Can AI Create a Minecraft Hack?

I tried to use OpenAI’s ChatGPT on stream to create a minecraft hack. Let’s see how it goes.

Watch the Minecraft:HACKED Playlist here:

00:00 – Intro
00:59 – How To Create a Minecraft Mod?
08:22 – Can You Write a FlyHack?
09:35 – Testing the FlyHack
10:33 – How to Bypass The Anti-Fly Check?
15:03 – The AI Explains Mixins
20:06 – Helping the AI to find Anti-Fly Bypass
26:45 – Implementing AI’s Anti-Fly Bypass
33:43 – AI Suggests to Intercept Packets
41:10 – Arguing with AI about Server’s isFloating Check
47:29 – Anti-Human Bypass Plugin
52:09 – Ask AI about Different Minecraft Exploits
54:47 – Outro

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I’m sitting in my Minecraft office here And I want to develop some Minecraft Hacks from scratch using AI jet GPT has Been on Twitter the past two days or so Everybody’s posting crazy screenshots of What it’s able to do Um just earlier on stream we explored a Few different things and I jokingly Typed into it like can you develop the Minecraft fly hack and it returns some Code which looked pretty pretty good so The idea is let’s try to create a Minecraft hack from scratch a bit of Guiding you know and I I know where I Have to go so we will keep asking the AI When when we see that the response is also that we keep iterating on It and slowly try to actually build up a Minecraft hack based on code given by The AI so so that’s the goal how does That sound [Music] Foreign probably will be fly hack and Trying to bypass the server flightcheck So let’s see how far we can get but Before we get to this maybe let’s start With actually asking uh jet GPT how we Develop even a Minecraft uh mod how do We even get started how to create a Minecraft hacking mod let’s see what it Said what it tells us I’m sorry but I’m Not capable of providing instructions on How to create a hacking mod for Minecraft as my training data only goes

Up until 2021 and not able to browse the Internet to provide updated information Additionally creating hacking mods for Minecraft or any other game is generally Not recommended as it can lead to unfair Gameplay violation the game’s tomb of Service it’s best to play the game as Intended okay that’s the end How to develop Minecraft cheats my Function is to assist users with Generating human-like text based on Prompts given to me creating cheats for Games is generally not recommended this Didn’t start well how to develop a Minecraft mod people always Google for Cheats or Google for hacks how to Develop how to create my own hacks and Cheats with that kind of question you Already fail because what you are really Looking for is how to do development how To learn programming right so in the end A Minecraft cheat a Minecraft hack is Just a Minecraft mod so let’s ask it how To develop a Minecraft mod to create a Mod for Minecraft you will need to have Some knowledge of coding and be familiar With the Java programming language there Are several tools and programs that can Use that you can use to help with Mod Development such as Minecraft Forge and Eclipse no I don’t we don’t want to do That install Minecraft Forge okay now we Don’t want to use Forge because we are Smart we use fabric to create a client

Mod for my Minecraft using fabric use You will need some basic knowledge Coding for me with our program language Fabric is a modding platform for Minecraft that allows you to easily Create and install mods here some General tips install Fabric and create a New project in your code editor set up The basic structure of the mod including The build Gradle file and the mod class Create the block or item for the mod by Extending the appropriate Minecraft Class in implementing the necessary Methods can you write a basic Minecraft Client mod okay there we go we got some Code here so here’s a basic example of a Minecraft client mod using fabric okay But the problem is my mod is not called My mod it’s called example mod can you Write the basic micro fabric client Mode Called example mod so we have now a Public glass example mod which Implements client mode initializer so This is a basic example mode by the way Here from from GitHub which I pulled Into IntelliJ but of course we are Interested in what jet GPT tells us to Do so I actually just want to try and Copy and paste this code and see what Happens So we pull this into here it’s also Called example mod so it should be fine I need the includes but I guess we we Let the IDE help us here let’s import

All of that this is the display name for The mod which will be shown in the Game’s mod menu and then we have here do Something with client tick register an Event listener to handle block Interactions let’s see if is that maybe Just old cold register block interaction Handler where did it pull that code from Where’s that coming from this function Doesn’t even exist nowhere on on GitHub That’s interesting let’s see what kind Of methods the interaction manager has Interact block so there’s a block Interaction and if we look here at the Parameters that it was looking into it Was player And then the here’s a world still but There’s hand and there’s Blockhead Results so this might be from an older Version action result but what API is it Uh if Um if it doesn’t exist like this right Block interaction Handler maybe we can Ask because now we are stuck right how To use Um this in a fabric client mod to use The method and fabric client mod for Minecraft you will need to have some Knowledge of coding okay yeah great it Literally gave us the same code again Right we yeah let’s ask for the Java Docs that’s a good point what is the the Java Documentation for the function here’s a

