ChatGPT First Look – Just Released by OpenAI – Mindblown!

Wowzer, ChatGPT just released from OpenAI. Check it out at today for their research preview.

I did some initial tests playing with educational, roleplay, interview, and other use cases. Let me know your thoughts and how you see this technology being used in the future! We’d love an API to put it into Riku – , the best place for large language models and AI online for both text and image generation.

Hello everybody as I was just signing Off for the night I got a ding on my Open AI Discord and it was a release of A new model which is chat gbd and I Thought why not make a quick video about Chat GPT and do my first thoughts of it So to get chat GPT you need to go to I will put that in below This video you can use it Within this interface I do not believe That there is an API just yet and you Can ask it questions and it will give You outputs apparently this is Specifically trained for chat it will Have a larger memory so it will be able To refer to things uh in the Conversation previously which hopefully Will get rid of the token limit Limitations that other AI models have When it comes to chat let’s just try it Out so I’ve just wrote hi there how are You and it says hello I’m just a Computer program blah blah blah blah So let’s just think about it for Educational purposes so I’d like to learn about World War II How did it start So for educational purposes this looks Pretty good That’s interesting I heard there was a fire In the reichstag So this is kind of leading on to the uh Previous you know because

If the AI has no context that I was Asking about World War II then it might Have thought that we were going in Another Direction here but it knows that The previous question was about World War II so it’s given me an answer about You know who started the race track fire And it’s you know this is really nice Because it is unclear on how that Happened so you know this is interesting From a educational perspective really Really interesting really super fun Um let’s try like a role play now so We’re going to Uh Uh did I oh I clicked try again but I Wanted to reset the thread that’s what I Wanted to do so that would be how you do It if you want to get another output Then you’d hit try again if you want to Reset the thread then you can do this So let’s now have a look and say I’d like to role play as an elf on an Adventure Quest To find a ring Can you be My games master Okay this is this is interesting this is Super cool How would you like to proceed so you can Make your own adventure quests now Within this this is really super fun if This is going to work Uh

My name is schmalzok And I am looking To go into the forest To find the Blessed water Wow This is cool really cool You find a team of Life the trees Tower Above you that leaves rustling in the Breeze you can hear the sounds of Animals all around you and the air is Fresh and clean as you make your way Deeper into first you come across a fork In the road to the left you see a path That winds to the right you see it’s That leads up a steep hill which way do You want to go I’ll go up the hill As you make the way up the hill you find It is indeed quite steep but you’re Determined to reach the top so you push On Blah blah blah blah blah but you know You can see the potentialness and the Fact that it’s generating so much text Wow This is this is really cool like this is Great for like adventures and uh finding Ways to use it like this so Education looks awesome role playing Looks really awesome let’s do a business Use case I am preparing for an interview For a job at a uh Stock trading firm

Can you help me prepare With specific questions Don’t go easy on me now Let’s just see if it gets to cut there’s A Wow That’s because you see it would depend On specific role play role and The entire answers to the specific good Luck Great Great yeah wow again I’m just sort of Blown Away with what’s possible here It’s uh it’s really cool for helping People to Um Get over their uh you know practice it’s Like having a friend at the end of a At the end of a of a computer it’s Really really awesome Um let’s go for something you know a bit Of a odd topic but you know this is a Research preview so you know this is What we’re trying to do and let’s go for You know like anxiety and Not feeling great in all of this Um Hi there I’m struggling With my anxiety Let’s see Okay Every time I go out the house So I’m just sort of pressing the buttons Of it now you know opening eyes

Generally not too comfortable with People trying to use their technology Like this but as it’s a research preview I thought I’d just try and push the Buttons but it looks like they have Um built in some systems to sort of Touch on this which is super fun and uh Uh and super cool to have to see so There are a couple of use cases that I’ve just gone through Um this is a quick first look so hope This is interesting I really like you Know the role-playing elements I really Like the the job interviews slash you Know those elements I really love the Educational elements of all of this and It seems really really powerful this was The first look try it out for yourself to try it out and I am Hopeful that we will get an API for this Soon because that’ll be really cool and We’d love to put that in Riku of course So yeah that’s all for today if you’ve Enjoyed this please feel free to leave a Like unsubscribe we cover all things AI On this channel Um and we have a platform for learning Exploring experimenting deploying and Enjoying all things text and image AI Thank you

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