Dell XPS 17 (9700) Review

The new Dell XPS 17 is a stylish, sleek laptop with a gorgeous 17-inch display, long battery life, and serious computing power.

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The new dell XPS 17 laptop is the best Evidence that we’ve seen so far that Large screen laptops don’t need to be Ugly and they don’t need to be bulky With a 17 inch diagonal display that’s Available in either 1080p or 4k Resolutions the new XPS 17 truly is a Laptop for people who need a ton of Screen and real estate but it’s not just The screen real estate that is notable About this machine there’s also some Very powerful computing components Including intelligent latest h-series Core i5 or core i7 and the option for an Nvidia r-tx 2016 graphics card that Means that this XPS 17 is basically a Jack-of-all-trades you can use it to Play games you can use it to do intense Multimedia creation like rendering Images or editing videos you could even Use it as an extravagant movie watching Platform the best part of the physical Design other than the display include This giant trackpad here which is very Accurate and comfortable to use the Keyboard is also well designed with a Backlight and fairly comfortable key Switches along the edges of the XDS 17 You’ll find not two not three but a Total of four USB type-c ports all of Which can be used to plug in the AC Adapter Dell even includes a full size SD card slot which could come in handy When you’re transferring photos from

Your digital camera of course there are A few ports missing we would like to see A full size HDMI port on a laptop of This size but hey you can’t get Everything now you might be wondering How the XPS 17 stacks up against Apple’s Latest large screen laptop the 16 inch Macbook pro both of these machines are Very expensive This one here costs about three thousand Dollars and it can go up from there Just like the Mac Pro And both of them are very well designed And fairly thin and light for laptops With screens that’s large the Dell XPS 17 waves around four and a half pounds Not far from the MacBook Pro the biggest Difference between the two other than The operating system is the fact that The XPS 17 has an additional inch of Diagonal real estate which really comes In handy and adds to its value so the XPS 17 is a masterpiece of design that’s Equally at home as a gaming laptop a Content creation lappa or just a Showpiece with a really beautiful 17 Inch display this laptop might not be The best choice if you need to carry Something around all day and it’s Certainly not very friendly to your Wallet but as long as those things don’t Matter to you this really is one of the Best large screen laptops you can buy You

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