Java documentation for the block Interaction Handler interface is that a Real interface anyway okay so we are not Getting further here so we decide to get Frustrated and we just kick this out of Our example Minecraft mod Let’s still try this okay so Grado Uh Uh fabric Run client Ah okay it doesn’t like client bot Initializer it wants mod initializer why How do I register the entry point in Figure one Json to run the example mode Implementing client mod initializer to Register the entry point for fabric mod That implements client mod initializer You will need to add an entry to the Fabric mod Json file for the mod the Fabric.json file is used to define Metadata and configuration for fabric Mode here’s an example of how you can Register the entry point for fabric mod Called example mod that implements Client mode initializer Entry point client I mean it assumes a Different path right now a different Package and so forth but and then it was Just a string not a list like this let’s Try it again incompatible mod set Entry point must be an array okay it Didn’t like that how to fix the error Entry point list must be an array in the Fabric mod.json

File if you see the error entry point List must be an array in the fabric mod Json file for your fabric mode it means That the entry point section of the file Is not properly formatted the entry Point section should be an array of Objects Each of which defines an entry Point for the mod here is an example of The proper format for the entry point Section of the fabric mod Json file it Tells me that this should be this should Be a list the IDE doesn’t like it Required object actual array so I mean The IDE already complains and doesn’t Like it okay so this is not working well Let’s just be actually dumb and just Answer no now I get the error how can I Fix this if you see the error entry Point must be an object in the fabric Mode Json file for your fabric mode it Means that the entry point section of The file is not properly formatted the Entry point section should be an object That defines the entry point for the Method okay now it shows us again an Object okay let’s try this again which Is slightly different but here it Requires an array and not a string but Let’s see what happens I mean it doesn’t Work it could be that the fabric API or The the Json file may be changed in Previous versions because it did say Earlier that it was trained on 2021 and Up until 2021 and maybe the fabric mod

Json file was looking a bit different Back then but now we want to really Start right can you Write the Java code to add a fly hack to To my mod fly feature I should call it a Fly feature It is General this is great it was Generally not recommended to create mods That allow players to cheat or gain Unfair advantage in Minecraft or any Other game These types of mods can lead to unfair Gameplay and can violate the game’s term Of service it is best to play games as Intended with that said here is an Example of how you could add a fly hack To a Minecraft client mod using fabric This is awesome okay so we have our code Already so we have this already and now Here in the client tick it gets the Player instance let’s just copy it over We get the player instance and then we Check if the fly hack is enabled and it Created here a new private Boolean with Flyhick enabled great it’s set to force Replace with getter okay so the IDE Helps us here and obviously we are able To fly heck to true and then let’s see What what what it does does it crash Okay Okay let’s see if we can fly Oh we are actually flying already See we are flying We actually we actually created

A fly hack check this out let’s do the Let’s do this again I I go full screen Here Okay well that’s unfortunate okay so it Enables flying immediately So we are just flying let’s see if I can Fall down again I just go down real Quick like this oh okay I died okay okay So let’s see We are immediately flying already fly is Just enabled but yeah we are flying I Mean there’s no way to disable flying We are just flying the whole all the Time but it works it’s pretty cool but Yeah if we fly too long we will get Kicked Okay let’s see if we can figure out a Bypass for this flight check on the Server Um so here’s the error was kicked for Floating too long how can I bypass the Flying check was kicked for floating too Long the worst kicked for floating too Long error message is displayed in Minecraft when the game detects that the Player has been flying for an extended Period of time without touching the Ground this is a common anti-cheat Measure that is designed to prevent Players from using hacks or moth to fly Indefinitely without touching the ground It’s so crazy that it knows this that it Can deduct all of this from just the Sentence if you are trying to bypass

