Best counters, weaknesses, and more

Best counters, weaknesses, and more.
Tornadus is one of the Legendary Forces of Nature in Pokemon GO and is quite powerful in battle overall.
The Pocket Monster possesses two different iterations: its humanoid Incarnate Forme and its bestial Therian Forme.
Along with its fellow Forces of Nature, Tornadus is a regular fixture in Pokemon GO raids as a 5-star raid boss.
It pops up quite often alongside the likes of Landorus and Thundurus in the raid rotation, giving trainers plenty of opportunities to battle and capture it.
Though Tornadus’ Therian Forme tends to be more desirable, its Incarnate Forme is still certainly worth looking into, thanks to its great stats and learnable moves.
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If Pokemon GO players are hoping to defeat and capture Tornadus in its Incarnate Forme, they’ll need the right team of counters on their side.
As a mono Flying-type creature in Pokemon GO, Tornadus is susceptible to Electric, Ice, and Rock-type moves.

Foreign Best counters weaknesses and more Tornadus is one of the legendary forces Of nature in Pokemon go and is quite Powerful in battle overall the pocket Monster possesses two different Iterations it's humanoid incarnate form And its bestial Therian form along with Its fellow forces of nature Tornadus is A regular fixture and Pokemon go raids As a five-star raid boss it pops up Quite often alongside the likes of Landorus and thunderous and the raid Rotation giving trainers plenty of Opportunities to battle and capture it Though tornadus's theory in form tends To be more desirable its incarnate form Is still certainly worth looking into Thanks to its great stats and learnable Moves to stay up to date with latest top Stories make sure to subscribe to this YouTube channel by clicking the button Above this video If Pokemon go players Are hoping to defeat and capture Tornadus in its incarnate form they'll Need the right team of counters on their Side as a monoflying type creature in Pokemon go Tornadus is susceptible to Electric ice and rock type moves if These moves are wielded by a Pokemon That matches their Elemental type the Damage output will increase thanks to The same type attack bonus stab present In the game considering the sizeable

Amount of increased Health Tornadus Receives as a ray boss trainers will Want to use every Advantage available to Them to overcome the force of nature it Should also be noted that if trainers Have some extra Mega Energy available Beating Tornadus may be a good way to Use it Mega Evolution tends to be Reserved by most Trainers for the Toughest fights like six star and Elite Raids however if a player is determined To defeat and capture Tornadus in Pokemon go all their options should be Open top Pokemon counters to be Tornadus Mega manectric mega aerodactyl Mega Ampharos Mega Glalie Mega abomasno Shirkey tree zekrum thunderous Incarnator Therian Rampardos repairier Electivire tarantrum galerian ormaniton Tarakian Raku Zapdos magnazen Tyranitar Mamos Wine gigolith Top moved counters To be Tornadus thunderfang rock throw Bolt switch frost breath powder snow Thundershock charge beam Smackdown Icefang spark wild charge rock slide zap Cannon Avalanche weather ball ice Discharge Fusion bolt Thunderbolt Rock Wrecker meteor beam Stone Edge blizzard In addition to having the right counters Pokemon go trainers will likely want to Stock up on healing items especially if They don't have the strongest Pokemon to Take on the raid as a five-star raid Boss Tornadus can deal heavy amounts of

Damage and knock out more than a few Challengers having plenty of potions and Revives ensures that a trainer can pick Up their fallen pocket monsters and get Them back into fighting shape most Pokemon go players will also want to Bring along their fellow trainers to Improve their chances of success there Are certainly some trainers that can Defeat a Tornadus raid boss solo but They aren't the majority more players Taking on the raid boss it once tends to Correlate with faster completion times And more rewards as a result Additionally trainers will want to Collect as many berries and premier Balls as they can after the raid to Catch a Legendary Pokemon like Tornadus Foreign

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