Dell XPS 13 (9310) Review

Now with Intel’s Tiger Lake CPU, the Dell XPS 13 is still the best high-end ultraportable laptop you can buy.

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– There are a couple of reasons Why the Dell XPS 13 Is our top pick for the best
premium ultra-portable laptop That you can buy. Here are just a few of them. The first reason is the Dell
XPS 13 simply looks gorgeous. It’s got this arctic white
finish on the chassis here, Which looks great. And the chassis itself
is so slim and so small That the screen takes
up more than 91 percent Of the service area of the laptop. Second reason, the screen
is actually so good That we recommend you don’t
necessarily need to pay extra For a 4K display on the XPS 13. I typically find that when
I’m looking at anything Other than, say, the extremely
fine details in a film, The full HD version of the
XPS 13 works just fine, And that should save you a bit of money. The third main reason that we
like to Dell XPS 13 so much Is that it’s frequently updated To include the latest
computing components. The version that is currently
for sale, the latest version, The Model 9310, includes
Intel’s latest Tiger Lake CPUs, Up to an Intel Core i7 with four cores. That should mean that if
you buy a XPS 13 right now, You’re going to get this snazzy design And you’re going to have
processing components That will last for at least, I
would say, about three years. Finally, the XPS 13 is expensive. It starts at a thousand dollars And it can go up above $2,000. We have something of a sweet
spot here in this unit, Which costs a little more than $1,600. Sure, that’s expensive,

But it is a good value for what you get, And it helps the XPS 13
retain our editor’s choice For the best premium ultra-portable
laptop that you can buy.

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