A closer look at the Samsung Galaxy Fold

A week after debuting in San Francisco, Samsung gives us a better look at its forthcoming foldable.

We’re introducing the Galaxy fold from Samsung the purpose of this device is That it’s kind of two and one right you Have this amazing really compact mobile Device that you can carry around with You I like to think of you know the Times that I’m on the go where I need to Just drive the entire UI with my thumb You know pulling up my boarding pass Just sending a quick text message back But you know what as I’m going through My inbox maybe I’ll see like an email That’s really cool that I want to like Dive into that’s what app continuity Kicks in select the email open up seven Point three inches of all screen and I Can be productive right not only that You know I don’t know anybody these days That doesn’t do like that just does one Thing on their phone at one time so with Three app multitasking you can actually Have three apps open at the same time Any time you introduce new technology You’re gonna see a lot of creators and Developers and consumers come one that’s Going to become a big bowl of Marketization it’s up to everybody but We’re bringing the technology into and Putting that in consumers hands today So the galaxy fold will be available on April 26 let’s just round the corner You

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