Chatgpt helps the architecture with UML modeling

Using chatgpt to generate a plantuml sequence diagram.
Very useful tool for architects!

So we're Playing again of charger PT devops and Architecture And this time this week what I'm doing Is a lot of uml uh annotations to Describe like more like architecture Work And I need to do the next thing so I Just save the prompt here I want to Create a plant uml diagram which is a Cool uml diagramming service it will Feature a user as actor that will Register to a platform and we'll get a Authentication token back from the Platform the platform will then create a Context object that will store the IP Type and name of the platform and will Query the server of the talks token and The context's parameters Arable query a database on what host has The IP and server will return the host To the platform Let's see what I get Okay So basically I'm getting this plant Uml annotation Describing what I asked for and seems Cool But remember our story let's take this And put this in the plant urinal web Server okay And go submit the you registered Platform returns an authentication token Send the request data with the query

With the token in context of course for The hosting with the given 8p to the Database returns a host Returns the same Host back to the user so after it's Going to take all of the devops jobs It's also going to take all of the Architecture jobs Find need to find something else

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