3 Jobs Chat GPT Will Fully Replace

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We discuss how AI will gradually replace jobs over time, starting with entry-level positions. The speaker uses OpenAI’s chatbot GPT as an example to demonstrate how AI will replace jobs such as copywriting, programming, and customer service.






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As we move into the future it is becoming 
increasingly clear that AI will replace a lot   Of jobs that we’re used to these days. But one 
thing is clear, this will gradually happen over   Time so you still have some time to prepare for 
this change and maybe to learn some skills that   Will make you irreplaceable. But in order for you 
to do that you need to understand what the AI can   Do and that’s exactly what we’ll be covering in 
this video. I’ll show you three examples of jobs   That will easily be replaced by these advanced 
technologies that we’re getting these days and   It should be pointed out that for all these jobs 
it’s really the entry-level positions that will   Be replaced first. Yes, very sad anyway. So keep 
that in mind while we move through the list. The   AI that we’re referring to here is open ai’s 
chat GPT a state-of-the-art chatbot that has   Everyone confused by how good it actually is 
we’re using the open Beta And if you want to   Try it out I made a video on how to set it up 
and how to get going really quickly. But now   It’s time to look at some of these examples 
of jobs that will be replaced by chat Bots   Just like chat GPT right here. Let’s start with 
an obvious one copywriters. And as I mentioned   Before we’re talking about entry-level copywriters 
here. Top-tier authors or people that are booked   For their style or their unique vision still will 
have a place in the workforce and in our society,   No doubt about it. But if you currently make your 
full-time living writing captions for social media   Posts or writing blog post articles. Well, it’s 
probably time to start getting a little worried.   But instead of me just talking about it let me 
go in here and show you why that is. So if it   Just opens up with write me a blog post here and 
then I pick any topic, it will do exactly that.   There you go I mean have a look the voice 
is generic but it’s really good. But okay   Maybe the AI doesn’t understand the psychology so 
well and doesn’t know who to Target here. Well,   The thing is you can tell it if I just go in here 
and say targeting Millennials and I can do that.   And it even accounted for my typo here but 
you might say hey Igor there is surely more   To copywriting than just writing blog posts, 
well this thing can do most categories. If   We go to Fiverr right here we can see some 
popular categories that people actually Book   On a daily basis right? So, let’s try sales 
copy and social media copy as an example.   Foreign look at that, this is 
a very advanced writing style,   And you can tell it what voice to speak in. 
I mean, come on, and even for social media,   This just unlocks a ghostwriter that is available 
24/7 and charges like a cent per caption. Look,   It even did the hashtags for you, so clearly 
this is going to be very hard to compete on.  But let’s look at our next job that should 
probably be worried about these tools. Okay,   And here’s a truly scary one for anybody that 
acquired the skill of programming. *Everybody   Stay calm* As you might know, the skill set of 
this concrete chatbot goes way beyond just a   Simple conversation with a human being. It cannot 
just write code in multiple languages; it can also  

Translate and debug it. And look, coding is an 
extremely wide field. Okay, so if you’re a full   Stack developer with 20 years of experience, you 
have nothing to worry about, because there’s just   Certain things that this thing won’t be able to do 
for another 5 to 10, maybe 20 years. But if you’re   In an entry-level position that just kind of had 
to do all the footwork for the senior programmers,   Or your income is freelancing from tasks like web 
design or simple Python scripts, well this thing   Is going to be more responsive, and probably more 
reliable than most human beings, let’s just start   With an example for a simple Python script that 
automates the moving of files on your computer. Voila! It picks the right package, writes the 
whole thing for you, and the funny thing here is,   If I take this code, I can even go in and say, ’I 
have this Python script that has a mistake in it;   Can you fix it for me?’ and then all I’ll do is, 
’Sneakily remove this ’join’ part of the script. And look at that, it re-inserted 
it. And what does it do if I say,   ”Create a simple one-page website in 
JavaScript for my car sales company? And there you go: a great starting point; and 
these are just some examples of tasks that the   Senior Programmers would give away to Junior 
Programmers. Well, now they have this option,   And you can do the same for different 
languages. Okay, so those are simple tasks,   But what happens if I told it: okay, 
translate this Python script to Node.js? And it simply does it! Incredible. but let’s look 
at our next job–customer support. *No, no, no,   No, no, no, no* In a lot of cases, their job is 
looking at emails or requests and answering those,   So let’s have a look. Your company just received 
a customer email, and the chatbot is supposed to   Answer. Let’s just tell it in human language that 
we received this email, and we need help from the   AI. And just to have some fun here. Let’s say we 
sold the computer, and the customer is furious   Because it doesn’t work on the day after he 
purchased it. What would the AI reply here?  I mean wow, we apologize for the inconvenience 
you’re experiencing with your new computer.   We understand how frustrating it can be when a 
product does not work as expected. Like, come on,   This thing even has empathy built in! You want 
to resolve this matter as quickly as possible.   And look at that, all from one line of input. 
If it actually knew what our company is doing,   And had a database of emails associated with 
clients and their purchases, it would immediately   Know what computer he bought, and it could send 
it a tutorial on how to fix the issue at hand  I mean, this is incredible. It costs 
virtually no money, it’s available 24/7,   And it’s always forthcoming and helps in the best 
way available. So yes, all this is very scary,   But it’s also very powerful, and let me tell 
you that the best way to deal with it is not   By ignoring it or pretending like this doesn’t 
exist. The very best thing you can do is actually   Educate yourself on these topics and start using 
these tools to your advantage, and my mission   Here is to bring you content that will help you 
on that pathway. So go ahead and check out this  

Video that shows you some everyday use cases 
for how this will be able to enhance your life   Today. Alright, I hope you learned something 
and subscribe for more content like this.

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