Dell Latitude 7410 Review

PCMag tested Dell’s corporate-fleet-ready Latitude 7410, a 14-inch business laptop that’s built like a tank and boasts the rare combination of a 4K display and long battery life. See our impressions.

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The latitude 7000 series was once dell’s Top-end business laptop for executives And others Looking for a great-looking solidly Built corporate fleet notebook The top spot however has since been Taken over by dell’s new latitude 9000 Series Which was introduced in 2020 and just Reviewed on but the 7000 series continues On as a premium line for corporate users Dell just updated it the 4 in the 7410 Model number tells you that this is a 14 Inch laptop dell has also updated the 7000 line at other screen sizes Such as 12 and 13 inches and you can get These machines as classic clamshell Laptops or As two in one models with screens that Rotate into tablet mode the one we have Here Is a clamshell but the big difference With this latitude model This time around is that it has the Option for a 4k screen Our test unit had it and it rang up at a Bit over two thousand dollars at 21.89 that’s a pretty hefty price for a Productivity laptop So what does that get you like always The latitude 7000s are all about how They’re built The body construction on this machine is

First rate It’s all aluminum and has passed Military standard tests for shock Vibration extreme temperatures and other Environmental hazards The light metal helps keep the weight Down but there’s a consequence for the Semi-rugged design The 7410 is not particularly light for a Laptop at the 14 inch screen size At 3.1 pounds the 4k screen is Really the thing that sets this test Machine apart though The bezels are really thin and the panel Itself is super crisp especially Considering the high resolution at the Relatively small screen size The panel is covered by gorilla glass to Protect it from everyday harm It also has a low blue light feature to Take it easy on your eyes when you’re Working for long stretches into the Night The other aspect of this 4k display That’s interesting is that dell rates it As a low power consumption panel We’ve found pretty often that a 4k Display really kills a laptop’s battery Life Because you have to push that many more Pixels versus say a 1080p Screen and this screen’s efficiency was Indeed illustrated in our battery Rundown test

The machine lasted for 13 and a half Hours running video straight through That’s not extraordinary overall for a Business laptop But it’s excellent for one with a 4k Screen as for the components inside Dell offers the 7410 with a variety of Parts And the low end model started a little Over 1500 Our model we tested had an ice lake Intel core i7 processor 16 gigs of main memory and a 512 gig Solid-state drive pc labs performance Tests showed it right on par with core I7 equipped business laptops from its Competitors Including some from intel’s previous Generation one place that this machine Doesn’t skimp on is connectivity You get two usb-c ports on one side and Two usb-a ports on the other Along with a full-size hdmi port the Laptop relies on usb Charging for its battery so one of the Usbc’s will be taken up by the charging Cord when you need to get plugged in The machine also supports wi-fi 6 Wireless On the whole the latitude 7410 is a Solid machine But it’s up against a lot of competition From the likes of hp and lenovo Including our current favorite business

Ultra portable lenovo’s thinkpad x1 Carbon gen 7. We don’t think the latitude 7410 quite Tops the x1 carbon We like the carbon’s keyboard feel Better and the pricing for similar Configurations tends to be more Aggressive with the lenovo laptop But if your company is buying latitudes In bulk and can negotiate some better Pricing than the direct prices on the Dell site You’ll find this is a very solid laptop And holds up the latitude 7000 series Reputation It’s built like a tank the keyboard Feels pretty good and the screen If you get the 4k model is first class And doesn’t run down the battery as fast As most Such screens

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