8K VR with the Insta360 Pro 2

Insta360 updates their professional VR camera line with the Pro 2. Key new features include their Flowstate 9 axis stabilization, long range live monitoring with Farsight technology, and ”no-stitch” editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. The whole system is available for $4999.

The pro two is the next iteration of our Popular professional camera series and It’s basically got a lot of features That our users have been asking for we Delivered on and it’s important for us To take the feedback and really give Them a solution that’s gonna be easy to Use both on the capture side and on the PO side Our biggest challenge until this point Has been how do we create a super smooth And seamless workflow that will make Users happy and they don’t have to pull Their hair out and waste time with the Stitching and the post-processing so we Really have to find that delicate Balance between adding new features and Still making it a simple process we’ve Upgraded the sensors and we’ve upgraded The internal motherboard to allow for 8k Stereo capture and we’ve also upped a Lot of the other resolutions where You’re able to now record higher Resolution at higher frame rates making It more in line with what the Expectations would be from a traditional Filmmaking standpoint the defining Feature of the camera now is the dual Antennas that pop up from the top and Those are to enhance the GPS and the Wi-Fi and you’ll see that you can now Record to six microSD cards the reason We shifted to the six microSD card Option is to allow up to 120 megabits

Per second on each card so the bit rate Is much higher than recording just onto One SD card now it has the ability to Stabilize in camera so we’ve upgraded The gyroscope from a6 access to 9 access Stabilized gyro and we’ve also rethought And redone our algorithm on the digital Stabilization side so it’s now going From just catering to a strictly VR Audience to also traditional filmmakers Who just want to enhance their their Tool belt abettor will be pairing the Pro 2 with our Farsight system and it’s The first-ever long-range wireless Transmitter built specifically for a 360 Camera ultimately the Farsight won’t be Available on its own but together both Systems are around $5,000 [Music]

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