All Destiny 2 action figure locations in Neomuna

All Destiny 2 action figure locations in Neomuna.
The Destiny 2 action figures are just one of the many secrets hidden throughout Neomuna’s neon-soaked streets and skywalks, but they do grant you the special They’re Not Dolls triumph if you collect them all.
Like the Calus bobbleheads (opens in new tab) onboard the leviathan, these collectibles are weekly, and each reset adds some more to find and bring back to place at Strider’s Gate.
What’s the reward for placing them all: who knows?
It’s likely just the triumph, but you do get a nice little chunk of Neomuna rep with Nimbus for each, so they’re well worth grabbing if you haven’t maxed it out yet.
For those still playing the campaign, you might want to know how to solve the Headlong puzzle (opens in new tab), get Cloud Accretions (opens in new tab), or even what the Terminal Overload rotation (opens in new tab) is so you can get some Strand guns.
Otherwise, here’s every Destiny 2 action figure on Neomuna so far.
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Foreign The destiny 2 action figures are just One of the many Secrets hidden Throughout neomuna's neon soaked streets And skywalks but they do Grant you the Special they're not dolls Triumph if you Collect them all like the Kayla's bobble Heads opens a new tab on board the Leviathan these Collectibles are weekly And each reset adds some more to find And bring back to place at strider's Gate what's the reward for placing them All who knows it's likely just the Triumph but you do get a nice little Chunk of neo-muna rep with Nimbus for Each so they're well worth grabbing if You haven't maxed it out yet for those Still playing the campaign you might Want to know how to solve the headlong Puzzle opens a new tab get Cloud Accretions opens a new tab or even what The terminal overload rotation opens in New tab is so you can get some strand Guns otherwise here's every Destiny 2 Action figure on neomuna so far to stay Up to date with latest top stories make Sure to subscribe to this YouTube Channel by clicking the button above This video video a hemsa Park action Figure the first statue can be found in The ahemsa Park area this one is pretty Easy to locate simply head to the District and into the atrium of the Giant building at its Center go down to

The bottom level and look underneath the South staircase to find the statue in a Little concealed cave bit or call a Complex action figure slightly more Complex than the last this one requires You to have completed the lightfall Campaign since you'll be heading to Where you fought off the shadow Legion With kale in the final mission if you Can't remember how to get there head Through the West exit of zephyr Concourse then left past the cabal and Up onto the doorway on the raised Balcony keep going until you reach your Kala complex then head through the Portal and the hole in the wall after it Now you need to jump up onto the wall You just passed through to where the Three sentry guns are located this part Is extra important jump on a cannon and Walk right to the very end of its Barrel A little Darkness object should appear In the distance where the cannon is Pointing that you can shoot if it Doesn't walk further along the barrel do This for all three cannons and the Action figure will appear at the end of The last one Zephyr Concourse action Figure this action figure is located in The east side of the Zephyr Concourse District and the clue tells you to find The figure watching over the best juice Bar in the area head to the point on the Map above which is just by where the Vex

Conflux public event in the area occurs And you'll find a little Mini-Game you Can activate stay inside the bar and Kill all of the cabal that spawn nearby Before they reach you do that in the Statue will appear behind the bar for me The statue was already there and I Didn't have to do the Mini-Game so that Might also happen Maya's Retreat action Figure this action figure is found in Maya's Retreat near the Great Bridge and Requires you to light Three Fires Located in nearby caves Head East out of Liming Harbor past the first bridge and Onto the second climb up until you're in The cave just below where the entrance To the hypernat current strike is and You'll find the first fire pit on the Left side head back out of the cave turn Right carry on along the cliff then drop Down to the low lowest ledge to find the Second fire pit in another cave now turn Left jump onto the rocky platform then Across the two following big gaps to the Far side you'll find the final fire pit Here and one slit the statue will appear Next to it where to place the action Figures you can place the cloud Strider Action figures in the Striders gate area Where Nimbus and the Hall of Heroes are Located simply jump off the main Platform where Nimbus is towards the Yellow building on the right then enter Through the door near the base of it to

Find a little relaxing area with arcade Machines and workout equipment you can Place the statues here and you can also Find clues for each week's new statues To help you find them Foreign

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