Dell Precision 3240 Compact

Dell’s Precision 3240 Compact starts at under $1,000 but can be configured all the way up to a tiny-footprint flamethrower with Intel Xeon and Nvidia Quadro RTX silicon. Check out our full review on

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– What do you do if you need
a hard-punching workstation PC With big power but you need to
put it in a very small space? You go to the three big
workstation desktop makers And search for the words
”tiny, mini, and compact.” That last word will lead
you to Dell’s smallest Powerhouse PC, the Precision 3240 Compact. Configure this small
workstation just right And it can be a monster in a small box. Of course, workstation PCs will cost you, Dnd small ones doubly so. You’ll only want to look
at a desktop like this If you need workstation-specific features Such as ISV certifications for
certain professional software Or support for
error-correcting ECC memory. You can get both with the Precision 3240. The model that we tested
came in at a little Over $3,000 and packed
in a 10 core Xeon CPU And a NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 video card. You can hook up half a dozen
monitors via the video outputs On the card and on the system itself. And you can even mount
this small Precision PC And its power adapter
to the back of a display Using a bracket that Dell will sell you. In essence, it can be a zero-footprint PC If that is what you need. The inside of a system like
this has to be impressively Well put together to cram so
much power into a small space. You can see the video card here, And underneath it are
multiple M2 slots to host Tiny gum stick-style
SSDs or a wireless card. The Precision Compact
also uses laptop-style SO-DIMM memory modules, And you can swap them out in a jiffy. The Xeon processor also has
its own Intel on-chip graphics,

So if you decide to forgo
a dedicated video card And just rely on that,
you can configure it With an internal 2.5-inch drive too. Even if you can’t opt
for an internal drive, It’s easy to add fast external storage With all the USB ports on
front and back of the chassis. Plus, if you need
Thunderbolt 3 connectivity Or a seventh display output,
you can configure the PC With a flexible extra
port on the back panel At the time of purchase. We tested the system with
Dell’s top options for CPU, The 10 core Xeon W-1250,
and graphics card, The Quadro RTX 3000, though
models with lesser CPUs And GPUs start at just over $800. Our testing showed that
the Precision 3240 Compact Can keep up with rival small systems But that you’ll get a fair
amount more power for your money With a full-sized tower, So you’ll only want
consider a system like this Or its rival from HP, the
Z2 Mini, if you absolutely Need to keep the system
size as small as possible. But if that’s exactly
what you were looking for, The Precision 3240 can
deliver knockout power With a tiny fist.

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