ChatGPT Changes Everything, But Not in the Way You Think

The world significantly changed last week, but it might not have changed in the way you think. Recently, OpenAI and ChatGPT were released as a free preview. Quite frankly, the results were stunning. In this video, we will look at what ChatGPT is and how you can use it to radically improve your life. We will also look at why it is not the solution for everything, what dangers are involved, and how to safely take advantage of this technology.

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The world significantly changed last Week but it might not have changed in The way you think recently open Ai and Chat GPT were released as a free preview Quite frankly the results were stunning In this video we’re going to look at What chat GPT is and how you can use it To radically improve your life we’ll Also look at why it’s not the solution For everything what dangers are involved And how to safely take advantage of this Technology Before we get started there are three Things you need to know first if you Want to improve your c-sharp skills you Should subscribe to this Channel with Over 450 c-sharp videos and Counting This is the place to learn C sharp Second if you like free c-sharp Resources go to and click on the Resources tab they’ll find my podcast The c-sharp projects page and a lot more Third if you need a deep education in a C-sharp topic I have dozens of courses To help you out not only will you be Able to get a world-class education but You’ll also be helping to fund my free Content so everyone can have a great Education C sharp not just those who can Afford it all right so let’s jump right Into chat GPT what it is and how it Works So first of all I set up for this free

Preview and I did so by going to and I signed up once I signed Up I logged in then I went back to the Browser and typed in and I logged in there This is what we’re going to use today This is I think the place to check us Out this is essentially I’m gonna super Simplify this this is a chat bot that’s What it is because it remembers your Previous interactions and uses those to Shape future interactions So let’s talk about chat GPT and open Ai And what it what is this because a chat Bot does not sound at all fun or even Necessarily interesting I can tell you Right now this is going to blow your Mind if you’ve not already seen it this Is a machine learning actually AI Platform that has learned from a vast Data set on the web and it has crunched All that information and turned it into A a conclusions engine essentially so What that means is when you ask it a Question it gives you an answer so let’s Ask it a question And let’s let’s start simple Let’s start with a question what is C Sharp that’s all I’m going to ask it let Me hit enter And depending on how backed Up it is it may be instantaneous or it May take a little bit but this has just Told me what C sharp is Now the way it does this is that it

Pulls from the the uh Storehouse of Information it compiled based upon the Model it was trained upon now to be very Clear here this does not have access to The internet yes we’re talking to it Through the internet but it’s not Learning from the internet currently it Learns from its model and it has not Been updated yet now I think this week It’s going to be updated with more Information for its model but this is Does not have the ability to go and get Current information from the internet That’s probably a good thing So we’ve got here a a response that’s That’s kind of cool but you know I could Go to Google and get something similar So why is this so important well let’s Give it something a little harder in C Sharp Create a random Number Generator Method That takes in Tegers For bottom and top numbers Okay now that’s a just a you know plain English phrase I might put that in a Code comment somewhere before I start Writing a C sharp code right or I can Hit enter and let chat GPT do its thing Now again depending on how backed up it Is it may take more or less time

But there is your method and there is The explanation of the method and it Talks about how this method works Now this is where I’m glad it gave us This example because there’s a couple of Key things you need to know about chat GPT because at this point you’re Probably thinking I don’t need a Programmer anymore I seem to ask the Right questions and get the right Answers and that is absolutely not true This does not replace developers and There’s a reason for that so let’s talk About this example specifically This example gave us some C sharp code And let’s see if we can zoom in just a Little bit here Um I want to get as much as possible on The screen but also want you to read This so this is the c-sharp code that it Gave and it gave some decent code we Have public static and make it static so You can just call or have an instantiate The class it used bottom and top are the As the two parameter names because I Said I want a bottom and top value and So I just said hey you know what you Called this let’s go ahead and name it That and then it created the code to Generate a random number so it it Generated a new instance of of random And then it Returns the next value with The parameters bottom and top being the The limiting factors on that next method

