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Chat GPT about to wipe out the middle Class and a connection between stellar Xlm and chat GPT oh my gosh hang on for The ride I’m gonna give it now I’m gonna lift This down Real quick Foreign [Applause] [Music] Rising good evening Warriors all over The world from my heart to yours Unconditional love without expectations Let’s dive right into it Warriors we’re Going to dive into chat GPT and the Connection between stellar xlm and chat GPT and also get ready middle class Q2 Q3 the Wipeout of the middle class Begins not a fear tactic I’m sharing With you guys here’s the new oil Attention Data software information that’s the new Oil if you understand this you will Shift and change your family’s timeline Generationally if you don’t you’re going To be on the other side there is going To be no middle class things like this Are going to wipe out the middle class And I’m going to show you exactly why AI Data industrial to technical Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 many of your jobs are going to Get wiped out tellers they’re not going To need you anymore there’s robots that Can do it talking ATMs okay Burger

Flipper there’s robots that can flip Burgers much faster than you and they Don’t call in sick drywall robots go Look them up work 24 hours a day no sick Days autonomous construction trucks they Exist Okay the middle class the middle Management the lower rung is going to Get wiped out so you’re either going to Be very very wealthy or very very poor Living off the government in the Central Bank digital currencies are coming in Fed now services with your Universal Basic income so let’s dive right into it Um this is not to help you uh live in Fear this is to help you understand that You can use technology for good so let’s Dive into open AI this is what nobody’s Talking about chat GPT okay I’m gonna Use it for good but I’m going to show You what it can do to the middle class So open AI very important so chat GPT Was created by open AI it was founded I Think in 2015 by Sam Altman and Elon Musk okay here’s some other participants CEO and co-founder Sam Altman former President of Y combinator president and Co-founder gray blockman former CTO of Stripe okay pay attention to the Companies they came from Um a former person of Tesla and Leap Motion former person from JP Morgan Former person from LinkedIn PayPal These are contributors also Microsoft so

In November 2022 open AI released a Preview of chat GPT which interacts Using conversation to the general public And it’s much bigger than conversation Now this is powerful as well so you got Open AI which created chat GPT which Other supporters are Jed mckellip McCaleb excuse me who came from Ripple To start xlm Stellar which is connected To ISO 20002 are you starting to see the Whole Interstellar connection no pun Intended Elon buys Twitter strategically To buy data information starlink All connecting and at the same time as They launch chat GTP and think about Stellar’s part of the new Financial System the new messaging system ISO 20002 moving money at the speed of light For consumers Jed McCaleb is part of chat gbt or open AI okay so chat gbt here it is if you I’m sure you’ve heard about it’s going Viral but I’m going to show you how Powerful it is it’s very amazing tool so I can type in coach JB write a blog About Coach JB within 30 seconds there’s A Blog about me but I’m going to show You how it’s going to replace a lot of Your jobs it can do coding it can Replace your your marketer it can Replace your lawyer it can replace People who do data for you or anything Watch this okay let me give you an Example right

Me a terms excuse I have dyslexia so Bear with me and conditions These are things you would go to a Lawyer for for my nft company Let’s see what chat gbt can do for us Here It literally writes it out for you it it Takes your I’m a researcher that’s all I Do all day it takes your research and Makes it super fast Super super fast anything you put in Here not anything you put in here it Doesn’t do current news it does like 2021 and backwards historical data terms And conditions uh write a letter to my Landlord like so say your landlord Didn’t pay your deposit back write me a Letter to my landlord and it does a Legal letter to your landlord and all You have to do is replace your name and All that stuff it literally replaces so Many jobs it can do coding for marketing It can do email campaigns it can do Whatever you want it’s like a virtual Assistant and it brings in all the data That we’ve been putting into Google that We have been putting into Google we’ve All been programmed to build our own Replacement let that sink in we’ve all Been programmed to build our own Replacement so if you don’t get on this Side of technology and investing in it And you don’t understand how to reskill To the Future your job will be wiped out

