Built Robotics brings self-driving to construction

Built is taking the concepts and technology that others are using to build self-driving cars and adapting them for a whole different vertical: construction.

[Music] There’s a huge issue in construction Right now can’t find enough people who Are qualified to do the work that needs To be done so what we’re trying to do is Help solve some of that problem by Making machines be able to operate by Themselves in order to do sort of more Basic tasks on job sites and then you Can use your skilled guys to operate the Equipment and to do the more the more Finesse kind of jobs that need a little Bit more judgement in touch that little Black box that you see on the roof of Dorothy and inside of there there’s a Computer with some high-end GPUs some GPS is I am use cameras and lidar and we Basically take all those sensors and Synthesize it together with our own Software in order to make these machines Operate autonomously but we’ve also Built out the capability so that remote Operators can actually take over and Control they’re putting it from what we And if anything goes wrong we have a Wireless and stop button which turns off The engine Construction is is actually a Huge industry in the u.s. it’s about 1.3 Or 1.4 trillion dollars and globally It’s 11 trillion dollars [Music]

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