A closer look at Mirror

Mirror is a smart gadget that offers virtual fitness classes. We caught up with the founder Brynn Putnam at the NYC HQ to learn more.

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Mirror is a nearly invisible interactive Home gym it’s a smart mirror that allows You to stream live and on-demand fitness Classes the reason why we built a mirror Versus streaming content to your phone Or your television is that the mirror Really provides a uniquely immersive and Interactive platform for content you’re Able to see yourself your instructor Your classmates and all your Personalized metrics on a single display Which is not something that you can get Through any other single platform I Think we also are living in a society Where people don’t want to add more Screens into their life they want to Have their home be their home and the Mirror is a way to have a piece of Beautiful home decor that also then Translates into an interactive content Portal we really view mirror to be a new Category you have your peloton’s Or a whole breed of new smart gym Equipment people who are building Treadmills bikes weight machines with Screens attached and then you have your Traditional gym memberships and studio Classes where people are experiencing Content in real life and we think we’re Creating a really a new kind of content Platform that allows users to enjoy Interactive immersive experiences in Home The mirror is 1495 and then our users

Pay $39 a month to access unlimited live And on-demand classes for most of our Users who are paying 150 dollars per Month on average for studio classes or 200 dollars per month for premium gym Membership the mirror actually provides A cost savings you’re accessing Unlimited classes for the cost of a Single boutique fitness studio class and For most of our users it’s a full Household purchase so they’re Advertising the costs across their usage And that of generally a partner and Sometimes even kids in the same Household You

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