5 simple tricks to improve your iPhone battery life

5 simple tricks to improve your iPhone battery life.
While Apple has steadily improved the battery life on the latest iPhones, as these devices get older, they tend to take a hit on the battery life.
While there are plenty of ways to improve your iPhone’s battery life, they usually involve a complicated procedure that does not result in any major improvement in the battery life.
If you have been an iPhone user and looking for ways to improve battery life, then here are the five simple tricks that you can try on your iPhone, which will drastically improve the battery life, even on the older iPhone models.
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Maintain good battery health.
It is important to maintain the battery health of your iPhone to get an extended battery life.
It is always recommended by experts to start charging your iPhone when it hits 25 percent.
Similarly, only charging the battery up to 85 percent will help the iPhone’s battery to maintain good battery health and deliver extended battery life.

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