Bose Frames Tempo – Sports Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses & Bluetooth Connectivity Review


I recently had the opportunity to try out the Bose Frames Tempo, a pair of sports sunglasses with polarized lenses and Bluetooth connectivity. As someone who spends a lot of time outdoors and enjoys listening to music and podcasts while engaging in outdoor activities, I was excited to see how these sunglasses would enhance my experience.

Overview of the Bose Frames Tempo

The Bose Frames Tempo are specifically designed for sports enthusiasts who want to enjoy their favorite audio content without compromising their safety and comfort. These sunglasses feature built-in speakers that deliver audio directly to your ears, allowing you to listen to music or take phone calls while remaining aware of your surroundings.

Features and Specifications

The Bose Frames Tempo come with several notable features and specifications. Firstly, the sunglasses are equipped with polarized lenses, which help reduce glare and provide clear vision even in bright sunlight. The lenses are scratch and break-resistant, ensuring durability during intense physical activities. Additionally, the sunglasses offer Bluetooth connectivity, so you can easily connect them to your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

One standout feature of the Bose Frames Tempo is the ability to customize the lenses. You can purchase additional lenses, such as blue light filtering lenses or polarized mirrored lenses, to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Customer Reviews

Based on the reviews I have read, it seems that the Bose Frames Tempo have received positive feedback from users. Many customers appreciate the sound quality delivered by the built-in speakers, noting that it is surprisingly good for sunglasses. The sunglass lenses are also praised for their clarity and the protection they provide against harmful UV rays.

However, some users have mentioned issues with glare reflection and have suggested the need for an anti-reflective coating. Some customers also found the sunglasses to be a bit snug, but noted that they gradually stretched out over time.

the Bose Frames Tempo offer a compelling combination of functionality, sound quality, and style for sports enthusiasts. While there are some minor concerns, such as glare reflection and fit, overall, these sunglasses provide a unique and enjoyable audio experience for outdoor activities.

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Design and Comfort

When it comes to the design and comfort of the Bose Frames Tempo sports sunglasses, I have been thoroughly impressed.

Size and Fit

The Frames Tempo sunglasses are designed to fit securely on your face, ensuring they won’t easily fall off during physical activity. However, some users have noted that they may slip off when looking down, but I personally find this understandable given the nature of their design. It’s important to remember that these sunglasses are primarily designed for sports and active use, so a little bit of movement is expected.

Lightweight Construction

One of the standout features of these sunglasses is their lightweight construction. Despite being larger than regular sunglasses, they don’t feel heavy or cumbersome on the face. This is essential when engaging in sports or other activities that require constant movement. You can enjoy your outdoor adventures without feeling weighed down by your eyewear.

Comfort During Extended Use

Comfort is key when it comes to sunglasses, especially for extended periods of wear. The Bose Frames Tempo sunglasses excel in this area. They are comfortable even during long hours of use, whether it’s for work or recreational activities. The lightweight design and adjustable fit contribute to a comfortable wearing experience.

Additionally, the Bose Frames Tempo sunglasses offer the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music or take calls while on the go. This feature is especially useful for those who don’t like wearing earbuds for extended periods or prefer to have their ears open to hear their surroundings.

the Bose Frames Tempo sports sunglasses offer a winning combination of design and comfort. With their secure fit, lightweight construction, and Bluetooth connectivity, these sunglasses are a versatile accessory for any sports enthusiast or outdoor adventurer.

Sound Quality

As an avid golfer, I was thrilled to receive the Bose Frames Tempo sports sunglasses as a Christmas gift. I have to admit, I was initially skeptical about how well they would perform in terms of sound quality. However, I was pleasantly surprised by their audio performance.

The Bose Frames Tempo delivered the clarity and balance that I’ve come to expect from Bose. The sound quality is exactly what you would expect from a brand known for its audio excellence. While I do have their best ear buds that offer superior sound and noise-canceling capabilities, I found these sunglasses to be perfect for outdoor activities like golfing.

I appreciate being able to keep the volume low, which allows me to enjoy a nice background “soundtrack” during my round while still being able to hear everyone around me. This is essential for safety on the golf course. Even in my car, I felt comfortable using the sunglasses as they provided a safe listening experience.

The Bose Frames Tempo are definitely well-suited for a variety of music genres. Whether I’m listening to high-energy tracks or calming melodies, the sunglasses deliver a good audio experience in their own right. They may not have as much bass as some other devices, but the treble and mids are fantastic.