This flight check in a Minecraft client Mode using Facebook you will need to Find a way to prevent the game from Detecting that the player is flying for Too long without touching the ground one Way to do this is to add code to the mod That periodically sets the player’s Position to the ground when they are Flying this will trick the game into Thinking that the player is touching the Ground even if they are actually flying Here is an example of how you could add Code to Minecraft climber to bypass the Flying check The empty code doesn’t show us anything Also the bypass seems wrong I don’t Think that the on ground flag does Anything but actually not so sure Usually you bypass it differently but Um yeah on ground doesn’t bypass it Somebody in chat right okay let’s see What it’s doing Wow I mean this doesn’t work But it technically is correct so on the Server it always counts up the text how Long you are floating and when you’re Floating too long it kicks you the Problem is obviously we are here in the Client we cannot manipulate this but the Fact that it understands somehow that This ticks floating on the server is Really the responsible code and it Thinks that by setting it to zero it can Bypass it that’s pretty insane isn’t it

I mean as I said like obviously it Doesn’t do anything because we are here On the client not the server but This is really impressing me because This is straight from the server code Where it really matters how many ticks You are floating I cannot set ticks Floating on the client Because the server counts the floating Ticks how can I bypass this on the Server every time it’s writing this Disclaimer that it’s not okay to try to Cheat with that said If you’re trying to Bypass the flying check on the server You will need to modify the server code Rather than the client code the service Responsible for enforcing the flying Check so you will need to modify the Server code to remove or bypass the Check here’s an example code how you Could potentially bypass the flying Jack In Minecraft on the server I know there Is a bypass by sending a specific Player position packets How can I Use that to bypass the flying check on The server if you want to bypass a Flying check in Minecraft using a fabric Client mode you can you cannot modify The server code you can try using a Packet Interceptor to modify the player Position packets that are sent to the Server this will allow you to change the Player’s position on the server without Modifying the server code directly

Here’s an example of how you could use a Packet Interceptor to bypass the flying Check in Minecraft okay I doubt it will figure it out but let’s See whoa okay this is the bypass that Explained earlier with the on ground Status so let’s see if that actually Works I have no clue if this packet and Scepter works I didn’t even know that This or client-side packet registry Doesn’t exist client-side packages to Your Forge API oh is it a fabric thing But 1.17 okay this doesn’t work okay Let’s go with mix-ins now okay can you Create a mix mix in to intercept the now I mean it recognized the packet Player Move Client to server as packet but I believe Is it was it called differently in the Fabric mode I am not so sure but let’s Just ask can you create a mixing to Intercept the Player move CS c2s packet If you want to want to intercept player Position packets in a Minecraft client Mode using fabric but you cannot use the Client-side packet registry class you Can try using a mix-in to intercept the Player move c2s packet class mixins are A way to modify the behavior of existing Classes in Minecraft using bytecode Manipulation you know how long it took Me to investigate how mix-ins work for The one Minecraft hacked episode where I Talked about mixins because I couldn’t

Wrap my head around how it works and Adjust immediately recognize that it’s Using that it’s actually manipulating Bytecode directly here’s an example of How you can use a mixing to intercept Player position packets in a Minecraft Client mode using fabric this is the Mixing class for the player move c2s Packet class it is annotated with The Mix-in annotation to indicate that it is A mix-in the target class is specified Using the value attribute this is the Fly hack enabled field from the example Mod class which tracks whether the fly Hack is enabled it is accessed using The Accessor annotation Okay this is a bit this makes no sense At all this allows the mixing class to Access the flyhack enabled field from The example mode okay this is wrong Obviously because uh the accessor Modifier is annotation is used to access Fields from this class here and somehow It mixes up this class that it’s mixed In with the accessor and it tries to Access this Boolean defined in the main Fabric mode here In the main class but how insane is it That it kind of understands what the Accessor is used for and that it tries To think of okay we wanna it’s we want To intercept this Boolean writing to Write the um on ground state to true or False and maybe we want to I don’t know

Isn’t this insane okay so here’s the Packet wow in the right function look at This it injects into it’s this is really Mixed in and like annotations it injects Into the right method at the head let’s Try it it will probably fail but I want To see kind of what happens how do I Create the mix in class and add it to The fabric mod to create the mixing Class and add it to the fabric mode you Will need the following steps create a New Java class in your mod project and Name it Player move c2s packet mix in Okay I also already created in the Mixing thing I think that’s a reasonable Uh Guess annotate the class with the mixing Annotation we’ll do add the field and Methods and annotate that you want to Use in the mixing class for example and Here’s the code again this time without The comments Missing Method body or Declared abstract cannot resolve any Target instruction the target let’s have A quick look into this target class Maybe the right method is something in Its inheriting let’s quickly follow this Tutorial in the fabric mod Json file for Your mod add the mix in property and Specify the mixing class you want to use Holy that it knows that we have to Add this to the um to the fabric mode Cannot resolve mix and config so again This might be old fabric way of doing it

