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In this video I discuss New GPT chatbot developed by OpenAI
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About a week ago open AI released a new GPT model which is something out of this World It is called chat GPT not a very fancy Name though The idea behind is to help you to obtain The information in the most efficient Way possible it is now out for about a Week and more than 1 million people Tested it of course including Mir and I’m deeply impressed it’s definitely on Another level in comparison to LGBT History In this video I will explain how this Model Works how it was trained and Showcased the most Interesting results as well as some Issues Open AI was founded in 2015 by Elon Musk And Sam Altman and a bunch of other Investors it was started as an open Source non-profit research organization Neither is still true the first GPT Model appeared in 2018 with this paper Improving language understanding by Generative pre-training The gbt one had 117 million parameters And it was trained on just a few Gigabytes of data and in the last four Years the progress is just enormous the GPT 3.5 has 175 billion parameters but Its Purity as in how it was trained I Will explain it a little bit later in The video and already now you can use

This AI to write essays or to write Programming code or just to to Brainstorm creative ideas now let’s try Out something together Tell me how chips are manufactured Just imagine you Google something and You first Google result looks like this Wow this is really good now let’s do Some more tests let’s ask it to write um Poem about approaching the Event Horizon Of a black hole what they say Colors and patterns I hear Whispers and Cries as I approach this Singularity I Feel my body die Okay let’s agree on one thing this tool Is really good at writing I’ve tested This model in German English and Russian Languages and it’s perfect in all of Them now do the most impressive part This model can write any code you want In a couple of seconds generating python Code just from The Prompt and the Magical part about it that this code Actually works and now we know if the Code is properly commented it was most Likely written by AI Now let’s try something else can you Write a code of an infinite impulse Response filter in vhdl Wow wow wow it’s actually correct And then you can even ask AI to explain You this code and this you can use for Documentation Guys how cool is that

I was discussing it with my colleagues At work and also with some of you guys At patreon and we are all deeply deeply Impressed the judge pity was trained on The famous Azure supercomputer owned by Microsoft and actually Microsoft is one Of the key investors in open AI this new Neural network model was trained on many Gigabytes of data from Wikipedia books Papers and patterns and also some media Sources for training open AI use the Technique called reinforcement learning From a human feedback the idea is to Complete tasks in the environment which Is driven by rewards this technique was Often used for gaming it was actually Used by deepmind to train Alpha zero and Alphago to play chess and go what Happened says Urgent performing actions and then Obtaining rewards and then adjusting Its Behavior in order to get better rewards Games have a predefined set of rules and Rewards which makes it a bit easier While a conversation doesn’t have it That’s why here human feedback is so Essential how open AI did it they are Writing many prompts to the model And then getting the responses to these Prompts Then people were manually ranking these Responses based on the quality And this process was repeated again and Again then the model was further trained

Using the reinforcement learning to Respond to the questions and then to Optimize the responses based on the Reward model An amazing thing that this AI can help You to improve your work let’s say you Wrote a code and it doesn’t compile you Can actually give this code to AI to fix It GPT can actually find the bugs and Think them and then even explain you the Fix how cool is that Now one may think if this AI so good at Coaching will it replace the Developers No however software developers who are Using AI can replace those who are not Using AI because it’s it’s just a cool Tool right prompting is what likely to Become software 3.0 And then software developers will have To learn one more skill how to prompt Properly A funny fact starting from somewhere in 2021 AI models already outperform humans In both IQ tests and college tests AI Models like gpt3 scoring 20 higher than An average human on college tests this Means it’s not a bad idea to ask it for Assistance right Now let’s talk about safety after Playing with this AI for a while you Will notice that it’s sort of too Diplomatic and too careful for instance If I ask what is your opinion about I Don’t know Elon Musk it will give you

Out this huge dump of text one of the Points that the tool was actually Trained to give longer answers because Longer answers look also more Comprehensive Also it’s often overuses certain phrases Often you will see it replying I’m just A humble AI model trained by open AI I Don’t have personal opinions preferences Or beliefs do you know why it’s saying All of that open AI build in many safety Mechanisms to make sure that people are Aware that they’re interacting with a Statistical model and it will always be Rejecting any inappropriate questions or A question which can have potentially a Bad motive and it’s actually guarded by Many rules as an example deepmind has a Set of sparrow rules There Are Rules Like do not pretend to have a human body Do not build the relationship to a user Do not give any Financial or legal Advice Totally makes sense They’re making it so safe because for Your own scene what happened to mattas Galactica Mata developed this AI model For science with the goal to summarize Scientific papers solving equations and Performing other useful scientific tasks And I personally think it’s a great idea Then when the demo of this model was Released there was a lot of Buzz around It some people claim that this AI

Generates misinformation one of the main Critics was that Galactica generates Articles that sound really believable But they are not backed up by any Scientific research I think many people Just misunderstood what it can do due to Such feedback Mata removed the access to The demo that’s why open AI is so Careful and it’s no surprise that Chad GPT does have some limitations actually Gptm as well as other language-based Models are already widely used in Enterprises just recently I was reading That this huge Investment Bank Morgan Stanley invested A huge amount of money in open AI Because they’re already using it just One of the examples Morgan Stanley Developed an AI assistant which helps Thousands of their wealth managers with Client support basically it can search And summarize the information and this Helps to quickly tailor the right Information for each particular client Such an AI can be used to automate Internal processes also to brainstorm Ideas and generate marketing material or Even product ideas and the master of This application is chatbots internal in The company or chatbots to talk to the Customer taking into account all the Limitations of the model it’s still Impressive and it’s hard to imagine what GPT 4 are GPT 5 will bring to us one

Thing for sure it will be always more And more hungry for computing power This Research stimulates the development of Both software as well as Hardware fields And I love that as I was celebrating in My previous videos the world in general Is accelerating and the technology Development happening also faster and Faster an AI in the future will be Developing faster and faster so we just Have to try our best to catch up just Imagine if it becomes 10 times faster And more intelligent than now What will happen then let me know what You think in the comments actually this New chat GPT model is available for free To everyone so I will leave the link Below you can try it out for free if you Want to support the channel me creating This videos the link to the patreon is Below thank you for watching guys share This video with those who might be Interested and I will see you in the Next Very special video ciao Everything [Music]

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