Dell Precision 7550 Review

We actually liked the model 7540 better, but Dell’s Precision 7550 is a colossal competitor among top-of-the-line mobile workstations.

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– Laptops in the top echelon Of mobile workstations
have King Kong components And heart attack prices. In the configuration we tested,
the Dell Precision 7550, Costs $6,210 dollars. But this 15.6 inch
workstation is tailor-made For complex computer-aided design, 3D And virtual reality rendering,
and scientific data analysis. It’s built to race through jobs That would take most laptops Literally days. Our review unit has an eight
core Intel Xeon Processor, 32 gigabytes of memory, And a one terabyte solid state drive. But that’s nothing! The six pound laptop can
hold a whopping 128 gigabytes Of RAM and six terabytes of storage. If you don’t want a Xeon, You can get a fast Core i7 Or Core i9 chip, Or, choose any of five NVIDIA Quadro professional
graphics processors, All with independent software
vendor certifications For specialized apps. Colors on the super sharp
4K resolution display Are simply gorgeous, And it’s only the second
best screen that Dell offers For this machine. The system even has a proximity sensor That puts it to sleep when you walk away And wakes it up when you return. Dell made the Precision
7550 19 percent smaller And easier to carry
than last year’s model. We were slightly disappointed

To find it was also a bit
slower in our benchmark tests, Though Dell blames that on
some default system settings, And a couple of changes to the keyboard Makes it less suited for fast typists. So this workstation just missed
the Editor’s Choice award That we gave the Precision
7540 that preceded it. But the Precision 7550 is still
extremely fast and powerful, And a great choice for
architects, designers, Video editors, or animators Who need to get serious work done. They’ll love it. If all you use is Word and Excel, Buy six ordinary laptops instead.

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