5 Uses for ChatGPT that you didn’t even know about


Hello and welcome to a new video on chat GPT and the use cases of using the openAI tool chatGPT.

Today we’re going to be discussing ChatGPT, a powerful language generation technology that is being used in a variety of applications.

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Conversation with Steve Jobs and Joe Rogan:

ChatGPT is a variant of the popular GPT-3 language model, which was trained on vast amounts of text data to generate human-like responses to input. By leveraging the capabilities of GPT-3, ChatGPT is able to generate intelligent responses to questions and prompts in a conversational format.

One of the top use cases for ChatGPT is customer service. Many businesses are using ChatGPT to provide quick and accurate responses to common customer inquiries, reducing the need for human customer service representatives and improving the overall customer experience.

Another popular use case for ChatGPT is in education. ChatGPT can be used to create personalized learning experiences by generating personalized responses to student questions and providing feedback on their work. This can help students learn more effectively and provide teachers with valuable insights into student progress.

Third, ChatGPT is being used in the healthcare industry to assist with administrative tasks and provide information to patients. For example, ChatGPT can be used to schedule appointments, provide information about medications and treatments, and even assist with triaging patients in emergency situations.

Fourth, ChatGPT is being used in the finance industry to provide personalized financial advice and recommendations to customers. By analyzing a person’s financial situation and goals, ChatGPT can provide tailored advice on investments, savings, and other financial decisions.

Finally, ChatGPT is being used in the entertainment industry to create personalized experiences for users. For example, ChatGPT can be used to create personalized movie and music recommendations, generate engaging dialogue for video games, and even assist with scriptwriting for TV shows and movies.

Overall, ChatGPT is a powerful technology that is being used in a variety of industries to improve customer experiences, enhance education, streamline healthcare processes, provide personalized financial advice, and create engaging entertainment experiences.

We’re excited to see how ChatGPT will continue to evolve and impact our world in the future.

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What’s up what’s up everyone Jason Flegel here with another video I’m so Excited to talk about what is chat GPT And the top five use cases that you can Use chat GPT from education to medicine To just getting answers and text Messages for you know a loved one There’s so many applications that chat GPT can do let’s go ahead and jump into It and see and unpack everything that is This awesomeness with chat GPT [Music] All right so let’s go ahead and talk About what is chat GPT and rather than Giving you the formal definition I Actually wanted to show you what chat GPT is like in action so let’s go ahead And ask it what is chat GPT Chat GPT is a chat bot trained using the Gpt3 generative pre-trained Transformer 3 Model GPT is a state-of-the-art Natural language processing NLP model Developed by openai that can generate Human-like text and perform a wide range Of language tasks chat GPT is designed To be able to carry on a conversation With the human in a way that is engaging And natural and it can be used in a Variety of applications such as customer Service online chatting and more yeah Great definition there the other Definition is that chat GPT is a variant Of the chat GPT not chat GPT but the

Gpt3 language model again developed by Open AI so it uses artificial Intelligence with these language models This training set to be able to provide Answers based on questions and input so Ultimately one of the most unique things Is is able to Leverage Gpt3 now in this chat GPT so it can Generate like responses to questions and Prompts in a very conversational format So like even with this statement let’s Say Can you reduce this to one or two Sentences There you go it just reduces it to that So there is so many capabilities I just Did a recent video kind of explaining Um you know different use cases with Like coding a web application a fetching API data using Yahoo finance for the Stock market uh sending text messages to My wife and using puns and a funny way To do that there’s a lot of yeah unique Things in that other video so recommend Checking that out but why don’t we go Ahead and jump into these five use cases So the number one use case the top use Case for chat GPT is actually in Customer service so many businesses are Using chat GPT now to provide quick Quick and accurate responses to customer Inquiries questions that they have Ultimately it reduces the need for this Human customer service interaction so

Think about like chat Bots you know Businesses that the customers have have All these questions like e-commerce Stores is a good example but you can Actually use chat GPT to Now respond to Those questions that the customers or Clients have so it’s definitely a big Use case so I mean if you can be like uh You know when will my order ship for my E-commerce store like things like that Chat GPT can actually actually do that Yeah so another the use case with Customer service again a possibility Would be like you’ve got a skin care Product or something You know how to apply Um acne ointment to the face Coming up with a good example here on How to apply acne ointment so it’s Pulling from data in the data set And literally walking you through the Process wash your face take a small Amount use circular motion yeah see this Is a good example where instead of Having a human sit there and respond Respond back to this you can have these Prepared messages that get sent back out To the customer or client and number two Use case for chat GPT is in education so Chat GPT can be used to create like Personalized learning experiences by Generating responses to student Questions providing feedback on their Work so like doing grading and

Everything because there’s a lot of Again AI machine learning added in here Problems like mathematics science there Is a lot of data that chat GPT has Access to to help answer those questions So it can reduce a lot of the time you Know to for the teacher and the students So it helps students ultimately learn More effectively provide teachers with Also other kind of insights in how their Students are progressing and you know The particular content so anything from Like Um can you explain what the quadratic Formula Is The quadratic formula as a mathematical Formula used to solve quadratic Equations so here’s a good example of How it outputted the data for what a Quadratic formula is so you know it’s Another example here in education on Where chat GPT can apply and the value That it can provide the third use case For chat GPT is actually in healthcare And medicine so it can do administrative Tasks it can provide information to Patients it can even be used to schedule Appointments in like online scheduling Tools it can provide information about Like medications ointments I mean even With the customer service use case we Just saw that it can provide information Like acne ointment you know cream