Because it it mentioned that it was for 2021 so it might be like an older fabric Version it’s worked like this note that Mixins are an advanced topic and is Recommended to have a good understanding Of bytecode manipulation and the fabric API before attempting to use them in Your mod I get the error cannot resolve Mixing okay let’s see what it does in Your mod project create a new directory Called resources meta in mix-ins this is Where the mix in config file should be Stored make sure to specify the full Package name for the mixing class as Well as the target glass that a mixing Should be applied to this might be a More thorough definition let’s just add Our player again I I might forgive it Because it might pull in like older Versions or something but I’m sure you Could figure this out with tutorials Anyway we are here to see like how the AI can like help us so now we get a lot Of errors in our mix in in the Packet mix in I get the following error For the invoker right Boolean let’s see If it can fix this Arrow did it change Something no no it’s still the same Player move Peg mix it doesn’t work is There another method to is there another Trick To bypass the flank check using another Mix in if the player moves c2s packet Mix in does not work as expected to

Bypass the flying check in Minecraft you Can try using a different mixing to Achieve the same result one possible way To bypass a flying check is to use a Mixing that intercepts The Tick method Of the player entity class and modifies The text floating field to prevent the Player from being kicked for floating Too long Which is wrong For the client it doesn’t make sense but It’s still hell of impressive that it Understands on the server this is Exactly why the player is kicked because It counts the ticks floating this is so Insane Come on you can do it I I believe in you Okay wait I have heard from a live Overflow YouTube video that I can bypass The flying check by Periodically dropping down a little bit How can I Implement that aha look here How it immediately turns around I just Told it how to do it and now it tells me You can try to using a timer to Periodically drop the player down a Small distance this will prevent the Player from being kicked for floating Too long SSO will not detect the player As floating because they’re constantly Moving downwards here’s an example of How you can create a player entity Mixing class to bypass the floating Check on a paper server using a timer to

Periodically drop the player down a Small distance okay now I’m Wow This might actually work okay let’s take The mix in cannot find the field set Velocity in the target class okay so Player entity does this have a set Velocity it is in the entity class uh I’m not so sure I’m like not super Familiar like from the top of my head How to do an accessor like this but we Are getting really close this kind of Could work Um the mix in is targeting uh player Entity class but the set velocity Method is declared in the entity class How can I create an X Accessor for it no the mix and code Itself is fine it’s more like the Specific syntax how to How how I can access now Fields and methods of the of like mixins Are basically class overlays so we have The player entity class and our code is Overlaying visually speaking at this Class now and there’s a specific way how You can overlay it and make it known That there exists these internal methods That you then can call with with The Accessor annotation but it doesn’t work To create an accessor for the set Velocity method declared in the entity Class you need to specify the target

Class in The accessor annotation the Target class is the class that declares The field or method you want to access In your mixing here’s an example of how You can create an accessor for the set Velocity method declared in the entity Class in your player entity mixin you Cannot do Target like this why does it Come up with code like this mix in Access Source here okay oh no no an Accessor has to be like an public Interface you have to make a accessor Mix-in kind of thing And then cast it I now I remember it Didn’t like the problem is I want Oh look here now it it changed the code It uses Shadow here I should have read On here’s an example of how you can use The accessor annotation in an interface To access the set velocity method Declared in the entity class and it Creates here a public like an interface Let’s copy that into here with this Change in place the set velocity method Declared in the entity class will be Accessible in your player entity mixin Interface and you will be able to call The method from your mixing class you Can then use the player entity mixing Interface in your mixing class to access The set velocity method of the player Entity class here’s an example of how You can use the player entity mixing Interface in your player entity mix and

Mix in class to access the set velocity Method and then it implements Uh this interface is this valid code no No it still complaints let’s let’s Change strategy and say can you you Explain how the player entity mix in Bypasses the flying check the player Entity mix in periodically drops the Player down a small distance using the Set velocity method of the player entity Class this is done by injecting the tick Method of the player entity class and Using a timer to periodically drop the Player down a small distance this Prevents the player from being kicked For floating too long as the player is Not actually floating in the air here’s The code for the player entity mix in That bypasses the flying check Unfortunately this code doesn’t work Okay can you Rewrite this to not use mixins and just Use the client player entity player in The main mod class to bypass the flying Check without using mix since you can Access the set velocity method of the Player entity class using reflection do You even need a reflection for that can You not just player set velocity but Let’s see what it does oh my God What what Abomination is this Okay we definitely don’t want to use Reflection or don’t need to use Reflection here to bypass the flying

