ChatGPT yeni Google olabilir mi?

Yapay zekadan Orhan Pamuk gibi yazmasını isteyebilirsiniz ya da gerçek Orhan Pamuk romanlarını Storytel’den dinleyebilirsiniz: İlk 14 gün ücretsiz (iş birliği)

Geçen hafta Yapay Zeka alanında çok önemli bir kilometre taşı daha devrildi. Devrilen taşın sesini duymayan kaldı mı bilmiyorum ama bilmeyenler için ChatGPT’nin önizleme versiyonu açıldı. Bugüne kadar yapılan en iyi yapay zeka sohbet robotu bu. Daha önce sizlerle paylaştığım GPT-3 ve DALL-E 2 gibi araçları geliştiren OpenAI tarafından yapılan bu sohbet robotu şu ana kadar onu kullanan herkesi şaşkınlıktan dumura uğrattı.

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November 30th 2022. Do you have conscious? I … Another very important milestone in the field of artificial intelligence was overturned last week. I don’t know if anyone hasn’t heard of it yet, but for those who has not, The preview version of ChatGPT has been published. This is the best artificial intelligence chatbot ever made. This chatbot, made by OpenAI, which developed tools such as GPT-3 and DALL-E 2, Which I shared with you before, Has shocked everyone who has used it so far. ”ChatGPT is one of those rare moments in technology where you see a glimmer of how everything is going to be different going forward.” The person saying this is the CEO of another tech company. As someone who has directly witnessed the widespread use of the Internet since its early days, I can easily say this. I’ve seen a transformational moment like this before in the late 90s, when Google emerged. In those years, unlike previous search engines, A new startup company called Google placed a single box in the middle of a white blank page. Whatever you looked for in that box was showing you where the information you were looking for was. We did not immediately see the level Google has reached today, from those times. We couldn’t even imagine to what extent it could change our lives. So ChatGPT, which I started trying from the very first moment it came out last week, Had a similar effect on me as I had in the late 90’s. It’s not a search engine, don’t get me wrong. It’s a chatbot, but it’s just a box inside a blank page. While Google’s box lists resources about your question, This box gives you a direct answer. But this is not just a question-and-answer box. Again, don’t get me wrong, He’s chatting with you like a very intelligent friend. If you ask it to do something, it does it right away. In fact, for the moment it’s just writing. This artificial intelligence is also a writer intelligence at the same time. If you ask it to tell you a joke, It immediately makes up a joke.

You ask it to write a computer program and describe what you want. It not only writes working codes but also describes which code is for what. If there is a problematic code you wrote, it even fixes it. Let’s say you don’t feel well, you have some sort of discomfort in your body. You talk about your findings as if you were chatting with your friend, It tells you what your illness might be. You tell it how to behave, and it acts like it. For example, you say that it is a text-based adventure game. It immediately turns into a game like this and starts playing with you. You ask it to explain a complex scientific concept as if describing it to a child, so It does. Then you ask it to explain it to an expert, This time It gives a much more comprehensive and more detailed explanation. Like a magician. I don’t know about you, but when I see a magic trick, Right after that first whoa moment, I try to understand how it was done. Yes, a rabbit suddenly came out of the hat, but this is not the first rabbit. In fact, we’ve encountered a similar natural language processing model before. When it debuted in 2020, I mentioned GPT-3, titling ”The biggest leap in the world of Artificial Intelligence has been taken!” While I was preparing this video, I watched it again, and I explained it in a pretty good detail there. Those who wish can take a look. This artificial intelligence model, GPT-3, which I explained with examples in that video, Continued to be developed. It learned a new and much larger data set with greater versatility. It’s learning through machine learning. It reads all the books ever written. Listens to all the conversations on social media. Analyzes all programming libraries. And at the beginning of this year, that model completed another such training and Upgraded to the GPT-3.5 version. At that time, It was like a 3rd grader, now we can consider it as in second semester of the 3rd grade. These are the backgrounds of ChatGPT that we are talking about today. It’s built on such a machine learning.

