Buzzing Stocks | Nykaa, Vedanta, Tech Mahindra and others in news today

Buzzing Stocks | Nykaa, Vedanta, Tech Mahindra and others in news today.
FSN E-Commerce Ventures : Lighthouse India Fund III has sold 1.84 crore equity shares in the company in open market transactions.
These shares were sold at an average price of Rs 182 a piece.
The stake sale was worth Rs 335.72 crore.
Further, Arvind Agarwal resigned as the chief financial officer of the company effective from the close of business hours on November 25.
Vedanta : The company said its board of directors has approved a third interim dividend of Rs 17.50 per share on a face value of Re 1 per share for FY23.
The dividend is worth Rs 6,505 crore.
The record date for payment of dividend has been fixed as November 30.
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Tech Mahindra : Life Insurance Corporation of India bought additional 1.95 crore shares or 2.01% stake in the IT services company through open market transactions.

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