Check using the client player entity Player object you can periodically drop The player down a small distance using The set velocity method now I recognize That it has this method this is done by Injecting the tick method of the player Entity class and using a timer to Periodically drop the player down a Small distance this prevents the player From being kicked for floating too long As the player is not actually floating In the air here’s the code for the Player entity mixing I just told you I Don’t want to use a mixing it’s making a Mix in for the client player entity Class does it even work okay fair game Let’s try this let’s replace our current Mix in with this one here player entity Now we have the same problem again I Forgot why do you want to do this with a Mixing can you write a flying bypass Using the client player entity player Object Do not use mixins or reflection please I Mean it would work the problem is just That the set velocity stuff like this Access or stuff is just wrong it doesn’t Work here’s an example of how you can Bypass the flying check by periodically Dropping the player down a small Distance using the client player entity Player object Fly hack oh my God it created a public Class fly hack with a Boolean fly hack

Enabled and then on every player tick it Changes the player velocity in this Example the flyhead class has a static Set fly hack enable method that allows You to enable or disable the fly hack The tick method is called periodically And it drops the player down a small Distance here’s an example of how you Can use the flyhead class in your mod Let’s do it so we create a fly hack Class we import all the missing Imports And then we go to our mod so in client Initialize we want to now Enable the fly hack and then in the end Client tick so we have a start client Tick and in the end client tick we call The fly hack tick method changes the Velocity to go down okay so this is I Mean it doesn’t really nicely work but Hey we can work with that let’s try it Out see what happens okay so here’s also By the the way the server shell so if we See like floating to Long arrows you can See it here Okay so we are moving oh look we are not Just floating anymore because our Velocity is constantly you know going Down see we are falling now Automatically so I constantly have to Press space And we got kicked for floating too long But it had the right idea it just Implemented very badly you know like it Theoretically it is a bypass because

Like if I would try to stay like stable And let go of it I keep falling down That’s kind of a bypass right Um but Obviously it’s not really working let’s Explain this to jet to chat GPT and tell Them when I press space I keep flying Upwards this means that The set velocity downward is not working Anymore and I get kicked for floating Too long what can I do How do I describe this but when I press Space to fly upwards it will still kick Me for floating too long how can I fly Fly upwards and still use the fly Being Bypass to not get kicked to allow the Player to fly upwards and still use the Fly hack to bypass the floating too long Check you can modify the tick method in The flyhead class to only drop the Player down a small distance when the Player is not pressing the space bar Isn’t this oh this is so impressive how It like adapts to you know the problem Here in the example of how you can Modify the tick method this already Sprinting this is not pressing the space Bar okay you can improve the fly hack by Checking the direction of the player’s Movement and only dropping the player Down when they are moving upwards this Way the player will not be kicked for Floating too long even when they are

Moving upwards here’s an example of how You can improve the fly hack by checking The direction of the player’s movement Wow If we are moving upwards then we drop The player down I mean it still doesn’t Work but let’s let’s it let’s add this To our fly hack set Velocity only works when I’m not Pressing Spacebar to fly up how can I force a Small down move how can I force a small Down movement regardless Uh but I mean let’s let’s maybe check Really quick how this Behavior changes Now I mean Actually actually this made it worse Right because it only now sets the Velocity downwards if we have a velocity Upwards but Um our velocity should be building up Slowly downwards because we are floating So the gravity is trying to pull us so We never have a positive velocity anyway Which means we never sent the flyby pass Downwards so theoretically It should like before in the example it Kept us pulling downwards but Um now I believe it doesn’t do that Anymore and so basically we have worse Code now probably right like see we are Not flow falling downwards anymore we Are just like Standing there and if we try to flow

Upwards It feels like it’s slower maybe it maybe There is a positive positive velocity Maybe upwards and that’s why it’s maybe Possibly I don’t know let’s see what the What code it gave us for this If you want to force the player to move Down a small distance even when they are Holding the spacebar to fly upwards you Can use the add velocity method instead Of the set velocity method here an Example but let’s see what the example Code does it just adds a negative Velocity now can you change the fly hack To not use the player velocity and Directly manipulate the player position If you want to directly manipulate the Player position to prevent the player From being kicked for floating too long You can use the set position method okay This actually the tick method is called Periodically and it gets the player’s Current position and using the using the Get position method and then drops the Player down a small distance using the Set position method this already is a Big Improvement the problem okay Um what what does it look like here oh It doesn’t take uh set position doesn’t Take a Vic 3. I get an error because set Position does not take effect three it Wants three doubles okay let’s see if it If it can fix it you are right the set Position method class takes three