So this all looks great and if you put This in your code it will work in fact There’s even a copy code right here Which is awesome you just copy that Paste it in your code and all of a Sudden your work is done right No it’s not in fact this is a example I Found that I love because of the fact That it looks so convincing and yet so Convincingly wrong This is not the right answer in fact This is something that will lead you Down the wrong path because it will work But it will not work correctly There’s a couple of things that we need To talk about here first of all it Instantiates a new instance of random Inside of this method well imagine for a Minute that this method is being called By two different places in our code at The same time Well if it is or close to the same time Even then this instantiation of random Without a seed Can create the same instance As in the same um starting point for Random which means that these values Could be in sync now Because this method how small it is that Might not matter in your particular case But it’s something you should know about The fact that your your values could be The same in two different spots that Could be a problem

Well that’s not the only problem So the other problem is in the Documentation that documentation looks Great in fact it feels like this we have Blog post just paste this into a Blog And you’re good to go right no do not do That stop don’t start dreaming about Having it you know becoming this awesome Blogger by just running chat GPT because Again this will work it will appear to Be right and it will Generate random Numbers however it’s the most Insidious Kind of bug possible in code and that is A bug that does not just appear It it seems to work but notice here Where it says Um and I saw it a couple times but Inclusive Um Now okay so this is good the last I ran This it’s an inclusive through 10. now It says inclusive through nine which is Good so it has changed all right so that Was something that was in the last time I ran this and that’s important thing Too is what I run will not be the same Thing as what you get Even if you use the same exact words I Do so just note you’ll get a different Response When you write But This says five through nine inclusive That’s great because the previous

Example that I got said the 5 through 10 Inclusive where it includes the top and That is incorrect That is not what it does it does not Include the Top Value it’s less than the Top Value so it’s up to but not Including that Top Value it includes the Bottom value but not the Top Value so It’s exclusive upper bound so that that One’s correct okay like I said the Previous time I ran this it said Inclusive of the Top Value so We’ve got in here two bugs in our code Well one bug in the fact that this is This is a bug it shouldn’t be here but Then in the documentation of the Previous example the bug was that we Expected something that wasn’t going to Be there so that’s important to note and This is where I I heard one person say It this way and I think that’s a great Way of saying it is the chat GPT will be Confident in its answer Including when it’s confidently wrong And how often that’s wrong it’s we’re Going to call it 10 now no that’s not a A scientific number I’ve come up with in Some way I’ve not found anywhere where It says this is the percentage of time That’s wrong but it feels like about 10 So we’re gonna call it 10 Um just to be fair to it it may be Higher than that in fact I would I would From my examples I would estimate it’s

Higher than that but we’re going to call It 10 okay so 10 of the time you’ll get Wrong information however it will not be Like oh I think this might work no it’s Going to say this is how you do it Ain’t we wrong All right so be very careful of that So and this is what we’re going to talk About today with this is the fact that This is a extremely powerful tool However I’m going to give you the conclusion of This whole thing don’t rely on the Answers validate every response Carefully This is the same problem as what I have With Entity Framework when people use Entity framework sometimes they they say Well because I use Entity framework I Don’t have to know SQL and what Essentially says is this isn’t a black Box but it works so we’re good the Problem is if you don’t understand What’s going on behind the scenes if you Don’t understand how it works then when Things don’t go right you don’t know why Well it’s the same thing is true here When when you’re just relying on the Code it creates You don’t know why it works and then you Put it in production it makes your Production a fragile Black Box because Things break you don’t know why and you Might be introducing bugs like this line

