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ChatGPT is here, and it’s nothing short of amazing! I’ve been using it for quite a bit since its launch a few days ago and figured out a few ways you could either use it to make money online or to boost your current productivity/workflow. We’ll go over using ChatGPT to explain complicated concepts, generate creative marketing copy, generate code & fix bugs, explain history, write email copy, and some fun jokes. You could use a variety of these to either start or boost your business revenue!

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0:00 – Introduction
1:30 – Texting ChatGPT
2:30 – Explain Complicated Concepts
4:30 – Generate Creative Copy Marketing
6:40 – Coding Help & Documentation Explanations
9:00 – Fix Bugs & Explain What’s Wrong
11:50 – Generate Thank You & Email Replies
13:45 – Jokes, Poems, & Fun Things

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Hey Justin from Gold Penguin here and Today I want to talk to you about chat GPT now I know what you’re thinking Another AI chat bot but hear me out Because this one is actually pretty cool Okay I’m not going to go ahead and read The rest of the response that it wrote For me but um hey how’s everyone doing I Wanted to go over and give my thoughts On open ai’s new GPT chat uh AI this is Probably the coolest AI tool that I’ve Used ever I’ve been working with Jasper With hyperwrite a bunch of other little AI tools here and there there’s there’s Some very specific ones that let you Generate things like WordPress code or Things that could help you write copy For your blog posts but I think this is Kind of a a chat bot friend that you can Have it’s really great and I wanted to Go over about six or seven examples of Things that I found you could do with it As well as talk about its use on mobile And a few other things so to start off I Did want to mention that this kind of is Available on mobile the team at hyperite Actually took this this and turned it Into a phone bot that you can text Questions to kind of like a friend in a Way like a robotic friend that will Answer you right away so I will put the Number to that in the description as Well as the link to maybe a tweet or two About that and then the article I’m

Going to go over a lot of things that I Have in the article on the Gold Penguin Blog so if you want to read that after It’s going to be somewhat similar in Terms of what we’ll do but different Examples Um yeah okay so to start off let’s let Me show you what the message looks like So once you pull it up the current Number is plus one six three one eight Oh one seven five nine nine and you can Go ahead and talk to it pretty much uh Like it’s it’s something that you would Do on the website so you could say write Me a description about AI Um and how it will change the world but Do it in a baroque Obama voice And once you send this within 10 seconds You will get back an answer I have Noticed that it kind of takes a little Bit longer if you’re making it do Something that’s going to require like More than a paragraph or two of of text This is on here though on the on a Computer it’s pretty much instantly okay Hello everyone as we move into the Future Um yeah here you go so this is just if You want something on mobile a really Great thing to text but I really wanted To talk about Um the website version because this is Where the power comes in and so if You’re anyone like me you’re coding or

You’re using your laptop to either make Money online or figure Um learn something new something like That but on a laptop it is actually Insane so the list of things that I have Is we can explain complicated Concepts That’s one of the first things that this Thing can do which is really really Really cool so if we can go ahead and Say can you explain how a computer Connects to the internet but pretend I’m A Middle schooler And it just does it so it makes Something pretty easy to explain Um imagine it’s connected all around the World your computer sends a signal to a Nearby router and you could even even Change things up so you could be like Okay now uh turn this into a very formal Definition Like you could just talk to it which is The craziest thing and there you go now It’s going to talk about TCP and a bunch Of other complicated things that don’t Really matter but yeah so you can have It explain really complicated Concepts Too you could say like can you explain What’s a black hole is but pretend Your top oops did not mean to do that I Mean I edit this Okay so this this will just tell you What a black hole is but now I’m going To say pretend you’re talking to a room

