A robot cooks burgers at startup restaurant Creator

Creator is a new burger-making robot startup. We visit its first restaurant in San Francisco to taste Creator’s burger from the future.

[Music] We’re here at creator a new burger bot Restaurant with the founder Alex who Invented this crazy machine we’re Standing in front of maybe you could Tell us how did you get into the idea of Building a burger bot so I grew up Flipping burgers and parents got a Restaurant I’ve made maybe tens of Thousands of burgers in my life and when Your job is to make something like 400 Of the same burger every single day you Realize that there are a lot of Opportunities to make just a little bit Better Except didn’t have the means so I Thought okay the better kitchen tools Help me make a much better product why Not just take that to infinity and this Is kind of like the ultimate kitchen Installation [Music] We just spent sauce down a milliliter we Spent seasoning down the gram there’s 11 Sensors to watch the temperature of the Beef and some AI to make sure we lock in The doneness when we grind the meat we Literally align the meat in the paddy to Go along with your bite kind of Vertically as your incisors come through So you get a lot of advantage on the Texture side of things so the burgers Are tasty and I’m absolutely surprised That they only cost $6 but my question

Is what is this gonna do for the future Of work and all the people that already Work in these kind of restaurants so I You know I grew up making burgers and That type of job is really close to my Heart and so I thought okay I thought in A position where my job is do something Repetitive all day how can I make a Place of work where I can move from that They’re doing something that’s either More creative or social and so this Place has a decent-sized staff actually That we’re paying everyone we’re paying Upon $16 an hour on top of that we’re Able to give people a 5% time meaning 5% No time on the clock They’re spending that reading a book We’re doing something that’s going to Benefit them in the long run as opposed To what I was doing growing up just Doing this over and over all day and so I think what we’re gonna see is an Enhancement in terms of our collective Skill set moving into things that are Just generally more fulfilling [Music] So if you want to go try this new burger Come out to 680 Folsom in San Francisco And hopefully we’re gonna see more of These creator restaurants even kiosk Forms or the full-sized version like This around the country soon that cheese Just melted right in heat burgers all Day long or like are you sick of burgers


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