Millions of people are doing this right Now so um it gave a network error you’re Going to get a lot of that because I Mean I think billions of people are Jumping on this okay so we know open AI Was created by elong muss and this other Gentleman Sam Altman okay open I ioi AI Also has Jed McCaleb as a supporter Which is xlm which is ISO 20002 chat GDP Is coming for the middle classes jobs And at the same time pay attention as You look this way at FTX there’s going To be another Black Swan I promise you During Christmas they always do changes Big changes during Christmas when you’re All focused boom they have everybody Posting their AI pictures at the same Time they launched chat GPT Everybody’s launching their AI pictures Everybody went on to lensa AI Everybody’s posting their pictures and Going out there and they have no idea What’s happening they’re taking it and They’re building us into the metaverse Why do you think x-royalty is launching On January 11 2023 I can see the future That’s how my brain works I was able to See the future with my 3T Warrior Academy when they shut us down for the c Word I took us Global over 5 000 Warriors I saw the future I had already Had the technology I had the cameras I Had everything set up boom I hit the Switch took us from losing everything to

A million dollar company overnight and I’m about to do the same thing I can see The future through connecting dots it’s How my brain works I don’t know if it’s My dyslexia I don’t know what that means But I can connect dots forwards and Backwards I’m a researcher I can look at Patterns going forward and backwards in History and I can see where we’re going AI is going to replace your job Q2 Q3 This is all by Design they’re putting us Into a massive recession Fiat which is Fake currency since 1971. our currency Has been backed by nothing Fiat is going To die out we’re going back to an Asset-backed currency the dollar is Going to start to lose its power we’re Going to go into a bag of currencies That are going to Value the currencies Globally we’re gonna have a central bank Digital currency you’re going to operate On an on-demand liquidity distributed Ledger technology you’re going to be at Your local bank they’re now going to be A cryptocurrency bank and a central uh Cbdc Bank Fiat is going to phase out and You are going to be supported by the Government through Universal basic Income because you’re not going to have A job because AI is going to replace Your job it will be a slow methodical Transition but if you sit on your ass And you don’t pay attention and you are An industrial type worker if you’re a

Middle class type worker they don’t need You Amazon replaced you Google replaced You they don’t need your little shoe Store in the mall anymore malls are Going to be gone everything’s going to Be technology they’re going to be Storehouses and Warehouse for the Autonomous robots truck drivers are Going to be replaced fast food workers Are going to get replaced A lot of lawyers contract lawyers are Going to get replay you literally can Just type in to chat GPT all the Contracts you need I mean we were typing Article I typed in build a trust Document for John Vasquez and it built a Whole trust document for me I know you would have to get it approved But that cuts out a lot of expenses I Could take that and get approved by a Lawyer they don’t have to do all the Trust document part of it do you see What I’m saying I’m not saying Immediately it’s going to replace people This stuff literally does everything you Need everything you need you reach out LegalZoom is screwed I think companies Like that that’s what LegalZoom does Think about that make me an LLC for a Fitness company boom it’ll do it Anything you need type in there it’ll do It we’re tripping out yesterday so pay Attention you’re paying for your Attention remember television they tell

You a vision there’s a channel they Channel the information it’s television Programming the top companies in the World there’s only six conglomerates That move all the information through The television are owned by the richest People in the world there’s about 150 People that run this world it’s always Been that way it’s nothing new Under the Sun our thirty thousand to a million to 10 million dollar portfolios are not Gonna you could attack all the invisible Enemies you want the only way to save The world is save your world here save Your world here become sovereign and Become the attraction and all of a Sudden money finds you easily and Frequently and then you have billions of Dollars then you can start to change the Game but you can change the game here You can be loved here I’m already free Here it doesn’t matter about the Physical money the cars and all that Stuff I’m already free here here and You’re already living heaven on Earth So I love you guys get ready it’s coming The future is here it’s it’s literally All the tinfoil had stuff I was talking About two years ago it’s all coming true I’d highly recommend you take a journey Back and watch my videos from two years Ago All coming true everything I predicted Is coming true and say oh that’s

Probably a lie most of the stuff I Predicted is now coming true the dates I Missed but I’ve been trying to warn you Guys that your jobs are at risk so you Can either be investor in the technology A user of it you’re either going to be a Consumer of it and relying on somebody Else to support you or you’re going to Be an investor in it you’re going to Live the rest of your life now you can You can live a great life you know I’m a Man of God following the life of Jesus Being supported by the government but I Don’t want to be supported by the Government God is my president Jesus is the CEO and we’re going down The road of wealth and abundance I love You guys appreciate you as we always say Warriors ah let’s get your [ __ ] together Let’s go [Music]

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