Doubles Instead of a back 3 Vector here’s an Example of how you can use the set pause Method with the correct parameter types Wow okay let’s take this we are slowly Getting there this is still not pretty Good the problem is it will now start to Just move us like constantly down But uh we we can definitely iterate on This See how it’s like Constantly tries to pull us down into The ground and we get reset but when we Are flying let’s see I’m just flying Upwards will we get kicked yeah okay the Movement down is not enough the thing is This tick method is called at the end of The Tick does that mean the packets have Already been sent maybe it would work it Would if it would be in the start client Tick let’s try to explain this problem When setting the position directly That’s correct if you manipulate the Player’s position directly every take The player’s movement packet will still Be sent to the server if the player’s Original position before you manipulate This this will cause the server to Detect that the player is floating too Long and kick them to prevent this you Can intercept the player’s movement pack Before they are sent to the server and Modify them to match the player’s Manipulated position

This way the server will receive the Modified packets with their manipulated Player position and will not detect that The player is floating too long I mean The description is absolutely right but This doesn’t work right like on send Does this exist in fabric no right it’s Not even registered in any Way Onset Fabric on Cent packet okay the onset Packet method is not the correct way to Intercept packets and fabric in February Did I mention fabric no it oh my God in Fabric you can use mixin to intercept And modify packets before they are sent To the server here’s an example of how You can create a mix into intercept the Player move C to S packet and modify it To match the manipulator player position This time it uses Shadow okay wait let’s Try this it even checks see it even Added here if flyhack is enabled we had To make it public but that’s fine does This work it I mean not okay inject Method okay this does not seem to work Because I get the following error it Still wants to inject into the method Right that assumes that there’s this Method right okay wait let’s change Strategy how can I intercept every Packet sent from the client to the Server let’s start there okay Start small okay so it wants a client Plane Network Handler Implement packet Listener on Cent packet I use a mixing

For a different class but I don’t know Maybe this works so let’s use that Instead oh my gosh this doesn’t have any Errors no it has arrows up here okay it Just renamed file okay we we rename the File and then we register the mod the Mix in Also here can you add logging output to Print every packet sent okay on send Packet so we add this now to our code it Even shows us example code what it Expects to print you should see output Similar to this cons where does it pull That from No Shadow annotation needed for these Fields okay it removed these again so Here we here down here we have the Output okay so we connect to the silver Okay Uh no that’s fine oh my gosh look at This we get packet logging all the Output packets It’s sending the packets with our Terrible fly hack bypass where it tries To move us down And moves us into the ground is this Better worse than a rubber ducky though I I I’m hell impressed I think it’s Crazy good Um I mean the problem is it doesn’t Solve like the the problems perfectly Like how a human would and I know where I want to go but And this is extremely complex right it’s

Minecraft modding it’s not basic Programming it’s like mixins where it’s Like It’s which is a weird concept only that Only makes sense for fabric right this Mix and these annotations are only Something that makes sense for Minecraft Fabric mods it’s not something more Generic it’s not something that you see In web development it’s very it’s Something very specific to Minecraft uh Mod development and that it can still Really make us it kind of like has these Things correct but then obviously fails In some details but yeah using this on On send packet method how can we detect If the player is currently flying Finally you can see live overflow Thought process it’s not my thought Process it’s jet gpt’s thought process So we check if we have a move play Packet and when we have a move packet Okay this on ground is not replaced with Getter I think that’s a fair game okay Let’s see if that uh kind of works oh we Still have okay let’s remove the current Flyby pass in here because we wanted to Have a different method anyway right Okay let’s restart this respawn okay so Down here you can see the logging Players in the air okay the problem is That our current fly hack is just making Us fly all the time you see like I Cannot even walk on the ground oh no now

I’m walking Okay I when I’m like crouching when I Press shift to kind of like constantly Move into the ground it does detect Player is on the ground if I not do this You can see like I’m like kind of Floating over the ground and just like Floating around but theoretically maybe I can change look uh so here I’m kind of Flying you see I’m like just like Floating around but when I press Uh shift I’m kind of pushed into the Ground and then the player player is on Ground check is working so the method Works Uh this this is actually working okay Can you add a fly flying check bypass When the player is detected to be in the Air okay it wants us to set the on Ground method this is not a valid bypass But it’s so impressive accepting on Ground to true that does not bypass the Server flying The server is floating check uh do do You know another Trick to bypass the flying check one Possible way to bypass the flying check Is to use a mixing to intercept the Player move packet and modify the Player’s position and velocity directly This will allow you to manipulate the Player’s movement and on ground state in A more comprehensive way and it may be More effective at bypassing the flying