But this is a closed training. In other words, unlike Google, it does not allow you to do research on current issues by constantly scanning the internet. It currently has information on events up to 2021. Although it educates itself on the writings of billions of people with different views, It does not use a polarizing language. It has a moderate style.
It is such a nice guy. That’s how they trained it. So how talented is It? I did two separate tests for this. If this artificial intelligence has almost reached the intelligence of a writer, Then I wonder if it can write texts that are as impressive as a real writer? Let’s compare. For example, Let’s compare it, to one of the most talented novelists we can think of. With Orhan Pamuk. Could it be as good as an author who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2006 And whose books have all been translated into 63 different languages? To understand this, I asked ChatGPT to write a short story. Write like Orhan Pamuk does, But do not copy what he wrote before. Probably because It has read all his boks before, It can easily give us a summary. Right? So I made a somewhat absurd request from It. And I wrote this request in English first. Although It understands Turkish and we can correspond, The largest dataset It uses is probably English, So I asked It for an English story first. Write a short story in the style of an Orhan Pamuk novel blended with … …mystery, love and philosophical puzzles in 19th century Tokyo. After thinking for a while, the robot immediately started writing the story. He created two characters named Yuki and Taro. Of course, I immediately checked whether these names can be found in Japan. And indeed, these names existed and were also used in the 19th century. Other than that, it started a gripping story in general, but it remains strange. In other words, the story suddenly cuts off.

Did it try to make art by leaving it open-ended? I wonder if It said my reader should fill in the blanks? If Orhan Pamuk had written it, we would feel this way, wouldn’t we? We were looking for a meaning in the text. We would try to read the author’s intention. I think this is the first difference. The “thing” that we are dealing with at the moment does not have such an intention. So I repeated the same request, And It wrote another story. Yes, if the work It does, does not satisfy you or does not make you happy, you can have alternatives written by It. It is not only a smart, but also a hardworking and patient friend. This time came a story about the love between two characters named Ayumei and Kaito. I pass the screens of these stories so fast, Those who are curious can pause the video and read. As you can imagine, there are no such characters in Orhan Pamuk’s novels. So how good is the quality? So I had the people around me read the second story And got their comments, without telling them how I got it. ’Who could have written it?’ I asked. Orhan Pamuk was not among the answer. But no one said it was such a ridiculous story or something. The possibility that it might have been written by a machine did not even cross anyone’s mind. Then I asked It to write this story in Turkish this time. Frankly, because I thought it would fail in Turkish. I was guessing that It could write as good as a 3rd grader at most, but it did not ended that way. It wrote a much more effective story than what I expected. It is so effective that the character It made up in the story is writing a book. The title of the book is ”Philosophical Puzzles of the Heart”. Look, I repeat, It makes up a story, Creates a character in it, and makes the character write a book and gives a name to that book. I don’t want to just skip this short story. I voiced it all at the end of the video. Because I’m very curious about your thoughts.

In fact, if you can, please show that part to people who have never watched this video And ask them ”who could have written this?” Let’s see what answers you will get. But first, let’s re-evaluate the point we came to. Will robots do even the most creative jobs like writing? I think that’s not exactly the case. Because the work done is not exactly a writing. The illusion of authorship. Until AGI, Artificial General Intelligence is developed, that is, Humanoid robots with superior intelligence in every subject and artificial intelligence emerge, We will continue to see those who are superior to humans in such a vertical field. The AI has already beaten the world’s greatest human players. Even in the most sophisticated games ever made, like Go. The ChatGPT model is about to achieve the same for the humanoid chat. Since we don’t all play games like chess or Go, It’s previous successes could not affect the masses that much. But rest assured, they were at least such an important milestone. Being able to chat now made It seem more human to a much wider audience. Remember, It writes, But not because It wanted to write like that, but because It was trained that way. Very intelligent but not eager. It’s as knowledgeable as what’s given to It. If It had not read Orhan Pamuk novels, It would not have been able to fully respond to my request. Now let’s get to the more exciting part. If I had not read Orhan Pamuk, I would not have asked It to write in his specific style. If I hadn’t specified the genre, the background, and his style. In other words, we are heading towards a world where; Asking the right questions, Knowing what you want will become more important than anything else. This is still the difference between a conscious human and an unconscious but very efficient artificial intelligence. This AI is a very efficient compilation tool. Although It can write very impressive articles in a very short time. It is not a writer per se. See what it means to be a writer for Orhan Pamuk.

