Brilliant smart home light switch

Brilliant replaces an existing light switch and adds smart home capabilities including voice control, camera and integration with smart products like Nest and Sonos.

[Music] Hi I’m Aaron Amy I’m the CEO of Brilliant brilliant makes a new kind of Smart home control that replaces a Standard light switch and brings smart Home capabilities right into your walls So it gives you touch and voice control Over all of your smart home devices as Well as a smart lighting system it has Not only smart home control capabilities But also a camera so you can do room to Room video intercom and baby cam and Nanny cam kinds of functionality with That it’s easy to control so we’ve taken The same gestures that you use to turn a Light on and off and we’ve used we just Retain those so you don’t have to look At the UI you don’t have to do anything Fancy similarly you can dim it with a Simple up-and-down gesture there and you Can see we’ve got two lights here with a Double finger swipe you can actually Turn on or off all the lights in the Room you can control the brilliant Control from both Google assistant and Also Amazon voice services but we also Offer the capability to talk to Alexa Through the brilliant control so Anywhere you are in your house you can Just talk to Alexa and get a response Back and not just a verbal response but A visual response as well we are Currently readying for production we’ll Be shipping in late February and it will

Be available to consumers

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