10 Tech Tips to Make Your Life Easier

10 tech tips

Technology is an essential part of modern life, but it can be a real pain to use. There are many shortcuts, tricks and hacks that developers put in place to make our lives easier.

These tech tips can help you get more done in less time and make your life more enjoyable.

1. Hide Zero Values

When you need to hide zero values in your computer, there are a few different ways that you can do so. You may have a personal preference for how you want to see a zero, or you might be using a spreadsheet that adheres to a set of format standards that requires you to hide them.

One way to do this is to use conditional formatting. This is probably the most commonly known method, and it works well for hiding zeros on the whole worksheet.

Another option is to use a custom number format. This is a little more complicated, but it can be useful if you need to hide zeros in specific cells.

The main thing to remember is that both methods hide the zero value, but they don’t remove it from the cell. That means that in the case of any calculations that you make, they’ll still be used, even if the cell looks blank.

2. Reboot Your Computer Once a Week

Rebooting your computer once a week is one of the most effective ways to keep it running efficiently. It clears the temporary files that can clog up your computer’s RAM and allows programs to reset and refresh themselves.

Restarting your computer is also a good way to fix problems like memory leaks, nonfunctioning network connections, and more. These can slow your computer down and cause a variety of issues that could result in more time spent waiting for your PC to work correctly.

Windows computers should be restarted once a week, while Macs can benefit from this remedy less often. Restarting will help to clear out memory that might be causing misbehaving applications or a sluggish machine, Ben Taylor, an IT professional for over 20 years, tells Mic.

3. Use the Thesaurus

The thesaurus is a great way to find creative words that fit your content. Using a thesaurus in your writing can help you avoid repeating words that aren’t relevant or are boring your audience.

The thesaurus also helps you find words that match your tone, voice, and topic. This can be especially helpful if you’re trying to use a more passive or active tone in your content.

You can find a thesaurus in many different places, including apps and word processing programs. Microsoft Word has a built-in thesaurus tool that can be useful when writing your content.

4. Embrace the Space Bar

One of the most underrated keys on a computer keyboard is the space bar. It’s one of the largest and quickest to use, and it is also the most convenient for scribbling notes on the fly. It is also the most functional of the ten or so arrow keys. In addition to typing the letter b, you should try using this key as much as possible. It will save you time and sanity as well as improve your typing speed.

The key to using the Space Bar as your secret weapon is to get used to it. It will take a little practice to feel confident about this key, but the rewards will be well worth it. It will be the key to unlocking your computer’s full potential and avoiding a lot of frustration as well. Having the space bar at your fingertips will also help you take advantage of all of the cool features of your computer.

5. Take a Screenshot

Screenshots are an important tool for demonstrating something that would be difficult to explain in words. They’re also handy for documenting processes, errors, and communications on your computer.

You can take a screenshot on your Windows PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPhone, and Android phone using keyboard shortcuts. You can also copy a screenshot to your clipboard and paste it somewhere else.

The easiest way to take a screenshot on an Android device is to press the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously. This works on most modern Android devices, but the button placement and storage location can vary depending on the manufacturer.

If your smartphone doesn’t have a power and volume down button, you can still take a screenshot by swiping the edge of your hand across the screen. This trick is useful when you’re trying to take a long or scrolling screenshot. It eliminates the need to take multiple screenshots to capture everything.

6. Use Your Voice

One of the best things about mobile phones is that they can be controlled with voice commands. This entails a bit of trial and error to find your paws and buttons, but that’s where the true magic is revealed. A quick search for “speak” or “speaker” will churn out an impressive list of app names to choose from, as well as a long list of commands you can assign to Siri or Apple’s default voice command interface.

7. Share Your YouTube Videos

YouTube is a great way to create and share video content. But it can also be a challenge to ensure that your videos are seen by the right people.

One of the best ways to ensure that your YouTube content is seen by the right people is to share it on the social media platforms where your target audience hangs out. You can share your YouTube videos on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by using the sharing options available on each platform.

The more people who see your videos, the better they will perform and the higher your video will be ranked. So it’s important to make sure that your videos are shared regularly.

8. Use “Site:” to Find Content Like a Ninja

One of the best ways to find the newest and coolest content is by using the web. There are many different tools to accomplish this task, but a good place to start is Squirrly. It will help you search for new content and save your favorite articles. The software will even show you how many users are using the service at any given time. If you haven’t already signed up, you’re missing out on a wealth of information that could be used to improve your content and increase your reach. Be sure to sign up today and start searching for new and interesting content!

9. Take a Screenshot of Your Phone

Screenshots are a great way to save and share things on your phone. They can be used to save a recipe, a social media post, a website or anything else that you don’t want to forget.

Taking a screenshot of your phone can also be a great way to show someone something that’s difficult to explain with words. For example, if you have an issue with an app, taking a screenshot can help you communicate that problem to others.

To take a screenshot on your Android phone, press the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously. This works on most modern Android devices, but you can also press the Home and Power buttons together if you have an older device.

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