A New Social Media Chatbot

A New Social Media Chatbot.
Snapchat announced the addition of a new feature, My AI.
My AI is a chatbot based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT that can engage with Snapchat users.
Snapchat joins Meta, Spotify, YouTube, and others in the race to enhance social networking with artificial intelligence to attract more users and keep them engaged with their networks longer.
How To Access My AI On Snapchat.
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Snapchat launched its new chatbot as an experimental feature for subscribers of Snapchat+ in the United States.
Snapchat+ allows users to experience exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features first.
It’s $3.99 monthly and available in several countries, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
This makes it less expensive than investing in ChatGPT Pro at $20 monthly.
In addition to first access to My AI, Snapchat+ offers users an exclusive badge, priority story replies, custom story expiration from one hour to one week, and story boosts that put your story ahead of others so more people will see it.

Foreign Snapchat announced the addition of a new Feature my AI my AI is a chatbot based On opinions chapter that can engage with Snapchat users Snapchat joins meta Spotify YouTube and others in the race To enhance social networking with Artificial intelligence to attract more Users and keep them engaged with their Networks longer how to access my AI on Snapchat to stay up to date with latest Top stories make sure to subscribe to This YouTube channel by clicking the Button above this video SnapChat Launched its new chatbed as an Experimental feature for subscribers of Snapchat Plus in the United States Snapchat Plus allows users to experience Exclusive experimental and pre-release Features first it's 3.99 monthly and Available in several countries including The United States Canada and the United Kingdom this makes it less expensive Than investing in chat pro at 20 monthly In addition to First access to my AI Snapchat Plus offers users an exclusive Badge priority story replies custom Story expiration from one hour to one Week and story boosts that put your Story ahead of others so more people Will see it add my AI as a friend to Connect with my a I visit its profile on Snapchat and add it as a friend once You've added it as a friend you can

Start chatting my aivs chat according to Snapchat support my AI will be a Friendly personal sidekick for Snapchat Users accessible within the Snapchat app Users can ask the chatbot for answers to Trivia questions travel ideas recipes Gifts for a specific person poetry and More my AI offers an experience that Feels like engaging with another Snapchat complete with a profile Avatar And use of relevant images and responses Snapchat warns users that in the early Stages my AI May hallucinate and offer Incorrect answers you might spot a few In the upcoming examples users are Encouraged to submit feedback to Snapchat about any Oddities they Discover to help improve the feature Before it is rolled out to all Snapchat Users similar to chat snapchat users are Also advised not to give my AI Confidential or sensitive information Interactions with the chat that may be Analyzed to help improve the chat Experience how marketers and content Creators can utilize my AI businesses Can use my AI in various ways to better Engage with customers on Snapchat here Are a few examples to get you started Write a perfect bio not sure how to Write a great bio for your Snapchat Public profile ask my AI to give you a Few ideas based on the customers you Want to reach and what you want them to

Buy tap and hold responses to copy them Save them in chat or submit feedback About them suggest a story idea if you Don't know what to post on Snapchat ask My AI for suggestions you can tell my AI You want a story idea that appeals to Your Target customer to promote your Product or service make engagement Easier when someone asks you a question In response to your public stories you Can use my AI to give you some response Ideas to make your story View or smile Find Niche influencers if you want to Explore influencer marketing ask my AI Who the top Snapchat influencers are in Your Niche combined with Snapchat Plus Priority story replies you can start Engaging with the best influencers for Your product or service potentially Opening the door to new marketing Opportunities how to clear your my AI Chat queries if you want to clear your Chat history go to your Snapchat Settings and look under privacy controls For the option to clear data tap on Clear my AI chat queries and confirm That you want to delete your my AI data Foreign

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