CommonSense Robotics

CommonSense Robotics, an Israel-based startup, is developing robots to help online retailers speed up fulfillment and delivery.

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Commonsense robotics is the first Robotics company that was designed with The last mile in mind we do Microfilaments centers smaller than 10,000 square feet that do fulfillment For e-commerce and grocery space there Are a lot of moving parts literally yeah Can you tell us a bit about what’s Happening when you order some eggs for Instance sure what are they going to do What’s gonna happen is you’re gonna Order your eggs we’re gonna get the Order into our Microsoft Simmons Center And then the orders immediately gonna Send tasks to robots we have multiple Types of robots that work in a marvelous Dance together in order to get your Order picked so for instance if your Eggs were part of a 60 item order that Would be picked in as little as 10 Minutes and the facility would also be Located in the centers of cities so that It can get to you the end customer Within an hour easily tell me more about The ground robots in particular because Obviously it’s quite huge to see them Moving around are they smart how do they Know where they’re supposed to be the Ground robots are actually kind of Stupid and it’s by design and that’s True to all of our robots so our robots Have sensors they know the drive Straight they know not to hit objects Etc very basic things but really the

Brain is in what we call the base which Is where we actually have a virtual Sight and we manage all of the robots Prioritizing all the tasks so that brain Sends the robots tasks and instructions On what to do go straight go left to Turn right and they just fill the tasks And when they feel a task we pick up These big blue boxes filled with Products how do you know where the Products are and where this is supposed To pick them up this is obviously part Of the beauty of automation is that any Product that goes into our facility gets Scanned and located within a specific Tote and also even within the tote Within a specific bin and our system at Any given time knows for every product That came in exactly where it’s located As well as additional information like Expiration dates and it can constantly Manager then move it around to optimize Further movements so it can think oh You’re a fast mover I’m going to put you Closer to the touch So that it takes less time and robot Efforts to get to you how does it work When you a new customer Are you buying robots are you buying a Service our model is a fulfillment as a Service model customers would come into An agreement with us and they would pay Us on a per item per order basis and we Would just fulfill it for them they’d

Send us their inventory they’d send us Their order information and we’d take Care of all the rest we take care of the Labor the facility the robots the Maintenance everything that’s involved To make sure that the customer gets There a perfect order Why did you originally think about the Service approach instead of the Technology approach as we said I think It’s really to do with where exactly That where we can bring the most value To the market and how we can expand the Market and enable players that otherwise Can’t

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