Apple introduces the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

Apple unveils two new iPhones, the iPhone XS and XS MAX. The iPhone Xs has a 5.8 inch display, while the Xs Max has a larger, 6.5 inch display. Key upgrades include faster FaceID, upgraded dust and water resistance, wider stereo sound, dual-SIM support, an improved camera, and a faster chip (new A12 Bionic chip).

Apple introduced the iPhone 10s and the IPhone 10’s max here’s what you need to Know the iPhone 10’s has a 5.8 inch Display while the 10 s max has a larger 6.5 inch display both have a super Retina OLED display but it has 60% in Greater dynamic range than the previous Generation of iPhones both phones will Be available in gold silver and Space Gray and will be made with surgical Grade steel and a new glass formulation For improved durability the Apple team Has also upgraded the dust and water Resistance with water resistance up to Two meters deep for several minutes Apple has created faster algorithms for Face ID so now you’ll be able to unlock Your phone more quickly Apple said that Face ID is the most secure facial Authentication in a smart phone ever on The audio front the iPhone sound is Getting an upgrade both new devices Feature wider stereo sound in the Storage department the phones come with Up to 512 gigabytes of storage both also Come to 64 or 256 gigabytes perhaps the Biggest spec upgrade on the iPhone 10 S Is the new a12 Bionic chip the Industry’s first seven nanometer chip With six point nine billion transistors So how does that translate to real-world Use well the new iPhone 10 s is capable Of 30% faster Apple opens thanks to that 812 Bionic chip Apple is debuting dual

SIM support for the iPhone An iPhone 10’s max put plainly dual SIM Support allows a user to have two phone Numbers on a single phone like a Domestic phone number and an International carrier now let’s talk About the camera the camera has always Been a huge feature for the iPhone and This next generation is no exception The 10s features a 12 megapixel wide Camera and 12 megapixel telephoto lens Sensor as part of the ongoing dual Camera system on the iPhone there are Also new sensors in the wide camera Offering f-stops as low as point 18 and Point 24 on the telephoto lens true tone Flash has also been updated with an Advanced flicker detect system on the Front side you’ll find a 7 megapixel Camera with an f-stop of 2.2 and a Faster sensor Apple is also introducing Something called smart HDR this Basically shoots additional frames of Highlight and shadow detail and then Uses the knurl engine to pick the best Ones to combine into an HDR photo the New chip inside the iPhone will also Lead to better facial landmarking for Redeye reduction and improve portrait Mode Apple has also improved bokeh Effect which is removal of focus for the Addition of blur in the background of Portrait mode photos the improvements Allow for smoother transitions from

Foreground to background and better Bloom of background shapes but it goes Beyond the original shot a new slider Will allow users to adjust the depth of Field related to a certain camera Aperture letting folks deepen or reduce The depth of field after the photo is Taken the iPhone 10s starts at $999 While the 10s max starts at $1,099 Both new phones will be available for Pre-order starting September 14th with Shipping set for September 21st You

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