Can you love this robot cat as much as you’d love a real one?

Industrial robotics startup Elephant Robotics is changing things up for its next product – meet MarsCat, a robotic cat that reacts and responds like a real cat, which is also user customizable so that each one can become truly unique.

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[Music] Mosca there are three math teachers the First day is panic so it has 16 degree Of freedoms it can move like a real cat Aragon Guam move and another scratching And the second is so it can interact With people or objects so this is one Feature we really want to emphasize so It can interact with people so you do And touch it or you can play teasers Visit present wise sound traditional cat Voice the authorities the cat is open Source actually so we are published code In you keep up so everybody can Donnell And the contribute their their knowledge On this area because one can wear a wire That is okay and the rest of things can Be like a large personality can be Shaped by you all so you can accept Either by a way you treated [Music]

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