ChatGPT Writes Code 🔥 End Of All Programming Jobs? Your Mind Will Blow After Seeing This!

OpenAI released a new chatbot called ChatGPT which is insanely good in human conversation. It also writes code with very high accuracy. What is going to happen to all programming jobs and data scientist jobs now? Let’s see a demo of ChatGPT and discuss a few important concerns associated with this. Towards the end of the video, I will ask a question that will do a rest test on ChatGPT’s ability to replace programmer job, you will be amazing to see how ChatGPT responds to that specific query 😊

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I am about to show you something that Will completely blow your mind chat GPT Is a new kind of chat board that has Been released by open Ai and you can go To this website make a login and once You make a login now you can chat now You’re chatting with a computer and Let’s see how good this is I’m asking How do I trade through files in a Directory using Python and let’s see What happens So it not only gives you a nice Description of how do you do this in Python it is writing code for you as Well Just read it this is not human this is Computer a neural network that is Trained on huge volume of data it is Called chat GPT and it gave you a Detailed description as well as the code Now you may think this is going to Replace programmers jobs but let me tell You why that is not going to happen Towards the end of the video where I Will write a very interesting query and I will explain you my reasoning behind Impact on job market due to this now let Me write another one which is I’m asking It to write a classification code in Scikit-learn library in Python and let’s See how this goes Absolutely insane so if you’re a data Scientist or a programmer and if you Want to write code just ask it and just

Copy paste copy code It is so accurate and it gives you a Description behind the code now let me Try even one more complex thing Not only it wrote the code which looks Pretty accurate to me it give a detailed Description of you know the the entire Code base now let me do something else So I am now giving a code to GPT chat GPT and asking it what is the purpose of This code So C again accurate the train test plate Function is basically built to split the Data set into training and test that you Can ask any general questions such as All right how do I get a data scientist Job or how do I crack interview in Fang Look at the answer of this question how Do I get a data scientist job this looks As if some senior data science Mentor is Sitting on the other hand and they are Typing this answer this is actually Computer writing this answer for you it Looks so realistic as if human is Writing it now let me post one last Query that will give you an answer Whether this can replace programmers job Or not and the query that I am going to Write is based on my experience at Bloomberg at Bloomberg I used to solve This kind of task okay so let’s see how This behaves And it failed what is the question see When you’re working as a programmer you

Are solving specific tasks so the Specific tasks that I used to solve at My industry experience was going to some SFTP folder on earning estimate beta Server extracting Pharma estimate from JPMorgan removing outliers and storing Data in postgres this is two specific Information folks so one thing we need To understand is while chat gbd is very Good at General problems like how do Iterate through files in a directory in Python It is it is failing thoroughly at Specific problems and as a programmers When you are working for any Organization you are solving a specific Problem you have specific environment Specific uh business requirements right And all of that cannot be replaced by Chat GPT so if someone is telling you Chat GPT is going to replace programmers Job I personally do not agree with that what This will do is this will make Programmers job easier so this is Amending to your abilities and making You more productive think about this When I started my career in uh 2003 Internet was not that great you know There were no stack Overflow forums Etc So if I faced a programming problem I’ll Have to pretty much resolve that problem On my own or I have to ask my colleagues But today if I want to either through

Files I will just ask my dear friend Google and Google will give me an answer Let’s say the stack Overflow answer will Tell me I can just copy paste this code Okay so this is first step in the Evolution the second step in the Evolution is now I don’t have to even do Google to get this code I can just write You know query in gpt3 maybe in the IDE Like pie charm you will have this Integration where you can say okay give Me the code you know I think GitHub GitHub copilot is doing this Already where you can you don’t have to Do Google and it will directly write That code snippet but can it solve the Problem the actual problem the actual Problem is this look at this query once Again this is what programmers do and This cannot be replaced by chat GPT so Anyone making claims oh this is gonna You know it replace data scientists or Or or programmer jobs I do not agree With that this will only make your tasks Productive let me know what are your Views on this and you can post in the Comment box below and we can have a Detailed discussion thank you for Watching and share it with your friends Who are concerned about chat GPT Replacing programmers jobs

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