Apple Watch Series 4 Review

A larger screen, improved tracking and serious health tools make the best smartwatch even better.

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[Music] According to IDC the Apple watch Accounted more than half of SmartWatch Shipments in 2017 so what’s an utterly Dominant wearable maker to do go bigger For one thing the Apple watch series 4 Features a larger display and nearly the Same form factor as its predecessor it’s A small thing but with limited real Estate it accounts for a lot Apple is Able to fit a lot more information in Without dramatically increasing the Space it takes up on your wrist there Are other upgrades throughout including New haptic feedback on the crown the Tick’s as you turn it offering a feel More akin to that of a mechanical Timepiece the addition of watch OS 5 Meanwhile brings things like walkie Talkie that also help round out the Feature set from a health perspective The new ECG monitor on the rear of the Device is the big news offering a fuller Picture of the wearer’s heart health Though the feature won’t be ready for Another month or so unfortunately so we Weren’t able to test it out just yet I Was however impressed with the automatic Fitness tracking which detects your Activity and credits you for the time it Took to determine the workout type like Last year’s model this series 4 isn’t a Radical departure but there are some Welcome upgrades onboard maintaining the

Apple watch’s position as a SmartWatch To be Oh

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