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Robinhood is going to let you buy and sell crypto soon, CNN shuts down Casey Neistat’s Beme and Sotheby’s acquires Thread Genius. All this on Crunch Report.

Robin Hood is going to let you buy and Sell crypto soon CNN shuts down Casey Nice tats beam and Sotheby’s acquires Thread genius it’s Thursday January 25th And this is crunch report What up Tech Crunch land how’s it going Hopefully not too shabby here’s the news No Commission stock tree and a prob and Hood will let you buy and sell Bitcoin And aetherium without any added Transaction fees starting in February Compared to coin basis 1.5 to 4% fees in The US starting from today Robin Hood Will let all users track the price news And set up alerts on those and 14 other Top crypto coins including light coin And ripple only Bitcoin in aetherium Will be available for trading when that Rolls out two waves of users starting in California Massachusetts Missouri Montana and New Hampshire in February Though more will be added check Josh’s Article to understand the mechanics of How a law work it’s pretty cool According to a confirmed report from BuzzFeed and Casey Neistat himself CNN Is closing down YouTube star Casey nice That’s a video business beam which a Boffer reported 25 million back in 2016 In addition the youtuber and his Co-founder Matt Hackett are also leaving The company nice that spoke to BuzzFeed About his inability to figure out a Strategy for beem news which CNN had

Hoped would become a central part of its Digital news business the channel he Created under CNN’s brand beam news has Over two hundred and sixty-nine thousand YouTube subscribers but has only put out A few dozen videos today CNN said it Will work to find some different roles For some of the 22 person beam team but Others would be let go with severance a Couple projects from beam including Panels are said to be living on Somewhere within CNN sad I saw that I Saw one beam launched on on YouTube I Remember that Sotheby’s has bought Thread genius the company that built a Set of algorithms that can both Instantly identify objects and then Recommend images of similar objects to The viewer Celebi said it is not Disclosing the value of the deal but Said it was non material to the company In a statement Sotheby’s head of Strategy and corporate development said We have United all of our data related Activities under one umbrella which will Accelerate innovation and provide Benefits to both our internal team and Our clients That’s board for today Hit that like her love button and share This video and keep raging crunch boys Every to 7 p.m. Eastern 4 p.m. Pacific On I’ll spice iTunes and out of YouTube

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