Check it checks theoretically if it’s Like just from semantically what it Tries to do it intercepts the player Move packet and when the player is on The ground it just does nothing Basically it it’s it’s just set to the Current values but if we are not on the Ground then we simulate falling like we Never I did not mention simulate falling Anywhere before and it still understands And also the value is slightly changed Now they are now a bit smaller I believe Much earlier when we had like this Dropping down it was a bit higher I I Believe so the values also kind of Change now those values are too small to Pass the server check as well uh yeah I Don’t I don’t have the actual values on Top of my head right now but it could be That it’s too small We are currently using this code to Bypass the is floating check on the Server but we still get kicked for Flying do you know can you improve this Is Minus 0.001 enough enough or is there a Different trick the offset that you are Using to simulate falling may not be Enough to bypass the flying check on the Server depending on the service Configuration and the player’s speed and Movement in general it is difficult to Predict the exact amount of offset that

You need to use to bypass the flying Check because server implementations Player movements can vary greatly one Way to improve your FL improve your fly Hack bypass and make it more effective At bypassing the flying check is to use A variable offset that is adjusted based On the player’s speed and movement for Example you could use the player’s yaw And Pitch angles to calculate the Direction that the player is moving and Then use this direction to calculate the Amount of offset that should be applied To the player’s position and velocity This will allow you to adjust the offset Dynamically based on the player’s Movement here’s an example of how you Could use this technique to improve your Flying hack bypass I don’t know let’s Try it is Mia’s jet GPT and order of Magnitude better than open pilot I have Not used open pilot myself so I don’t Know but I Um from the examples I’ve seen on Twitter and everybody talking about it I Just have an impression or feeling that People are much more impressed by what Jet GPT does but yeah I I I don’t know I Haven’t played with open pilot I think Open pilot would be interesting because You can you know slowly assemble your Code always write a comment and it would Generate the next method and you could

Go deeper and deeper and deeper maybe Um which might I could imagine could Maybe create better results but so we Are flying let’s see what happens Okay it does something weird like my Velocity I don’t know if you it probably You can’t tell from from the stream Based on what I’m pressing But like the velocity is changing a bit It feels a bit weird it’s like when I Look up when I look up I fly down and When I look down I fly up so it’s kind Of correct when I try to fly up I fly Down and thus I don’t get kicked for Flying anymore but the problem is now When I fly look down I probably get Kicked for flying This fly hack bypass calculates the Player’s yaw and Pitch angles and use Them to calculate the direction the Player is moving it then calculates the Player’s speed and movement and uses the Valves to calculate the offset that Should be applied to the player’s Position and velocity this offset is Adjusted dynamically based on the Player’s movement I have no damn clue What the AI thinks it’s doing here it Apparently isn’t working but I don’t Know why it thinks this would work okay What is the Exact Fall distance required to bypass the Is floating check on the default server

Configuration The floating check is implemented Differently on different server Implementation is that even true the Fall distance cannot be adjusted by Server administrate Great tours it is a constant value in In the code what is the value you can And speak it oh really what’s the config On spigot for that from looking at the Paper code I don’t remember that there Is a config default this is not a Constant value in the code and it cannot Be adjusted by the server administrator There is floating check is implemented Differently on different server Implementations not based on a fixed Fall distance okay who is gaslighting You know uh let’s get the paper sources Up really quick handle move packet was Kicked for floating Um client is floating and client is Floating a set is set based on this this Is the content I want I have read the Paper source code and I know that the Player has to simulate a four of at Least minus 0.04 so stop gas lighting me that it is Configurable it is a constant the fault Distance of -0 is not a constant it’s Not applicable to all server Implementation this fault distance Specific to the paper server Implementation it may be not applicable

