Chat GPT = $1,631 A Day / AI Bot – Super Simple Method!

$1,631 A Day With Chat GPT AI Bot – Super Simple Automated Method!

ok chat gpt is pretty much all i have been hearing about the last week and so i figured lets give this chatgpt ai bot thing a try and see if we can make some money.

this is insane for people looking for AI profit methods like AI art AI content AI videos and other automated BOT money methods.

this blows the lid off all the methods lol

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Whoa wait a minute this is gonna make me Rich over the last few days the internet Has been going crazy over this new tool Called chat GPT Some people are calling it The Greatest Money making tool in all of history Truly I decided to dive in and see What’s going on Most people said open up chat GPT and Get some content write a 1 000 word Article about how to take care of a Puppy and the robot literally writes the Article for me and most people out there Are gonna say take this content and use It to make money and that is where you Would be wrong wrong I have been sent from the future to make You money so allow me to show you the Real way to make money with chat GPT and I gotta tell you this method isn’t going To cost you a dime it’s so simple you Can do this without any skills and you Can get started right now Now before you get to making all kinds Of money with chat GPT let’s define what It actually is chat GPT is a Conversational AI system that listens Learns and challenges and in order to Make this work for us we need to look at The strengths and weaknesses and while Most people are using chat GPT to write Cute little articles and content for Their website I think there’s something A lot more Sinister where you can make a

Heck of a lot more money and the key is In understanding what prompts to give to The chat GPT system so that it gives you An output that you can use to profit in The best way possible so if I say Something like write a poem about love And marriage it’s gonna write me a poem But this doesn’t mean it’s the best use Of the tool as you can see from the Puppy article earlier it did pass the Spun content check however in grammarly It shows 15 of the content that the AI Bot spit out was flagged as plagiarism And even if this tool could write me Content till my heart’s content it’s Going to be difficult to get it ranked On the search engines unless you know What you’re doing and by the time you do Figure it out everyone else will have Done the same thing and drove in the Competition through the roof and while Some people are fearing for Humanity and Job loss with these types of tools I Don’t think we’re quite there yet but I Do have a warning which I’ll share later In this video that my friends leads me To the gigantic opportunity sitting Right under everyone’s nose about how to Use chat GPT to make tons of money so While everyone else is out there making Content to put in front of like a Thousand people what if you could create Something that appeals to Millions yep Sit tight this is going to be a wild

Ride because up until now tackling some Of these keywords even though it’s super Easy you’d need to spend hundreds of Thousands of dollars to pay programmers And that’s exactly how this website Generates a million visitors of month This one does almost 7 million and this One is getting over 6 million visitors a Month and I don’t care who you are but If you got six million visitors coming To your website every month you’re Making some serious cash and after Watching countless videos on chat GPT And how to make money and spending tons Of time diving into the program I’ve Found something that we can use to Profit big time now this is something I’ve been using for over 20 years to Profit big time only I had to pay for Expensive scripts and programmers and People to help me out now things are Going to get a lot easier you could see Over here on the I have Tons of little tools that are designed To help people make money and all Different things like that I also have a Secret folder over here I’m going to Talk to you about in just a minute where I actually use chat GPT to create tools That I’m going to use to make money We’re gonna go to a keyword tool to find Out what people are searching for on Google related to different tools we Could see QR code generator gets over 2

Million searches a month password Generator a million searches a month PDF To Word almost 10 million searches a Month convert PDF to Word three million Searches a month business name generator Lottery number generator PayPal buttons Stripe buttons and on and on we go we Are going to take these terms and figure Out how we can make money let’s say we Have something like QR code generator Those are those codes that you use to Scan with your phone to go to a website Or something like that now the people Who use these codes are most likely Businesses and they might need stuff Like web hosting business cards Printable mugs or printable t-shirts or Wherever they want to put their QR code And all of these are things that we can Use to make money or let’s say we’re Gonna do something like stripe or PayPal Button these are people with websites Who want to collect money using stripe Or PayPal we can point those people at Merchant accounts and different things Like that or Shopify web hosting click Funnels or any other software that’s Going to help them make money with their Websites or let’s say we have something Like password generator these are people Who want to generate strong passwords to Secure their stuff online and they would Probably benefit greatly from a service Like LifeLock which pays over ninety

Five dollars on a sale so we could make A little tool that creates a password Shows them how to secure their system And then point them to LifeLock and then Pocket 95 bucks for each person who Signs up starting to get the picture Good let’s keep going because once we Have the tool that people are searching For and the method to make money all I Need to do is fire up chat GPT and say Make me a PHP code that generates a QR Code and the AI bot is going to go to Work creating the script for me at zero Cost oh yeah remember that secret folder Well while no one was paying attention I Actually generated free tools and put Them on my website using chatgpt you can See over here the QR code generator put The website in Click the button and it Generates a code you can right click it And save it imagine if I put this on my Website and had links to put this on a Business card put your QR code on a mug Get a custom website and on and on we go Or what about all those people that were Looking for random lottery number Generators you can simply reload this Page and every time you do it’s going to Give you a whole different set of Lottery numbers people use these all the Time for entertainment purposes and for Luck and whatever it is and you can Point to different offers on ClickBank For lottery or manifestation or even

Credit card offers clearly these people Need some money management help or what About something like business name Generator again I use chat GPT to create A free generator based on a group of Words that’ll create a business name oh Yeah and once you have a business name You’re probably going to need a website So I can point you over to web hosting And get like a hundred to three hundred Dollars per sale or a simple tool I use All the time to extract domain names From a text file simply put the text in Here and boom it extracts the domain Names right like this but what about These keywords that get like 10 million Searches a month for how to convert a PDF file to word yep we created a tool Just like this that converts a PDF file To a word file In the blink of an eye hey check it out That’s pretty cool so the idea here is To use chat GPT to create simple little Software tools that you can use to Profit big time and if you want to learn More about this smash that like button Subscribe and on Wednesday we’re gonna Have a live stream answering your Questions about how to use chat GPT and Other AI Bots to profit big time oh yeah I almost forgot if you want an easy way To get traffic to your tool all you need To do is post a video on YouTube showing How to use it as you can see here

Millions and millions of people are Watching videos on how to create a QR Code I quite simply fire up the tool Show them how it works and then say go To the to create your QR Code and that my friends is how to make Money with chat GPT Ran out of the gas

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