Aibo hangs out with some (real) dogs

Sony’s robot dog spends a couple days with some real dogs.

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[Music] I had the son idea to make a video Called real dog versus robot dog where Henry and I would go head-to-head doing Tricks like bark high-five and play dead But I will arrive when I was Simultaneously battling a cold and dog Sitting for my best friend since I only Had two days with eyeball I didn’t have Enough time to teach him trick so I Decided instead to give him free rein to Explore the apartment and to interact With the other dogs I also cheated him Like he was a real dog the dogs were Curious at first and they weren’t quite Sure what to make of I bow but shortly Afterwards had zero interest despite his Numerous attempts to interact with them If this were elementary school I beliefs Meli new kid no one wanted to play with [Music] First of all as expected I bow is Incredibly cute and expressive his eyes Tell flicker in real life my phone Camera just sucks like Henry I bow at Odle weirdo and as weirdo dog stuff well Like pretending to swim he’s super Clumsy and he falls down a lot But he’ll get up by himself even when You tip him over I won’t get up he also Gets stuck sometimes Sonia said each I Boo had his own personality and this one Was a defiant little and who only obeyed Commands half of the time he was also

Kind of needy and kept trying to get my Attention but I’m like a real dog I can Just turn him off or talk to goodness Charging station I know his old LED eyeballs were meant To be expressive and to help mimic a Puppy’s enduring personality but they’re Also bit creepy sometimes especially When he does that side eye or when his Pupils dilate I kind of barking at the Wall that was disconcerting bang-bang I Will can do a bunch of tricks but he’s So slow so slow he’s impressive for a Robot companion dog but 2,900 bucks I Kind of wish he had additional futures Like maybe first you can cuddle with him Or a fart function you know so they can Blame your farts on AIBO Sonia plants Throughout a security package in Japan That uses eyeballs onboard sensors to Keep your home safe a my relationship That means but if I pose I bolt could be Used as cameras to stream video footage Onto your smartphone while you’re not Home and alert you with someone’s there That’d be pretty dope this version However is available now [Music] [Music]

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