DON’T learn how to code!! ChatGPT WILL take EVERYONE’S job 😱

A lot of FUD around AI and ChatGPT replacing software developers.. What’s going to happen??

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If you’ve been on any social media Platforms and following any software Developers on there or watching any YouTube videos recently you’ll see that Ai and chat GPT is the new big thing That’s going to take our jobs and make Us completely obsolete as programmers They took our jobs And in a few years this career just Won’t exist and all of us to just focus On learning some kind of trade skill or Get into manual labor because our Careers are over making bucks getting Exercise Working outside Looking a a every time there’s a new Trendy technology or something that Brings up controversy in software Development every Tech influencer on YouTube and Twitter and every other Social media platform runs out to make a Video or start talking about whatever The new topic or thing is I’m just as Guilty of jumping on a trend as the next Guy I mean come on why do you think I’m Making this video and that’s the point Right nobody really knows if any of this Stuff is going to end our careers and Nobody knows if this stuff is even going To become a big thing when crypto was Booming you heard everybody talking About web3 now Remember when GitHub copilot came out

And everybody was just making the same Videos of how this is gonna take our Jobs and write all the code for us If it isn’t no code tools or AI it’s People from third world countries that Are going to do our jobs for super cheap And get rid of the need for all software Developers and we’re all just going to Make minimum wage Or it’s the age-old there’s too many Developers out there and it’s over Saturated and there’s just no jobs for Developers and this is a dying trade Which is also not true in a few months It’s going to be the same thing with the Next technology or the next trendy thing That everybody’s going to jump on to Make a video about and it’s always the Same thing with all these Technologies And all the people trying to spread the Fud and scare everybody so that they can Get some clicks on their videos or they Can get some engagement on their posts People are always going to try to find Something to tell you why you shouldn’t Learn how to code why you shouldn’t Pursue this as a career why you Shouldn’t try to learn programming so You can build your own stuff and make Money there’s always going to be those Naysayers there’s going to be those Fudsters there’s always going to be These people and there’s always going to Be the new latest thing that’s going to

Take our jobs like And it’s the same thing with everything That’s trendy at some point it’s the new Technology that’s going to take over the Old technology it’s when Dino was gonna Kill node how WordPress is dying or how PHP is bad and you should learn Something else but PHP developers make Really good money as well I made a video A long time ago telling people not to Learn jQuery does that mean that you Shouldn’t learn jQuery the jQuery is Dead because one YouTuber or a group of YouTubers go out and say that no just Like how Ai and chat GPT is not gonna Take over our jobs and then the next Time in a few months from now when the Next trendy thing comes out and Everybody makes videos about it it’s Going to be the same story don’t pay too Much attention to it if you’re really Interested in learning how to code if You want to do it so that you can get a Job if you want to do it so you can Build an app or a website or do your own Thing and you eventually want to make Money with code go out and do it the Thing is that most people aren’t going To learn all those people that are going To take your jobs all this technology You that’s going to replace us in a few Years it’s all and at the end Of the day as long as there’s software Out there that needs to be developed

There’s going to be the need for Programmers and who do you think is Going to develop all the AI maybe the AI Develops the AI and then what then it’s Like Terminator chill out But I really don’t think that’s gonna Happen in the next five years or even in The next 10 years Industries are always Changing there’s always things that are Replacing or innovating old Technologies And that’s just the name of the game Don’t worry about that stuff stick to What you have to do right now focus on What you need to focus on right now and If you’re learning how to code don’t Listen to all the YouTubers and all the People out there just trying to get Clicks with a trendy topic just do your Thing worry about AI taking over your Job when you have a job and if you just Are looking for any excuse not to Continue doing this then just quit There’ll be plenty of Developer jobs for Me and other people who know how to code All right with all that said thanks for Watching and I’ll see you next time oh [Music]

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