AI Magic for Real Estate Agents: Chat GPT

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Welcome to our latest video on how real estate agents can use artificial intelligence to increase productivity and save time! In this video, we’ll be discussing three ways that you can use the free tool Chat GPT to improve your business.

First, we’ll show you how Chat GPT can help you create more creative and engaging real estate listing descriptions. Simply copy and paste your existing descriptions into the Chat GPT interface and provide a few instructions for what you’d like the AI to do. In just a few seconds, Chat GPT will rewrite your descriptions in a more creative and engaging way, making them stand out from the competition.

Next, we’ll demonstrate how Chat GPT can be used to generate ideas for short-form videos, such as Instagram reels, Facebook reels, YouTube shorts, and more. Simply provide a rough topic and Chat GPT will generate a script for you, complete with ideas for visuals and transitions to make your videos more engaging.

Finally, we’ll show you how Chat GPT can be used to automate tasks such as answering frequently asked questions or generating personalized emails. Simply provide a few examples of the type of content you’d like the AI to create, and Chat GPT will generate relevant and personalized responses in just a few seconds.

Overall, Chat GPT is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that can help real estate agents save time and increase productivity by automating tasks and generating creative content. To get started, simply visit and register for a free account.

All right we’re going to be talking About the three ways that you could be Using artificial intelligence right now As a real estate agent in your business To be more productive and the best part Is you can do it all for free using this Tool called chat GPT so chat GPT it’s Essentially think of it almost as like Predictive text on your phone but way Way way more smarter than that and the Best part is right now it’s actually Free you just go to register For a free account they have a few Different tools and this is the one That’s text based there’s another one Called dolly D-a-l-l-e that one’s for images where You can actually just type in the exact Thing that you want it to make and it’ll Make you custom images and art but we’re Going to work on a word based one Because as fun as the images are it’s Not super useful in our businesses yet But like I said you can actually use This right now in your business so I’m Going to show you three different ways Number one Um I’m really bad at writing listing Descriptions right like I’ll pull up This listing description here where you Can see you know I wrote like an okay One here a great condo perfect commute Location it’s kind of just factual it’s Not really creative or anything like

That so what we’re going to do we’re Going to copy this here and then when I Come back over this is the actual GPT Interface here and what we do is we can Drop little comments here and this is Where we instruct chat GPT and what to Do and all we have to do is actually Just this is what I wrote right here Rewrite this real estate listing Description into something more creative And then I pasted exactly what I wrote You can see great condo in a perfect Commute location that’s exactly what I Wrote on the other one and then I hit Enter almost instantly it starts writing This out looking for the perfect blend Of beachy and techie like it knows Because I told it 12 minutes from the Beach in 20 minutes from Silicon Valley The tech Hub of the world right so Something beachy and techy look no Further this Immaculate 2 bedroom one Bath blah blah blah and it just it Sounds a little bit better I could add Some spacing in it to break it up a Little bit but this part in particular Like I love this right here I had Mentioned that let’s see I had mentioned That there’s a free shared laundry not Coin operated I said free not coin Operated shared laundry facility whoops I didn’t have my mouse on there uh right Here free not coin operated shared Laundry facility what it ended up saying

Instead was a shared laundry facility That’s free no more digging for quarters It actually figured out like why a human Would care to not have coin operated Laundry because they don’t want you Digging around for quarters like that’s Actually a pretty smart thing it sounds Better than me just saying fact-based Free laundry it’s actually making it a Little bit more fun and a little bit More creative and so that’s one way and It’s taking what I said and rewording it It’s not going out and finding new Information it doesn’t know the address It doesn’t know things like that but it Knows one thing really well and that’s How to communicate so that’s the first Way that I would use it now the second Way let’s say you want to get into Creating more videos Instagram reels Facebook reels YouTube shorts short form Vertical format videos they’re kind of All the rage in social media right now That’s what’s helping boost the Algorithm Instagram and YouTube Specifically are pushing those videos Harder than their other videos Let’s say you’re not really sure you Have a rough Topic in mind but you You’re not quite sure what to talk about So what I did was I came in here and I Said write a YouTube script about why Real estate buyers shouldn’t worry about Interest rates pretty topic goal subject