One thing I should mention is that these sunglasses are slightly snug for my average-sized head, but after about 10 uses, they have stretched out and now fit just right. While they may look a bit bigger than regular sunglasses, they don’t attract too much attention. I even purchased a pair of polarized mirrored tungsten bronze lenses on Amazon, which not only work great but also enhance the overall appearance of the sunglasses.

the Bose Frames Tempo sports sunglasses offer impressive sound quality and are well worth the investment. Especially if you prefer not to wear earbuds for extended periods, these sunglasses provide a similar sound experience to the Bose necklace Bluetooth speaker but are more suitable for outdoor activities. I highly recommend them, particularly if you can find them at a discounted price.

Bose Frames Tempo - Sports Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses  Bluetooth Connectivity

Connectivity and Functionality

I gotta say, the Bose Frames Tempo – Sports Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses & Bluetooth Connectivity surprise me in the best way possible. These sunglasses with built-in speakers are a game-changer for me, and they are worth every penny of the $150 price tag. One of my favorite reasons for buying them is to find a loophole at my job; I can now listen to music while still looking professional. However, I did deduct one star from my rating because they lack the Aptx codec and EQ, which means I need more bass. Nevertheless, the sound quality in the treble and mids is fantastic, and I highly recommend these sunglasses.

Bluetooth Pairing and Setup Process

Connecting the sunglasses to my smartphone via Bluetooth was a breeze. The pairing and setup process was quick and seamless. Once paired, the sunglasses automatically reconnect to my device every time I turn them on, saving me time and effort.

Hands-free Calling

One of the standout features of the Bose Frames Tempo is the hands-free calling capability. Not only can I listen to music, but I can also answer calls without taking out my phone. It’s like having a walkie-talkie on my face, allowing me to jam out to my favorite tunes while staying connected to the real world. I never have to worry about missing a word when someone is talking to me.

Music Control Features

Controlling music playback on the Bose Frames Tempo is incredibly convenient. The sunglasses have built-in buttons that allow me to adjust the volume, skip tracks, and pause/play my music. This hands-free control is perfect for when I’m on the go and don’t want to fumble with my phone or use voice commands.

the connectivity and functionality of the Bose Frames Tempo are impressive. From the easy Bluetooth pairing and hands-free calling to the convenient music control features, these sunglasses enhance my listening experience while providing practicality for everyday use. Although they may not be perfect, they are an excellent investment for anyone looking for a unique and technologically advanced pair of sunglasses with built-in speakers.

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Lens Performance

Polarized lenses and sun protection

I gotta say these surprise me and it’s worth every penny that I bought for 150. They are sunglasses with speakers, so you could get away at work to listen to music. That’s my favorite reason for buying these to find the loophole at my job. The Bose Frames Tempo comes with polarized lenses, providing excellent sun protection. Whether you’re out on a run, cycling, or simply enjoying the outdoors, these sunglasses will keep your eyes shielded from harmful UV rays.

Clarity and visual experience

The lenses on the Bose Frames Tempo are a brilliant shade of whatever makes the sky a beautiful blue! They are so clear and dark enough that you can’t see your eyes. The lenses offer a clear and crisp visual experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your surroundings while still protecting your eyes. The scratch and break-resistant lenses ensure long-lasting durability, even during intense sports activities.

Compatibility with prescription lenses (optional)

I love these glasses. I use them for work primarily. It’s nice that you can get all different kinds of lenses for them. I use them with blue light filtering lenses since I stare at a computer all day. The Bose Frames Tempo also offers the option to customize your eyewear with prescription lenses. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of the sunglasses while still addressing your specific vision needs.

The lens performance of the Bose Frames Tempo is highly regarded by many users. They offer effective sun protection with polarized lenses, ensuring a clear and comfortable visual experience. The option to customize with prescription lenses further enhances the versatility of these sunglasses. Whether you’re using them for sports, work, or everyday use, the Bose Frames Tempo delivers exceptional lens performance that is worth every penny.

Bose Frames Tempo - Sports Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses  Bluetooth Connectivity

Instructions and Documentation

Availability and clarity of user instructions

When I first got my Bose Frames Tempo, I was pleased to find that the user instructions were readily available and easy to understand. The package included a clear and concise manual that guided me through the setup process. The instructions provided step-by-step guidance on how to connect the sunglasses to my smartphone via Bluetooth and how to navigate the various features.

Reliance on the Bose app

To fully utilize the features of the Bose Frames Tempo, I had to rely on the Bose app. The app allowed me to customize the settings, adjust the sound quality, and control other aspects of the sunglasses. It was user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for me to personalize my listening experience.

