Cloudflare is protecting the internet using groovy lava lamps

We visited Cloudflare to help protect the internet with lava lamps.

I’m here at cloud Flair’s offices in San Francisco they provide Internet Performance and security for companies Ranging from Cisco to Nasdaq today They’re going to show me their groovy Way of encrypting Internet traffic the Company says that this wall of lava Lamps is part of what encrypts 10% of All Internet requests you see the Randomness of the shapes and the Movement and the light and the Reflection generating numbers which are All fed into an algorithm it’s almost Impossible to replicate now that all Sounds cool but how does it actually Work i sat down with the head of Cryptography Nick Sullivan to get the Lowdown we have a camera that’s pointed Out these lava lamps right here and we Record a stream of data from these the Video stream and we send it to a system That scrambles it up and we use that to Help generate our cryptographic keys you Can bind this with other sources from Around the world we have what’s called a Chaotic pendulum it’s very hard to Predict and we also have a Geiger Counter for measuring radioactive decay We allow that to be sent to all the Systems in cloth large network in it to Be combined with local randomness Sources and we use this for basically Everything that we did cryptographically So this wall of wax just floating around

And oil is what protects tons of data Now why do it this way and how did this Idea come about well the one it’s fun This is a really interesting fun way to Walk into clubs lairs Lobby and to learn About cryptography and random numbers And learn why this is actually really Valuable and important for for people as They use the Internet The more unpredictable things that Happen whether it’s the Sun going Setting at a certain angle or car Driving by or someone By it adds to the the unpredictability Of this video stream hold on So you’re telling me if I do some of my Sweet dance moves I’m protecting the Internet [Music] [Music] Life has been good for CloudFlare since They launched at TechCrunch Disrupt 2010 So what’s next all the ways that Different things are connected to the Internet we want to make them faster we Want to make them more secure we want to Make the world a more connected and Safer place so if you think back to when The internet was originally invented There are certain things that knowing What we know now we would have done Differently so CloudFlare is trying to To bring those things to what we have Right now good so how cool is that the

Functionality of a lava lamp wall to Protect the internet like some high tech And low tech coming together I think It’s pretty sick all right hope you Enjoyed that and see you next time [Music]

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