CSGO AK-47 skin sells for $160,000 in one of the biggest skin sales ever

CSGO AK-47 skin sells for $160,000 in one of the biggest skin sales ever.
A coveted CS:GO weapon skin for the AK-47 has sold online for around $160,000, marking one of the biggest public sales in the game’s history.
There are many CS:GO skins valued in the tens of thousands.
These items are purely cosmetic, and provide no gameplay advantages, but are so coveted due to their appearance and rarity.
Since skins were added to CS:GO in 2013, there has been constant inflation in prices, with even some rare stickers from 2014 now valued at over $50,000.
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On March 13, an AK-47 Wild Lotus skin was bought by a Chinese collector for €149,000, or roughly $160,000 USD.
It’s not the most expensive skin, but it is likely now in the top 10.
The skin in question is called the ‘Wild Lotus’, a rare AK-47 skin added in 2019.
In total, there are less than 3,000 of this skin in existence, and even fewer in ‘Factory New’ condition.

Foreign Csgo act 47 skin cells for 160 000 and One of the biggest skin sales ever a Coveted CS go weapon skin for the ACT 47 Has sold online for around 160 000 Marking one of the biggest public sales In the game's history there are many CS Go Skins valued in the tens of thousands These items are purely cosmetic and Provide no gamma play advantages but are So coveted due to their appearance and Rarity since skins were added to CS go In 2013 there has been constant Inflation and prices with even some rare Stickers from 2014 now valued at over Fifty thousand dollars to stay up to Date with latest top stories make sure To subscribe to this YouTube channel by Clicking the button above this video on March 13th an act 47 Wild Lotus Skin was Bought by a Chinese collector for 149 000 Euros or roughly 160 000 United States dollars it's not the most Expensive skin but it is likely now in The top 10 the skin in question is Called The Wild Lotus a rare act 47 skin Added in 2019. in total there are less Than 3 000 of this skin in existence and Even fewer in Factory new condition However a factory new Wild Lotus will Only cost around ten thousand dollars The reason this particular skin sold for Over one hundred fifty thousand dollars Is due to the stickers applied it has

Four reason Holo stickers from the Catos 2014 CS go major applied each costing Around forty thousand dollars today Because this skin was released in 2019 The stickers were applied when they were Already very expensive so the buyer is Expected to play close to the full value Of the stickers the stickers are a great Color match to the weapon but due to the Scarcity of these items there are only Two other AK-47 Wild Lotus skins with These stickers applied each one would be Valued at around the same price Subscribe to our newsletter for the Latest updates on Experts gaming and More the buyer is a Chinese collector as Is tip typical for most high tier items In CS go however this skin is likely to Be on show at Future major events as the Owners will often lend these items to Professional players to use at the Biggest tournaments in fact this very Act 47 was used by FaZe Clan player Russell twists van dulcan in 2022 Borrowing it from the previous owner on March 13th that owner sold the item on Buff the biggest china-based Marketplace For CS go trading with a final sale Price of 148 937 euros and 73 cents 159 653.80 United States dollars many Expensive items are traded in private Sales so it's often hard to know the

Exact transaction value but this public Sale is a glimpse into the exorbitant Prices some items can cost however the Most expensive act 47 skin is still up For sale a case-hardened 661 pattern With four Titan Holo stickers from Katowas 2014 is currently Fielding Offers of over four hundred thousand Dollars although it is yet to find a Buyer the most expensive item overall in Csgo is a case-hardened Karambit knife With an estimated price of over 1.5 Million dollars for more of the most Expensive skins in CS go check out our Full list here Foreign

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