Right here in in places that that you Didn’t understand why it’s a bug and so Now you’re getting you know values every Once in a while not all the time but Every once in a while you get values That are in sync the same value and You’re like that’s not random that’s That’s that’s you know a repetitive set Of numbers that are all the same well That’s because you used That line right there so knowing how Your code works is extremely important So no this cannot replace your education In C sharp you can’t just say I don’t Have to know C sharp I just have to know How to run this tool because that’s not Wise Um have you ever gone a stack Overflow And found an answer and you’re like okay I’m gonna paste this my code and it Doesn’t work Well this is the same thing There are there’s Nuance to the world And we have to learn that sometimes Things will work so I think they won’t Depending on your circumstances or Depending on your setup or what’s around It or you might just get a bad answer And that answer might be wrong because People are wrong So let’s talk about Um real quick before we get back to more Examples let’s talk about where to get This information because you know this

Feels a little bit like it’s an Artificial intelligence that’s Intelligent like it’s actually you know Doing the work for me this is like you Know Commander Data from Star Trek it Says like something that’s actually Responsive and maybe even sentient no It’s not don’t worry well still worry But Um what this is doing is is scrub the Web It’s saying that the data set is from The web and they’ve taken a whole bunch Of People who have said here’s how you Generate a round number in C sharp and It has figured out how those pieces work And it figured out what the key Components are Which means that if it learns off of bad Examples it will give you a bad example So there’s some danger here and that’s Why there’s some danger here the other Thing is people say oh well this is Going to replace Google No I don’t think it is I think this this Should be a wake-up call to Google Because Google’s not doing a great job Of search and I think this would kind of Proves it’s not but that’s doing is this Is saying hey we found this is the Authoritative answer you’re looking for And Google was supposed to give you the Authoritative website with the answer

You’re looking for and it’s not always Doing that and part of it is they’re Trying to push all the ads first so I Hope instantary Place Google but I think That maybe the for Now searches should Go here first before Google that’s just A thought so the difference though is That this provides you the conclusion Google provides provides you with the Authority there’s a difference and I Think it’s a key difference no all right So let’s talk more about examples So first of all reset thread up here Upper left hand corner reset thread if You click that it’s going to reset your Chat what that does is it forgets all The interactions you’ve just had because Those interactions will affect future Interactions I want to show you how that Works so let’s start with a Um I’m not actually copy and paste this Because it’s a little long I’m going to Paste this in what it says is raise a C Sharp method to retrieve data from the SQL table person that has a first name Last name and email columns right so I’ve kind of specified what I want I Want a c-sharp method to retrieve data From a SQL table and I get the SQL Table’s name and the columns in it I hit Enter and here is the code for talking To SQL to get that data And quite frankly this is pretty Impressive it even reads the the um the

Uh table the the SQL table that comes Back and our data table and it reads Through and it breaks it out into models Which is pretty cool so this is using Just Ado so that’s how it’s doing it and It looks to me at first glance and I’m Just reading the first time now because Again this is different than the times That I’ve tested this Um but this looks about right this looks Like it probably is uh decent using a Using statement here so we can close out The connection properly So I think this is right Um but you know what I don’t prefer to Use Ado directly because the fact this Right here this section right here is Ugly the two string on all these Different parts yeah but you have to Well if you have an integer in there Well if you have a date time what if you Have some other type well you have some Conversions to do that can get messy and Expensive and so instead of doing that I Like to use Dapper so let’s just tell it Use Dabber now that’s all I’m gonna say I have not said anything else but Because it remembered the previous Interactions we’ve had when I say use Dapper it’s gonna go Oh you mean let’s Try it again because sometimes you have An error Um Here’s an example

And it uses that same example from Before but this time it uses Dapper for That connection And it says there you go there is the Um the structure for using Dapper Instead uses query of type person which Returns a list of people and I was just Doing a two list here that’s interesting Um that looks almost like I’ve been Reading my code which is interesting Because that’s similar to what I would Do with a two list and returning a list Of persons sometimes Um so that’s interesting but the other Thing that’s interesting here is Um this code isn’t perfect for instance Why are you instantiating a new list of Person You don’t need to do that I just need a List of person people it can be null Because then you’re populating it right Here so that’s not necessary The other thing here is Um why are we doing an open connection We don’t need to open a connection here This query will open the connection has Not already open So we this is a a line that’s not needed And that’s I found that happens quite a Bit in these suggestions so there’s some Tweaks here like I said this creates an Instance we don’t need which means it’s Actually allocating more Um more memory than we need to because

