Discover a brutal new world in Behemoth for PS VR2

Discover a brutal new world in Behemoth for PS VR2 – PlayStation.Blog.
With the world-building and narrative of Behemoth, we sought to blend together several genres.
We wanted the framework of an epic adventure, where you pit yourself against gigantic monsters as you strive against a looming danger that threatens to consume you.
But we also wanted to maintain the gritty survivalism that is present in our Walking Dead titles – the environment is brutal and unforgiving, and there is no one to rely on but yourself.
Mixed in with these elements, we added a dash of folk horror, with themes of sacrifice and cruelty within the natural world, secrets of the past, and glimpses of darker realities.
In Behemoth, the dread of the unknown is always with you.
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The tone of the story is bleak.
From the outset, the player is thrust into a world where all hope is lost.

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