Dell Mobile Connect

Dell Mobile Connect links your phone to your computer across ios and android.

Hey buddy Brian we are here with owner Did ski of del he’s gonna take us Through mobile connect this is brand-new For the show shipping on all systems Right now what’s the story here So Del Amo Connect is basically the First-ever complete PC smartphone Integration that will find make those Two devices that we use everyday work Better together so you’re describing a Solution that’s similar to what some Operating systems are offering I know You know Mac OS for example being at Facebook where obviously if you have an IPhone you get iMessage things like that How is this different so this is where Things are getting interesting so when We looked around and we started to Develop this solution We felt that there are all the solutions Out there are only providing with a Partial solution and I think that a Partial solution is not a solution at All so this is robust enough it’s gonna Work across both iOS and Android now let Me walk you through the features so the First feature that we’re gonna provide With is complete access to your phone Calls when someone will call you you’ll Get a notification right on your PC Display and if you choose to answer You’ll be able to conduct a full Conversation using your PC microphone And speakers same thing goes for text

Messages if someone will send you a text You’ll get notified about it and you can Reply directly within that notification This works for both Android and iOS First ever integration of something like This between iPhones and PCs

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