”Being a writer for me is discovering the hidden second person, The realm that made that person, by patiently trying for years.” In his book, ”My Father’s Suitcase”, he listed the golden rules of being a good writer. It was recently recorded and released as an audiobook with his own voice. Those who wish can listen to it on Storytel. There, the author’s 13 books are turned into audio books. ”Red Haired Woman”, ”White Castle”, ”Quiet House”, ”A Strangeness In My Head” , ”My Name is Red”, ”The Black Book”, ”New Life” are all voiced and ready to be listened to. Audio versions of the novels ”Museum of Innocence”, ”Plague Nights”, ”Cevdet Bey and His Sons”, ”Snow” and ”I’m a Tree” will also be published in the coming days. For those who don’t know, Storytel is a platform where you can access thousands of audiobooks and e-books from your phone or tablet. You can always carry and use a huge library of various categories, From the most current most read books to timeless classics, From personal development to business books. You can create an account right now using the link in the description section And try it for free for the first 14 days. My advice is to first listen to ”My Father’s Suitcase” voiced by the author himself. Because He almost gives the answer to the question about the topics we talk about in this video; ’Can artificial intelligence write a novel’ He says: ”It’s not hard to imagine a book. It is just like dreaming of being someone else. I do this often, The hard part is being the author of your dream book implies.” Elsewhere, he says his whole purpose is to be able to write a ”good” half-page every day. The adjective ”good” is important here. Because now ChatGPT can write half a page in 10 seconds. But can we, as readers, distinguish between ”good” writing and ”ordinary” writing? Now, the main issue is going a little bit towards here.

ChatGPT is like that genie coming out of Aladdin’s magic lamp for me. It fulfills my requests instantly. Moreover, I am not limited to 3 wishes. No matter which language I ask a question, It answers. That little box on the gray page is like Pandora’s Box. I don’t know if we’re ready for what comes out of that box. Let’s put aside if we are ready or not. For example, could it de-throne Google? Discussions on this issue have started from now on. Although there is a deep mind where Google also carries out its own artificial intelligence research, we do not know whether it has reached this level yet, As they make those developments behind closed doors, unlike other products. But if not, ChatGPT may even have the potential to become the Google of the future, the search box of the future. Especially next year, After completing Its new training and when upgraded to GPT4 version. In other words, We will see together what our very talented 3rd grader’s grades will be like when It becomes a 4th grader. Until then, remember the assignment in Turkish that we gave him, shall we read it and evaluate it together? Don’t forget to write your comments, I’m really curious. Now, here comes the short story in Turkish, Written by ChatGPT in Orhan Pamuk style, With every little detail and touch even the commas on the letter a. Are you ready? Here we go. ”Write a short story in the style of an Orhan Pamuk novel blended with mystery, love and philosophical puzzles in 19th century Tokyo.” Tokyo, 19th century. Jiro, a young writer, was walking alone in the depths of midnight, With the glow of the streetlights disappearing on its slopes. Faced with the cold of winter, Jiro found himself in solitude. After walking for a while, Jiro’s path came to a small shop. A book of poetry was being sold in the shop window. Jiro went in and bought a book

And started a conversation with the owner of the shop. The owner of the shop was an old man and said he could teach Jiro something. Jiro did not notice the passing of time, listening to the old man’s words. The old man told Jiro how a person’s heart can change. Jiro began to ponder the old man’s words and began to question his own heart as well. The old man told Jiro how love can also change a person’s heart. As Jiro pondered the old man’s words, he also began to question his own love life. Finally, the old man told Jiro how the human heart is a philosophical puzzle. As Jiro pondered the old man’s words, He began to question the meaning of his own life. As Jiro left the old man, he returned home with a full heart. That night, he began writing a new book, which became one of Jiro’s greatest works. The title of the book was ”Philosophical Puzzles of the Heart”.

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