Of grandparents Let’s see how it changes it It’s a really big heavy object don’t Worry grandkids black holes are really Far away okay that’s weird Um yeah so that’s just a few things that I’ve realized I’ve taken some pretty Complicated abstract Concepts and Actually had it explained to me and you Can also talk back to it which is really Cool so it says they’re so small that You can fit one the size of the Penny on The Superior finger Um they’re really cool and worth Learning about let’s see when did Scientists discover them you don’t even Need to mention it again you can just Say that and then boom it just talks Back to you so it’s pretty cool doesn’t Really have emotion though so you could Try to fight with it but I don’t really Think it’ll get you anywhere uh yeah so That’s the first thing the second was to Generate some creative copy titles this Is definitely good if you do marketing Or if you write blogs a lot this is Great so you can say generate me 10 blog Post titles about how AI will change the World And then you can say make the titles Very creative and eye-catching This won’t really be great for SEO but It’ll be great for just a creative title Like it’s it’s really amazing features

Now how AI is Transforming Our World Um AI in the future of Transportation Okay I’d really like to to go with this Uh how self-driving cars yeah so these Are pretty cool titles and things that Honestly you’d probably click on if you Saw the rise of AI how it’s Revolutionizing Industries you know just Better than How AI is going to change the world like Pretty cool for a bot like this you can Say can you make them less formal let’s See if it does a good job at this yeah AI feature how robots are changing the Word ah I’m not really sure if that one Did a great job but how robots are Changing entertainment Um yeah so still really really cool Really powerful you can use this to Create copy for anything and then you Can say write me a description write me A blog post introduction about This an article titled And it’ll do it Um this AI definitely seems to be better Than things like Jasper copy AI in my Opinion I think that it’s just it’s a Little bit crisper it seems more Realistic and it doesn’t seem like a Bunch of fluff keywords thrown in and Just kind of like robotic text like this Is really cool robots are taking over And change the world as we know it um Yeah so definitely not something you can

Fully rely on but if you are stuck like It even gives you some examples and the Data is trained up until or on Information up until 2021 I think it’s September of 2021 so you have a little Bit uh prior than a year from now of Content to work with it can’t search the Web though so you can’t ask it questions Like certain questions it’s more of just A big Dictionary big information Library so yeah next thing is help code And document and then we’ll also go into Fix fixing coding bugs and I’d say these Are probably the two things that I Personally use it Um daily now it’s only been out for a Few days but yeah this is probably where I could see the most things coming out That’ll help people today as opposed to Just something that’s like cool to to do Or creative so you can have it explain Classes to you and classes and Documentation of code so you can say Explain the MP media Library in Swift And it just tells you things like it’ll Just tell you what you have to do it’ll Tell you how to play a song from Someone’s Library it’s not always Correct in the things that it says but I’ve noticed that when you ask it for Bug fixes that’s when it’ll help you and It not it won’t just tell you what the Bug is it won’t just tell you how to fix

The bug it’ll give you a detailed Explanation of what you did wrong how You can fix it and then the code that You actually have to put in to do so so You could even say can you search my ITunes library with MP media library for A song called hello And return how many plays it has or Actually let’s not say that and print How many plays it has Um yeah let’s just say that and let’s See if it could do it Here’s some sample code and so you can Query the songs you can search for hello Add this to a where is this yeah it’s Adding it to like an array and then Getting the play count of the first Thing in the array the song Hello has Been played how many times Um really really insane okay now you can Say can you generate me PHP or a WordPress PHP function to get the date Modified of a post And it’s gonna do it it’s totally gonna Do it Just like this I’m pretty sure this Works actually so Yeah and you can also change formatting You could say actually just get me the Year the post was modified And There you go it’s only going to do the Year now Um super awesome super super awesome so

You can also even fix bugs I’m gonna go And find paste a piece of code and then We’ll have it fix a bug for us Okay this is very simple but we can say Can you fix this bug in the following JavaScript code Okay so we used print line initially Which is not valid in JavaScript so it Replaced it with console log and it also Added a bracket which we did not have Over here obviously it doesn’t really Know what value it entered is but Um it doesn’t really matter because That’s not what we’re talking about but If you get prompted it with more Information about this you can also have It manipulate this so you can say can we Change value entered to Be the current date And then in the if statement Check if the current date is equal to Let’s just say the first of the month And it’ll still do it in JavaScript It’ll add the date instance and it’ll Completely change What you wanted it to get done and it’ll Tell you too you can have it explain This documentation to you if you don’t Know what the date object does in JavaScript so if value entered get time Equals first day of the month get time Um boom so I don’t think and then let’s Say add an else Clause if it’s not the First day of the month