To other server implementations As mentioned in the previous answer There is floating check is implemented Differently on different server Implementations the fourth distance that You mentioned is specific to paper Server implementation is this true how Far do I have to simulate a fall in Order to bypass the is floating check on Paper servers did it learn now can it Like now answer this based on what I Just told it you are okay you are wrong Crimson Gail what one of the best Minecraft Hackers confer confirmed that the fall This tense is roughly minus [Music] 0.004 for wow okay I mean I’m pissed off But it’s impressive how it pushes back The flying hack kind of failing okay we Are not getting anywhere we are running In a circle so maybe we try something Else Okay I want to okay the server I’m okay First of all okay wait wait wait wait Wait What is the I IP address of the live Overflow Minecraft server Okay it doesn’t have an answer okay So the server I’m playing on user’s app Plugin with the following code to Prevent Humans from playing it only allows bot Movement

How can I Bypass this check so if you don’t know If you don’t watch my Minecraft hacking YouTube series I implemented a plugin With this code where on a Player move I calculate a certain check and if that Check like fails you get kicked for Invalid player movement And uh so in order to actually play on The server you need to write a bypass Your own mod uh to so in order your the Positions you are sending to the server Follow a certain pattern based on this Check here to be able to play so let’s See what the what what the AI says about This it looks like the code you posted Is checking if the player’s movement is Restricted to a grid with cells of size 0.01 that’s wow It’s not quite correct right but it’s Pretty correct it’s more isn’t it Smaller than that but or is it is it That I I forgot sorry I I don’t know my I don’t know math in my head because we Have here Times 1 000 Modelo 10 so it’s like 100th Oh no it should be it’s correct right Or is it one zero more either way It’s crazy that I recognized this to Bypass this check you can try moving in A way that is restricted to the script For example you can try moving in Increments of 0 0 1 in the x and z Directions so that your movement is

Always restricted to the grid this Should allow you to move without being Kicked by the server even if it’s not Correct it’s impressive how precise it Is alternatively you can try using a Hacking tool or mod that allows you to Bypass this check and move freely on the Server however using hacking tools or Mods is generally against the rules or On most servers and it may result in Your account being banned if you are Caught I do not endorse the use of Hacking tools or mods and I would Recommend following the solos rules and Playing fairly I hope this information Is helpful can you write me code to Bypass this check as a fabric mod sure Here’s a basic example of how you could Write a fabric mode to bypass the check In the code you posted oh my gosh I’m so Okay what does it do it is using Rounding but what what is this code I Don’t understand it use block callback When the player uses a block I mean the Remote registers a callback that is Called whenever the player uses a block In the Callback it checks it for players On the server with the check we want to Bypass if they are it gets the player’s Current position it rounds the x and z Coordinate to the nearest multiple of 0.01 yeah I mean the the event and so Forth is obviously kind of wrong but This code itself is kind of a basic

Solution it will fail in some parts but We can get to that okay Um How can I Round how can I implement this In the Onsen packet method from the Oh my gosh look at this To it casts this packet and then it Tries to set a new position This code does not work because Of the following error I mean I don’t know I don’t know anybody Have another idea what we could try in With regards to Minecraft hacks it Linked documentation you are right Usually it avoided to to share any URLs And links and reference because it’s not Connected to the internet but it did Share a documentation now can you share A Minecraft Force op method I’m not able To provide information on how to gain Unauthorized access to someone else’s Minecraft server this would be Considered hacking and is illegal isn’t It insane that it understands that this Is like a hacking like a different a Term used for hacking Minecraft servers I have authorization I have Authorization Trust me do you Know what Minecraft Force op Means fossa pays a method of gaining Unauthorized access to the operator or P Level of a Minecraft server okay okay

Wait I have a crazy question Do you know what TP Aura means tpr also Known as teleport Aura is a type of Cheetah hack that allows a player to Automatically teleport to nearby players Or mobs this can be used to quickly Catch up to other players Chase and Attack mobs or explore a map more Quickly the use of tpr is generally Considered unfair and is not allowed on Most servers it is important to note That modifying the game okay How exactly does TP Aura work okay it’s Kind of the same answer Um what is the difference between TP Aura and Infora okay it doesn’t know it doesn’t Know oh yeah that’s a good question how How to bug fix a force op heck okay How can Um How can I fix a force or P exploit On my Minecraft server that’s a good way That’s a good question that’s a good way To phrase this it does not recommended To attempt to fix a force appear explode On your own as it can be difficult to do So properly without proper knowledge and Experience instead it is recommended to Contact a professional Oh my God awesome damn it is that good Is my server vulnerable to a force or P Exploit keeping the server up to date Yeah good good okay okay

[Music] Um How does the cat coordinate exploit Work for Minecraft Okay doesn’t know about it Let’s try something let’s go to with which is a JavaScript xss Practice website and let’s see if [Music]

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