienting for users.

4. Clean Out Your Keyboard

If you’ve been using a keyboard for a while, you’ll probably notice that it gets a little dirty from time to time. Dirty keyboards can affect how well you type, as they collect crumbs and other dirt between keys that can’t be reached by a normal cleaning cloth.

The best way to clean a keyboard is to unplug it from the computer and put it on a clear desk away from other devices. This will keep any dirt or crumbs from getting into the components of your laptop and cause additional problems.

5. Adjust Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Keeping your Facebook privacy settings in check can help you maintain control over the personal information that’s shared with other users. It also can help keep you safe from online predators.

Your profile on Facebook contains a lot of information, including your contact details, interests and work history. You can choose who sees this information, and even limit it to specific audience groups.

To change your sharing settings, go to the Facebook app and select the arrow in the top right of your screen. Then click “settings & privacy.”

Facebook has several built-in security profiles, including “everyone” and “friends only.” You can switch to these by selecting them on the left, then clicking “apply these settings.”

6. Link Your Phone to Your Windows 10 PC

The link between your phone and your Windows 10 PC can be a powerful tool for getting work done on the go. You can access your texts, messages, photos, and notifications on your PC without having to carry a phone around.

To get started, you’ll need to connect your phone and PC to the same Wi-Fi network. You can also use Bluetooth to transfer files between the two devices.

Microsoft has a handy app that lets you link your phone to your Windows 10 computer. It’s called Your Phone Companion and it lets you manage calls, access files, manage SMS messages, and more.

7. Embrace Your Smartphone Space Bar

The space bar on your smartphone keyboard isn’t just for spaced out words. It can also be used to make quick edits and save you from a headache later on down the line.

A video recently brought this to light – and it’s definitely worth a closer look. The trick is a simple press and hold of the space bar and then you can swipe your finger in the direction of the cursor to move it from one position to the next.

This has to be the most fun and useful tip I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t wait to share it with my friends and colleagues. If you have a tech tip you would like to see featured in the Tip of the Day, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll include it in the next edition.

8. Reopen Tabs You Accidentally Closed

When you accidentally close a tab, it can be a real pain. But there’s no need to panic – there are plenty of easy ways to get your closed tabs back.

The most common method is to use a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+T on Windows and Command+Shift+T on Mac). Repeatedly pressing these keys will reopen all of your closed tabs in one go.

Another method is to access Chrome’s tab search. Using this, you can quickly reopen the specific tab you were using at the time.

9. Clean Out Your Apps

Your phone is like a closet: if you don’t clean it out regularly, it can get cluttered and messy.

As you use your phone, you’ll likely download apps, music albums, and videos that you don’t need or want. Delete these files to free up space.

Similarly, texts, memes, gifs, and other digital clutter may be wasting space on your phone too.

You can easily delete them by pressing and holding the app icon on your home screen.

Alternatively, you can go to Settings > Apps & Notifications and see a list of your apps. From there, tap on the app you’d like to remove and press Uninstall.

10. Turn Off Your Wi-Fi

Turning off your Wi-Fi is one of the most simple and cost effective ways to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation. In addition to reducing your power bill, it can also help your health and improve your sleep.

The radiation emitted from your home WiFi router is a serious health risk, ranging from minor sleep problems to cancer and more. That’s why it’s so important to minimize your exposure.

This can be as easy as turning off your router at night or using a mechanical outlet timer to disconnect it during the day. By doing so, you’ll decrease your EMF exposure by around 1/3rd.

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