DiaMon Tech non-invasive glucose monitoring

DiaMon Tech has developed a non-invasive glucose monitoring device.

You guys are a glucose meter wait but You’re not the regular kind of glucose Meter that we’re all thinking about That’s correct we have developed a Glucose monitoring device that Non-invasively measures your glucose Levels now historically you basically Have to take a blood sample and use a Little machine and get get the sample Back and what do you guys are doing Actually we have developed a technology Called photothermal Detection and with this technology There’s a so called quantum cascade Laser that emits light and this light is Penetrated into your skin where Molecules glucose molecules absorb this Light and therefore you have tiny Changes in the temperature and these are Directed and detected by our devices and Then can give you a very accurate result On your glucose levels so is this a Direct replacement for the blood test Systems All right that’s interesting so I can Use this actively as a health as a Health measure like a health tool yeah Basically what we’re doing right now we Are get certified as medical device till End of January and we’ll run additional Clinical trials right now and we have Preclinical trials already running up And basically you will replace this as Your medical device to measure your

Blood sugar and how much is the final Product and a cost is it is it expensive For like for patients or how does it Work so we have we have different Verticals basically we would we would Also look in b2b verticals like elderly Combs or intensive care units but if You’re talking like you as a real user Of such a device we’re going to market a So called pocket device approximately For a licensing fee or leasing fee or Financing fee or something like that of 100 euros per month okay so I could save And how much is a regular diabetes thing Cost I don’t basically we have adjusted This pricing or we will adjust this Pricing according your consumption of The strips you’re using and as being a Regular diabetic so is there a way to Use this for I guess some people do the Quantified self kind of stuff where they Want to see how much glucose they have And exactly would use that for the same Purpose you can use it for the same Purpose as well this is a platform Technology so we’re not only able to Monitor glucose with the right joint Research and development partners we Also will be able to detect other Molecules in your blood for example Okay could you ever do like a drug test Or something with this potentially yes There’s nothing we would look into right Now all right very cool and what do you

Expect you expect in January you’re Going to be launching no we’re not Expecting generally to be launching We’ll expect to have this be cleared as A medical device in January and then we Go into prototype staging and then we’ll Test this in clinical environments but Without clinical trials in real clinical Environments and we’ll have prototypes Developed and going into mass production With a mass device in 2020 all right so We still have a little bit of time but It sounds like you guys are well ahead Of time yeah all right sounds great I think these recordings

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