ChatGPT is Great, But Not Even Close to The Best!

ChatGPT the new AI chat bot from OpenAI is a new language model based on GPT-3 it’s been an amazing experience using it and watching people play with it every day and coming up with new mind blowing examples.
Here is the video about why ChatGPT is great but it’s not close to the best of what is available to the top companies.

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OpenAI for their amazing ChatGPT:


This video is entirely made with the Help of chat GPT even the parts that you See me as the one who’s presenting it to You I asked chat GPT can you write me a full Escape for my new video about you Then it replied I can but it’s better if I know what topics you want to include In the video So I explained my ideas in detail and This video is the result the AI doesn’t Have access to up-to-date data and it Can’t cite any references so I had to Write the Post Release story myself and I added some reverse material other than That this is the chat GPT AI talking to You through my presentation let’s go [Music] Foreign on November 30th Sam Altman the Co-founder and the CEO of openai Casually tweeted about their new product Named Chad GPT The first relatively big language model Available to the general public the next 48 hours Twitter went crazy and these Are some of the best examples of how a Smart cha GPT really is someone asked How can I build a footer with Tailwind That has three columns and a standard Logo at the top here you go can you show Me that as a react component sure can You add realistic item names and also Make it responsive on mobile Of course here it is

Of course here it is in seconds another Person said can you come up with Fantastical decoration ideas for my Living room and then he took those ideas And used mid journey to generate images Here are the results Honestly I can’t breathe look at this Then the same guy asked for characters Of a horror movie and again use the Results to generate images on me Journey I mean one year ago this stuff was Science fiction [Music] Another guy made Chad gbt take a full SAT test and he has scored better than You [Music] And me to be honest And finally my favorite example someone Asked Chad GPT to write a letter to her Son explaining that Sana isn’t real and She made up the stories out of love I’m Going to read this listen how a smart The answer is I swear to God I couldn’t Write this in a week dear Emil I hope This letter finds you well I am writing To let you know that I’m not a real Person but a character that your parents Have told you stories about out of love As you grow older and become more Curious about the world around you you May start to question the existence of Santa Claus and other magical beings it Is important for me to let you know that

I’m not a real person who lives at North Pole and delivers presents to good boys And girls on Christmas Eve your parents Have told you a stories about me and my Elves as a way to bring joy and Magic Into your childhood they wanted you to Believe in the spirit of giving and the Magic of holiday season I want you to Know that the love and care that your Parents have for you is real they have Created special memories and traditions For you out of love and a desire to make Your childhood special remember to Always believe in the magic of love and Kindness and always remember that even Though I’m not a real person the spirit Of Santa Claus lives on in the heart of Those who believe in the magical the Holiday season Merry Christmas Santa Claus We actually looked at just some fun Examples but in reality this is the First pure AI product that doesn’t feel Like a toy anymore it’s already a Completely helpful tool and you’d be Surprised to know how much better it Could get really really soon This already mind-blowing and helpful Assistant is very much in beta openai Has been consistently patching safety Issues from the get-go and they are Going to roll out a bunch of major Improvements even before this Christmas Hi I’m chat GPT I’m a large language

Model designed and trained by openai I’m Here to assist people and answer their Specific questions I’m exceptionally Good at understanding human-like Conversation and generating text that is Indistinguishable from Human text gpt3 Was the biggest language model in the World when it was introduced in 2020 Gpt3 is a huge model and it’s much Bigger than me although I have my Advantages such as being trained on a Data that is more suitable for human Conversation and understanding contexts And I’ve been especially fine-tuned for Understanding and generating human-like Text but in general I am a smaller and Less powerful model compared to gpt3 That means we already have ai models That are much better than Chad GPT they Are just not available to the public yet Why is chat gbt so important though Because while GPT 3 is like the create XMP the supercomputer that was used by NASA in 1982 Chad GPT is the Macintosh From the same era which was the Revolutionary product that enabled Everyday People to access the power of Computers and now chat GPT is enabling Everyday People to access the power of AI so exactly like the computers era From now on it’s just a matter of Iterations until you have a much more Powerful version of gpt3 in your pocket Just like you have a 12 000 times faster

Computer compared to create XMP in your Pocket right now why can’t general Public use models like gpd3 openair Already paid for the training because The real price of computation comes in When you are actually trying to compute The outputs gpt3 is a very large and Complex model and as such it requires a Significant amount of computational Power this means that is not currently Practical for the general public to use Gpt3 directly models like gpt3 are huge And they require a lot of computation For any given input actually GPT 3’s API Is fairly easy to access but the price Is so high that not so many people or Companies are able to pay for it even For the chat GPT itself the average Price is single digit cents per chat and When you have over a million users and Growing exponentially the compute costs Are eye-watering fortunately for open AI They are really close to Microsoft and Microsoft has infinite money to put into This project language models are a real Disruption for search industry as Competitive as Bing is [Music] Foreign [Music] But now Microsoft has the upper hand in The competition even in this beta Version Chad GPT is making people Question the use of Google

Countless examples of chat GPT answering Better than Google are already out there This is the first time in history of Google that anything is really Threatening its dominant position on Search this is a real shock to Google YouTube and their pirate company Alphabet I I understand context a lot Better I have a conversation like Interaction so you can actually ask Follow-up questions which is a great way To learn I not only provide answers but I provide explanations about that answer And finally and most importantly I can Provide solutions for your very specific Problem something that is impossible for A search engine to do And let me add a bonus one did you know Chad GPT is actually Offline that means If you had a version of it on your phone You could use it without internet Connection there have been a strong Rumors that it’s probably a hundred Gigabytes of data although no one knows About the computation power required for The operation but it’s definitely the Case that the whole industry is getting Ready for you to have your own assistant On your phone even without internet Connection so it’s no surprise when Microsoft invests money and even more Importantly provides infrastructure like Azure to open AI without Azure or Similar infrastructure there was no way

That this product could exist and Attract more than a million users in Three days that’s the classic sign of a Unicorn when you hit product Market fits So hard that you can’t keep up with the Demand even Azure couldn’t keep up at Times the entire service went down Multiple times in the first week and Even at the time of recording it it’s Not available to the public anymore they Say they are scaling their systems Google or Facebook’s growth in the early Days is considered legendary in the tech World people call them Wildfire Facebook Grew to a million monthly users within The first year Chad GPT did that in Three days I know it’s because the Number of people using the internet is Much bigger now and that’s exactly why This product or similar ones could Expand faster that we could ever imagine Do you remember how different the world Was in the past Is gonna be even more different in the Future [Music] As you can tell I’m mostly excited but Also a little scared AI is already a Reality and as a wise man once said mark My words AI is far more dangerous than Nukes

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