We don’t need to have this allocation Because we’re overwriting it with this Allocation which pulls from our our Query Now I don’t like the fact that we’re Using inline SQL that’s not cool let’s Instead use a stored procedure Use a store procedure And wait for it to think And so now it’s going to create that Same code again but this time it’s going To use a stored procedure which is Called get people Now interestingly enough it didn’t use Dapper So we’re we’re back to that Ado Um you know execute reader and All right use Dapper with a stored Procedure So sometimes it doesn’t quite get it and You have to kind of keep tweaking it a Little bit but the cool thing is it Remembers your previous history and goes Oh okay this is what you mean this is How I’m going to do it And there you go So now there is the get people method Again we’re still instantiating that List but this time we’re using the get People store procedure and we’re using The command type store procedure which Is great So That’s interesting it’s written some

Code for us it’s tweaked the code for us It’s changed the code for us that’s some Pretty cool stuff all right so I think That there’s a lot of a lot of Possibility here but it’s not just for Writing code for you And it will write code for you but it’s Also for Um giving you information how is Different than core Now we’ll see if this answers the same Way as answered previously because Um I want to talk about that previous Answer either way but you can ask it Questions like this and it will give you Uh long form answers answers that are an Opinion and answers that again are Extremely confident All right so Um This is Interesting Um it’s slightly different than what I Got a four but there it says they’re Both Frameworks for building web Applications true there’s some key Differences that’s true one of the main Differences is is mature Framework that’s been around for many Years where is newer Cross-platform released in 2016. uh That’s mainly true yes So uh that means that has a Wider range of features and larger

Ecosystem of library and tools that’s Not true All right A Wider range of features I Don’t think so I would yes it has a Large ecosystem of libraries and tools But a lot of those tools have come over To core and was only for web forms and MVC And API with asp.core we have uh Razer Pages AV API MVC Blazer server Blazer Web assembly and we continue to add more And more features to those things So Um Key difference was built on the framework which is a Proprietary framework developed by Microsoft asp.core is built in open core runtime this is true Which can use on multiple platforms Including Windows Linux and Mac OS So yes that is true Um So this means that asp.core applications Can be deployed to a wider range of Environments but they may have some Limitations compared to asp. Applications that’s not true there’s Nothing that you can do on okay I’m Gonna preface this a little bit yes you Can’t do web forms on core you Can do razor Pages which is a pretty Similar thing or Blazer server which Also can be very very similar

Um and you can do WCF on and you can’t well there’s a Preview beta version of core I’m Sorry WCF core Um on asp.core Um but no limitations compared to no that’s not that’s not true The over all the choice between And asp.core depends on specific Requirements of your project if you need A mature and well I mean first of all I Agree with this yes the specific needs Your project are important so if you’re Working in a legacy system where they Have thousands of pages in MBC and You’re going to create another page what Should you use well MVC Because even though core version of MVC is out uh Probably mixing that in your environment Won’t be that great so you can use the Legacy or you can use web forms if You’re already doing web forms however I Do encourage people to move if they can But this is saying it depends on Requirements your product true but it Says if you need a mature and Feature-rich framework to tightly Integrated Microsoft ecosystem then might be a good choice that’s False If you need a mature and feature-rich Framework that’s integrated the Microsoft ecosystem use core if

