Amazon Halo Review

The unassuming Amazon Halo wristband works with a membership-based wellness service that can help you get active and sleep better, but its tone of voice and body composition analysis features are a bit creepy.

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– Lots of fitness trackers can
measure your calories burned, Heart rate, and steps. With the Halo, Amazon wants
to give you greater visibility Into your overall health, And actionable insights
to help you improve it. Priced at $99.99, Plus $3.99 per month after
a six-month free trial, The Halo has four main features: The ability to track your activity, sleep, Tone of voice, and body fat percentage. The tone feature uses
two built-in microphones To collect voice data throughout the day, Then analyzes your tone And reports how you sound to others. The body feature uses
your smartphone’s camera And artificial intelligence to measure Your body fat percentage
based on images of you In your underwear. In testing, I found the
voice analysis feature More interesting than useful, And the body fat tool
as creepy as it sounds, Even despite Amazon’s privacy assurances. That said, the Halo shines As an activity and sleep tracker. During the day, it
automatically logs your workouts And motivates you to
move more and sit less. At night, it comprehensively
tracks your shut eye, Including your nightly skin temperature, A metric few wearables offer. Its well-designed app helps
you interpret your metrics And gives you access to a
large library of workouts And wellness programs, created by Amazon And third parties like Openfit And Orangetheory Fitness,
justifying its membership fee.

So while its tone and body
features are a bit gimmicky, The Halo band, and its
companion app, are useful If you’re looking to move
more and improve your sleep.

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