And it’s just going to add today’s not The first day of the month so I’m going To go and paste this into an online JavaScript IDE A JavaScript IDE Compiler and let’s see What it says today is not the first day Of the month it works it actually Produces crazy code and will help you Fix your bugs you can also have it Explain history to you which this one is Kind of more General AI things but if You kind of want to know you know like When was Elon Musk born and how did he Rise to fame what was his first Successful company and it’s kind of like A toss-up with this because sometimes it Tells me it can’t search the web but Then sometimes it actually gives me the History which is what it should because I’m not really asking it to look up Anything like recent it’s more of get me This from Wikipedia which you’ve Probably been trained on so it uh it Could do things like this and sometimes It does lag there’s also tons of people That are trying to use this but boom We’ll tell you South Africa Um everything selling it and it just Gives you a really really crazy Description and you can change this Manipulate this text however you want But yeah that’s that’s really what I’ve Noticed about the history

Not crazy exciting but more of cool that You could kind of talk back to it Because you could say you know like oh Who are his parents and then you can Kind of question the facts but again a Lot of these things uh you you also do Want to fact check because there is no Sourcing that the bot has on it right Now Um yeah okay another thing is thank you Emails and then we’ll get into our jokes And poems which are just for fun but uh Thank yous are great so you can say Write a thank you note to my cousin for Coming to my wedding and thanking her For getting me the toaster I don’t Really know why you would say that but If you did want to say that and if you Couldn’t say thank you or send a text to Your cousin I don’t really know why Would you why he would use this in uh Practicality but again you could do Whatever you want so it does seem to be Lagging a little bit but there you go Dear cousin thank you for coming to my Wedding wonderful gift of a toaster yeah Really really weird but again it works Out I wouldn’t use it for thanking your Own family for coming to your own Wedding but you get the point And then also emails emails are really Really great there are tools like Hyperwrite that will kind of integrate With your email automatically but some

Really cool things that I’ve noticed is Like Um generate me a reply to Jonathan Um and ask if he wanted to go through With the second half of the development Let’s say the web development process Don’t be too aggressive in the email Come off as kind And oops Ask if he wants I guess this should say Once but I think it’ll kind of get the Get the point of what I’m trying to do Wanted to reach out and see if you were Still interested in going through the Second half of the process I know we Discussed it briefly and wanted to see If you’re on track Um yeah pretty awesome so this is great To reply to Emos you could probe it with The knowledge you get sometimes you just Have like writer’s block and you’re like How do I really reply to this in a nicer Way or you kind of just can’t figure out What you’re trying to say but open AI Chat GPT 3 does so go ahead and use that And I’d say the last thing is uh jokes Jokes and poems so you can say write me A poem that rhymes about why fruit is Good for you literally anything you want And it’s gonna make it for you Food is good for you it’s true it’s Packed with vitamins and nutrients too Delicious and sweet a tasty treat and It’s good for your heart and your feet

Not sure how accurate food food’s Probably good for your feet but yeah That’s pretty much it today I just Wanted to go over the my I’d say my Favorite seven things that you could do In chat gbt I’d say code in the bugs are Definitely the best things if you are a Developer and followed that by uh the Titles for the copy and emails really Anything that can help you speed up your Workflow day to day and kind of end up Making you more money in the long term So yeah if you enjoyed this video leave A like this is free to use right now it Probably will start costing money soon Go ahead and text it if you’re on the go But don’t really do anything crazy with The texting because this is really meant For a computer gives you a lot of cool Format of things leave a like if you Enjoyed subscribe if you want more AI Content and thanks so much for watching

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