Content Vaulting Is Only Becoming A Bigger Issue As Destiny Continues To Focus On Story

Content Vaulting Is Only Becoming A Bigger Issue As Destiny Continues To Focus On Story.
With the release of Destiny 2’s next expansion, Lightfall, on the horizon, it’s time for my annual condemnation of content vaulting.
When Beyond Light launched two years ago, Bungie created the Destiny Content Vault, a null zone where campaigns and expansions that customers paid for disappeared for an indeterminate amount of time, sometimes never to be seen again.
Bungie has framed the DCV as a necessary evil in order to manage file sizes, load times, and development schedules, and while I can appreciate the uniquely difficult position Destiny is in, I will never accept the removal of paid content.
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The first vaulting remains the most severe, as the original Red War campaign, both Year 1 seasons, and nearly half of the patrol zones were snuffed out of existence overnight.

Foreign Content vaulting is only becoming a Bigger issue as Destiny continues to Focus on story with the release of Destiny 2's next expansion lightfall on The horizon it's time for my annual Condemnation of content vaulting when Beyond late launch two years ago Bungie Created the destiny content Vault a no Zone where campaigns and expansions that Customers paid for disappeared for an Indeterminate amount of time sometimes Never to be seen again Bungie has framed The dcv as a necessary evil in order to Manage file sizes load times and Development schedules and while I can Appreciate the uniquely difficult Position Destiny is in I will never Accept the removal of paid content to Stay up to date with latest top stories Make sure to subscribe to this YouTube Channel by clicking the button above This video the first vaulting Remains The most severe as the original red War Campaign both year one seasons and Nearly half of the patrol zones were Snuffed out of existence overnight last Year Bungie cut the Forsaken campaign Won many still will considered to be Destiny 2's best as well as the Tangled Chore but managed to keep the dreaming City intact to their credit Bungie did Announce that expansions will not be Vaulted moving forward the studio wants

Everyone to be able to play the complete Light and darkness Saga which evidently Starts with Shadow keep so it won't be Rotating out when lightfall starts that Doesn't mean nothing is getting vaulted Though Bungie hasn't confirmed anything But we can expect some content will be Removed at the start of lightfall patrol Zones like the cosmodrome and EDS could Be on the chopping block since they're Not integral to the shadow keep Beyond Light or the witch Queen campaigns in Order to make room for the new planets And activities coming in the next Expansion even if Bungie doesn't Vault Those locations we know with some Certainty that all of the witch Queen's Seasonal content is on the way out Specifically season of the Risen Storyline and its science Battlegrounds Season of the haunted story and the Derelict Leviathan Patrol Zone season of Plunder's story and the catch crash Activity and season of the serif story The The Heist Battlegrounds and the Operation serif Shield exotic Quest are All expected to rotate out as seasonal Content always has typically we don't Consider this kind of content when we Talk about the content volt but the Witch Queen's seasonal storylines are More tight into the overarching story Than any expansion before it this isn't Content anyone should feel comfortable

Losing I think players are more flexible When it comes to seasonal content Because it's always been temporary but Ambition to tell a more continuous Interconnected story between seasons has Made Seasons feel so much more important Big important moments aren't just Relegated to the expansions anymore and Vaulting this content pulls entire Chapters out of the story we've already Seen the consequences of this the Pressage Exotic Quest was vaulted along With Beyond light's Four Seasons which Removed essential information about Calis's investigation into the darkness When Kayla's returns in this year's Season of The Haunted that context is Missing for anyone that didn't play Beyond light when it was new and remains On referencable to everyone else when Season of The Haunted expires in February yet another piece of Kayla's Story will go with it Crow is a Particularly large casualty of seasonal Vaulting as his story has been told Almost entirely through seasonal Storylines many of which are no longer Accessible zavala's crisis of Faith Lord Saladin becoming Bayless Forge and the Growing alliance between the Guardians The elixini and the cabal are all plot Points that will be prematurely plucked From Destiny despite their presumed Importance to the ongoing story The

Witch Queen has been Destiny 2's best Expansion because of its emphasis on Cohesive episodic storytelling and while I appreciate Bungie's position I don't Think any of these storylines should be Considered acceptable losses if Preserving the Integrity of the light And dark Saga is the priority shelving These ancillary storylines compromises That goal Foreign

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