User experiences and frustrations

I have been using the Bose Frames Tempo for various activities, and overall, I am highly satisfied with their performance. I particularly appreciate the ability to hear my surroundings while listening to music, which is especially useful when I’m doing outdoor work or driving. Unlike earbuds, these sunglasses do not cause discomfort and stay securely in place.

However, there were a few frustrations I encountered. Firstly, the coating on the lenses started to flake around the edges, which was a minor issue but worth noting. Additionally, some users have reported an excessive amount of glare from the lenses, indicating the lack of an anti-reflective coating, which is a feature Bose should address in future releases.

Despite these minor concerns, I found the sound quality to be impressive. While not on par with dedicated headphones, the speakers delivered satisfying performance, especially for listening to genres like metal and podcasts. The interchangeable lenses also added versatility to the sunglasses, allowing me to adapt to different lighting conditions.

To conclude, the Bose Frames Tempo offer a unique and enjoyable listening experience. They are well-suited for outdoor activities, provide clear sound quality, and come with helpful user instructions and an intuitive app. While some improvements could be made, overall, I am extremely pleased with these sports sunglasses with polarized lenses and Bluetooth connectivity.

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Pros and Cons

Advantages of Bose Frames Tempo

I recently got my hands on the Bose Frames Tempo – Sports Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses & Bluetooth Connectivity, and I must admit, these sunglasses blew me away. First of all, the sound quality is top-notch. The speakers built into the frames deliver amazing audio, making my music listening experience truly immersive. But what really impressed me is that I can still hear everything else perfectly while enjoying my music. It’s like having the best of both worlds – jamming out to my favorite tunes without missing a word when someone is talking to me.

Another significant advantage of these sunglasses is their versatility. Not only can I use them to enjoy music, but I can also take calls on the go. The integrated microphone allows me to answer calls seamlessly, and with just a tap on the side of the glasses, I can easily switch between my music and phone conversations. It’s incredibly convenient and adds an extra layer of functionality to these sunglasses.

Additionally, the Bose Frames Tempo offers excellent protection for my eyes. The lenses are polarized, providing clear vision and reducing glare. They are scratch and break-resistant, ensuring durability and longevity.

Limitations and Drawbacks

While the Bose Frames Tempo have numerous advantages, there are a couple of limitations to consider. Firstly, some users may find the lack of an Aptx codec or equalizer disappointing. This means that the bass might not be as pronounced as desired, although the treble and mids sound fantastic.

Another minor drawback is that the sunglasses may not be suitable for cleaning with high-pressure air hoses. It’s important to take care when cleaning them to avoid any damage.

However, despite these minor limitations, I must say that the Bose Frames Tempo is definitely worth the investment. The ability to listen to music, answer calls, and enjoy Bose-quality sound while still being aware of my surroundings is a game-changer. These sunglasses have become an essential part of my daily routine, whether I’m walking, driving, or simply relaxing outdoors. The comfort, functionality, and exceptional sound quality make them a must-have for any music lover or outdoor enthusiast.


Overall assessment of Bose Frames Tempo

In conclusion, I am extremely pleased with the Bose Frames Tempo sports sunglasses. These glasses have become an integral part of my everyday life, especially during work. The ability to switch out the lenses for different purposes, such as blue light filtering for computer use, is a major advantage. Unlike traditional earbuds, these sunglasses allow me to stay aware of my surroundings while enjoying my music. Furthermore, they don’t cause any discomfort or soreness in my ears even after long periods of use. Another benefit is the hands-free driving feature, which allows me to stay safe on the road while still being able to hear emergency sirens.

The lenses that come with the frames are decent, although not my favorite for sun protection. However, I did notice that the lens coating around the edges might start to flake if you frequently remove and insert the lenses. Nevertheless, the sound quality is excellent, particularly for genres like metal and math rock that I enjoy. Although I would have liked more bass, the treble and mids are well-balanced.

Recommendation and final thoughts

Based on my experience, I highly recommend the Bose Frames Tempo sports sunglasses with polarized lenses and Bluetooth connectivity. They might be larger than regular sunglasses, but they don’t attract too much attention. Additionally, the ability to easily switch out the lenses for a reasonable price is a major advantage. While they could be slightly snug initially, they do stretch out to fit comfortably. Overall, these sunglasses are definitely worth the investment, especially if you prefer not to wear traditional earbuds for extended periods. They offer a fantastic listening experience without compromising your ability to hear the world around you.

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