Right now it’s something interest rates Are going up and down every day and yet We know interest rates aren’t everything So I told it right this YouTube script Again this takes just a few seconds it Punches this out and says hi and Welcome To our Channel I I would exclude that But that’s fine uh today we’re talking About why real estate buyers shouldn’t Worry too much about interest rates First it’s important to understand Interest rates are just one factor yada Yada it’s all stuff we’ve heard before But again it’s making it a little bit More creative and the best part is at The bottom here it actually then ties You back into why this is important I Love this line right here instead focus On finding a home that meets your needs And budget and don’t worry too much About short-term fluctuations and Interest rates this line right here is a More professional a better thing to say Than a lot of agents are saying right Now of saying don’t worry about the Rates you can just refinance later at Least it’s a robot telling it that you Need a home that fits your needs and More importantly fits your budget right So it we would have to go through this We’d have to fact check it a little bit It may not be 100 accurate all the time But if this is getting us 80 or 90 Percent of the way that’s a lot that’s

Saving me quite a bit of time instead of Having to sit down and actually type This out and again it’s doing a better Job of than what I normally would do in Writing a script okay so number three Let’s say you’ve already created the Content you’ve created One piece of YouTube content or like one Piece of video content maybe a market Report or a market update that you then Want to send out to your sphere or to Your clients right and so we can take That one piece of content and we can Create a lot of other content to go with It so what I did was I had created this Video some of you might have seen about My favorite Facebook ad for real estate Agents right and this was a six and a Half minute video but let’s say I want a Summary to go with it what I can do is When I’m in YouTube I come over here and I click on these three dots and I say Show the transcript right and pops up This transcript here you may have to Tell it to toggle off the timestamps Because you don’t want those little blue Time stamps in the way what you can do Is you just grab here drag down drag Through the whole video down to the Bottom and then hit Ctrl C or command C To copy that then what we’re going to do Is so then when we go over into chat GPT I can actually take this a few different Angles so I’m going to do is as I said

Rewrite this YouTube transcript into a Short video into a short video Description and then from here down is Where I actually just posted or pasted In that entire transcript you can see it Goes down down this was seven minutes of Talking so it’s quite a few words right And in the bottom comes up with this in This video the speaker discusses Creating a Facebook ad campaign for Black Friday that targets motivated Sellers in the real estate market they Suggest using KW command website yada Yada it’s pretty formal but what this Does is it does a few different things For me from a search perspective says Facebook ads manager it says KW command It says real estate agents real estate Marketing things like that I want that In my description so now what I’m Actually going to do I’ll copy this I’ll Come back into my description And I’m going to replace this this Description here with exactly what chat GPT had created for me so that’s great In one way but then let’s say I actually Then want to send out an email I said Now write me an email that I would send This video with right and so as I scroll Down it’s going to learn from what I had Said before and it’s going to continue On with that it says Dear team again I Would I would modify this this made it a Little bit more formal but it gives you

An idea I want to share with you a new Video yada yada basically all I have to Do take this copy this into an email Editor make a couple little changes add The link boom I’m done I just created a Whole a whole additional piece of Content I could even then go on and say Now make me a blog post out of that Email and we’ll actually try that live Here in a second but what I did first Just as a little piece of fun as I said Okay write me an email that I would send This email with but using a Shakespearean tone because why not let’s Let’s spice things up a little bit Here’s what I got greetings esteem Colleagues I bring to to the proposal of Great import and potential profit right I have divided I have devised a scheme Like this is such a great description Like obviously I would never send this But it just kind of goes to show the Power of what this AI has actually Learned to do to communicate with Written word right so I can actually Take take the same thing and say now Create me a blog post from the above uh YouTube transcript And let’s see what it does let’s see if It actually grabs this Shakespearean one Okay it didn’t thank goodness I’m saying Black Friday is traditionally a day for Shopping but did you know it can also be A great time to snag a deal on a new

Home right so this is uh it’s kind of Mixing up what would go toward this uh Toward the buyer or the lead and what Would go toward the agent so this may Not be a perfect example but it might be Something again if I can get 80 to 90 Percent of the way and then take this Modify it into something that I can use That helps me out so this is just the Beginning of how we can use this these Are three very basic ways this is also Just using chat GPT there’s other ones One called like Jasper which is a paid One that actually then has a lot of Other features but if you find great Ways to use AI in your business Absolutely send it to me I’m very Interested to see what you’re coming up With out there and then if you have any Questions by all means feel free to Reach out let me know

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