You need a mature and feature-rich Framework that’s not tightly integrated With a Microsoft ecosystem use Core if you’re starting any new project In the web and you don’t have any uh Things holding you back any existing Projects that you have to integrate Tightly with use asp.core Um they’re not really If making a judgment based upon Information doesn’t really understand Okay Um so this information right here Is confident It looks right it looks clear It’s wrong So Be very careful whenever you use this Tool that you don’t start making Opinions and don’t start making Decisions based upon what this Confidently told you And this is where again I come back to What’s the difference between chat GPT And Google With chat GPT it gives you a conclusion This is a conclusion With Google it gives you the authority Meaning it gives you a web page and says Here this is the page that is most Likely To have the right answer you need And it ranks them and it gives you a List and it says here are a million

Answers the first you know 10 per page Um unfortunately with a lot of ads Around them but you know there’s your Answers you decide which authority to Trust And you can go through and see three and Four and five and ten and twenty Different takes on this topic in order To determine what is really true For example you should probably go to Microsoft and see what they say about versus core because That’s not gonna be their answer this is Not their answer So Knowing what the conclusion is can be Helpful in certain circumstances but Don’t decide that this is a replacement For all of your Google needs because These These are conclusions and they are Not always right Now I don’t want to sound down the Technology this technology blows my mind I’ve already given it to all of my team And told them use this Every team meeting we have we’re going To use this whenever we have to discover New information or to get more Information on a topic now we’re very Careful but we know that it’s not always Right but that’s be we know that we can Use this as a tool not as a replacement For our brains And this is where be very careful don’t

Use this to replace your brain Use this to help you use this to help Supplement what you’re doing but don’t Just take this you know the code that Gives you don’t just copy and paste this In your code and say cool I’m done and This is this is not what you should do Um Take the code validate that it works Validate that it’s a wise choice Understand every line of the code and Then use it I’ve already used this to Fix some of my code I have some code That I wrote really quick and dirty I create a console application that Processed my video files so I have a Standing station where I create video Files and I want to stay there and Record but when I’m done recording I Want to do something with that file Before I move on to the next one and so I create a little application that it Renames the file it extracts the wave Audio file from the video file and it Moves in the right location But I had a little bug in there where it Wasn’t choosing the last video recorded In certain circumstances it was Basically off the file name but when a File name naming rolled over past Midnight it caused a problem and I’m Like I I just know that the bug is there I’ll fix it one of these days I had chat GPT fix it in about five seconds

And the fix is right and so just boom Done there you go I don’t have to think About it anymore but I knew what the Answer was I validated and verified the Answer and made sure that did what I Expected to do in the way I expected it To do it so this is a great tool Just don’t rely on the answers without Validating them first remember this is a Conclusion based upon what a machine Thinks might be based upon all the stuff That’s read on the internet and as you Know all the stuff in the internet is Not right There’s some stuff in there that might Not be correct there’s some stuff in There that’s absolutely not correct and There’s some stuff in there that is just Blatantly wrong outdid or in just biased In a certain way Um I’m wondering if this paragraph here Is biased based upon people who think They know what Microsoft’s all about and Say things about that and blog about it But don’t actually know what it’s all About So I wonder if that has influenced this Answer because this answer is is wildly Incorrect Um so be very careful So take your time make sure you validate The answers but I would highly encourage You to start using this To just try things out to learn C sharp

Better just make sure that this is not Your teacher And this is not I’m not saying it’s Because I’m a teacher and I want to be The teacher for you Um I’m saying this because this will Lead you down the wrong path you know Things like this things like this They’re incorrect And so just saying oh that’s how I do Things but if you needed to help you Um maybe look at things a different way That can be helpful you can even paste Small Snippets of code in here and say What does this do and how to explain it To you and then validate that’s actually True but that way it can help you Understand things better maybe help you Figure things out So with that I’m going to leave it here I’m not going to you know belabor the Point but I want to show off open Ai and Chat GPT and just show you that this This thing’s pretty impressive it I have Spent hours in this already just Figuring out trying it out trying Different things plenty of cool stuff in Here Um that you can try out and there’s Really cool stuff you can do but Um just be careful of its use all right Thanks for watching and as always I am Tim Corey [Music]

[Applause] Thank you [Music]

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