A top-down shooter called Bullet Runner comes via Steam in 2023 to PC

Avoiding Digital Probate

What happens if you die or become incapacitated, and nobody else knows any of your passwords, personal identification numbers, access codes and login IDs? Learn how you can avoid digital probate.

If Computers Take Over Many of Our Tasks, What Will Humans Do?

Gradually computers are taking over many of our tasks. With the usage of digital tools and trained robots, humans have less to do as days go by. How will humans compensate for that? Look inside for highlights.

Taking Advantage OF the Services Provided By An Audio Visual Supplier

It can be quite complicated to run a business today. And this is all due to the fact that you have to rely on and use various types or forms of technology to run or manage your business. However, the good news is that company owners can rely on dedicated service providers to help them in optimising different technologies for the benefit of their business.

Apple Responds to the Market With New Products

New products are on their way from Apple. The tech firm made it clear they have lots of items in their pipeline at their WWDC Conference this month. First off is the company’s answer to Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home called the HomePod.

How Will Virtual Reality Change Education?

Taking online classes is an example of virtual reality. Whether the online classes have a tutor or not, there will be lectures in the form of presentations which the students can follow. Making everything online may be difficult at the moment but with time all the required digital tools will be available. So what happens when virtual reality takes over traditional education?

A Happily Ever After for Chatbots & Messaging Apps?

On the aftermath of their debut on messaging apps, chatbots have been at the epicentre of an ongoing conversation about personalisation. Why did this collaboration happen? And how far will this go? It’s time to take a deep dive.

How Is Reading Digitally Different From Reading Print?

Has the title question ever struck you? What do you think? Look inside for lovely highlights.

Is Artificial Intelligence a Threat to Human Intelligence?

Considering the fast growth of AI and dependency of humans on it, some people believe that the microchips running on algorithms will surpass human intelligence in the near future. However some people still have hope for human intelligence.

PCB Repair Tools and Techniques

When physical damage usually in the form of scratched traces or mask, broken corners, lifted pads or damaged plated through holes comes up, the PCB needs to be physically repaired. These repairs require the proper PCB repair tools and techniques. Specific PCB repair tools designed to make repair technician’s jobs easier and faster.

Fidget Spinners – Are They Really a Boon or a Bane?

Fidget spinners are the latest addition to the hype among school-going kids. Teachers and parents are in fact confused whether to allow or ban the usage of it. The internet has mixed reviews thus making it difficult to decide whether it is good or bad.

How Are Technologies Changing the Way People Interact at Home or Work?

Technology such as the web and using chatting, mailing and social media with its aid are rampant everywhere. Now that they are easily accessible at home or work, how do people actually interact? Look inside for highlights.

What Is The Impact Of Wearables In Workspaces?

The only constant in the world of tech is obsolescence. Every new gadget, every new version of it, becomes dated the minute it is out. R&D and innovation are the buzzwords today.

What Are the Long-Term Effects of Living in a Technological World?

Do you love using the technologies in your current life? If yes, chances are you will love them in the distant future as well. But there needs to be boundaries. What are these? Look inside to find out.

5 Ways to Enjoy Virtual Reality

Though VR is relatively new to the public, there are a lot of ways to enjoy. Here are some of the virtual settings and activities that you can experience.

Is There an Intelligence Through Conventional Reading and Research Being Lost in the Digital Age?

What is your opinion about the title question? Any ideas? Why don’t you look inside for a few highlights?

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