There’s a lot of potential with that and Then it can even assist with helping Patients in emergency situations by like Triaging the patients based on what Symptoms what kind of things are Happening with their body so there’s a Lot that can be done there like what is The Safe amount To ingest Abu Perfect The safe amount of ibuprofen to ingest Will depend on your age weight and Overall health in general recommended Dose for adults is 200 to 400 milligrams Every four to six hours and it’s Important not to exceed the maximum Daily dose of 3200 milligrams so yeah Here’s a good example of it in Outputting some information on like I What is safe to ingest for you know the Amounts of of ibuprofen so this is a Definitely a good example of what it can Do the API access again integrating chat GPT into like scheduling tools for Dental Offices Medical Offices that’s a Really big use case that I’m excited to See more people start to embrace and Help serve medical providers and the Patients so the fourth use case of chat GPT is actually used in the finance Industry and finance so personalized Finance information advice based on you

Know how much money you’re making and What you’re planning for retirement your Investment plan there’s a lot of really Unique interesting things that you can Do with chat GPT so you can actually use It to analyze someone’s financial Situation their goals and then chat GPT Can provide like tailored investment Plans saving plans even helping make Financial decisions so let’s add in Something like What is a good Investment plan to become a millionaire By 65. With my retirement plan let’s see what It comes up with A good investment plan to become a Millionaire by the time you reach 65 Will depend on a number of factors Current age income savings risk Tolerance One potential strategy could be to Invest a portion of savings in a Diversified portfolio stocks and bonds To regularly contribute to your Retirement account such as 401k or IRA And then it also even says you may want To consider Consulting a financial Advisor So let’s string on to this if I am 30 let’s say 31 years old What would be a good monthly Contribution with average yearly returns

To become a millionaire By 65. So as mentioned earlier it’s you know Depending on how much you’re saving and What you’re investing and now it’s Actually giving an example assuming You’re starting at 31 years old and want To retire at 65 you’d have 35 years Until retirement if assuming an average Annual return of seven percent we’d need To save around 1200 per month in order To become a millionaire by the time we Reach 65. so yeah just an estimate again Uh it’s adding an uh consult with a Financial advisor so but as you can see This is really good it’s a good start I Already have an understanding of an like An idea of what I need to invest every Single month into whatever this Portfolio is based on that you know Seven percent average year yearly Returns and this is again just Scratching the surface of the potential With chat GPT for like financial data Personalized Financial advice it’s a Really really cool to see this and I’m Sure we’ll unpack more use cases even Related to the Financial Finance kind of category here in the Near future and finally number five to Round out the top five use cases of chat GPT chat gbt can be used in the Entertainment industry in a lot of Different ways there’s a lot of

Personalization that can happen actually Or chat GPT can be used to create like Personalized Movie music recommendations All even generating like dialogue for Video games I don’t know if anyone saw The conversation between Steve Jobs On a podcast With uh I think it was uh Joe Rogan’s Podcast but they had this conversation It was totally artificial intelligence Just having a conversation back and Forth with each other like that’s an Example of just totally created dialogue And conversation generated by AI I can Even assist with like chat gbt can Assist with script writing for TV shows Movies YouTube videos there’s a lot that Can be done there so let’s test it out Actually creating a script so Can you create a short introduction For a YouTube video on the power of chat GPT and let’s see what it comes up with Chat gbt is a powerful language Processing technology developed by Openai that allows for the generation of Human-like text based on input from a User Um yeah this is a great intro it has a Wide range of applications generating Writing conversations language Translation information retrieval and This video we will explore some of the Ways that chat GPT can be used to Enhance our daily lives and improve the

Way we communicate with each other Whether you’re a writer a student or Simply someone who enjoys engaging with Technology you’ll find that chat GPT has Something to offer sit back relax and Let’s dive into the world of chat GPT Very good intro I love this Um can you Uh can you make it Funnier See how it changes it with adding in More humor hey there internet Adventurers are you tired of boring old Text conversations that lack personality And Flair fear not chat GPT is here to Save the day this amazing technology Developed by Geniuses at open AI allows You to generate human-like based text You’re a writer looking for fresh ideas Just messing with the AI chat GPT is the Tool for you in this video we’ll take a Humorous look at crazy unexpected things You can do with chat GPT grab your Popcorn put on your thinking cap and Let’s get ready to have some fun yeah This is good I like this One of what is one of the greatest Movies of all time so one of the Greatest movies is considered to be Citizen Kane Released in 1941 Masterpiece of Cinema So yeah there’s another example here With referencing pulling data you know On rankings so as you can see there’s a

Lot of interesting use cases that you Can use chat GPT for and involved in There’s a lot of other industry use Cases that this can apply to I’m very Excited about the future of artificial Intelligence machine learning as a as It’s supplied to here with chat GPT Again check out my other video I go into A lot of other unique things from Writing messages and emails sending text Messages to my wife in my other video uh Really funny kind of examples and use Cases so recommend checking out that Video too but yeah chat GPT is going to Be really powerful it’s going to be used In a lot of different ways different Industries you know again from customers To education Healthcare Finances there’s a lot that can be done So I’m excited to see how it evolves Um and ultimately continues to impact Us In uh in different ways please like And Subscribe to the channel if you haven’t Already done so make sure that you click On the Bell icon to be notified of new Upcoming videos but thank you guys so Much for tuning in I’m excited to share More about chat GPT examples and other Helpful videos for the future if you Have any questions about using chat GPT Or tell me about some other cool or Unique use cases that you’ve been seeing With chat GPT in the comment section Below thanks for tuning in remember to

Keep moving forward and I’ll catch you Next time bye-bye [Music]

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