Eargo designed a nearly invisible hearing aid

Eargo’s newest product, the Neo, is a rechargeable hearing aid with a miniature design to fit inside ears without any visible hardware or cables.

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Traditional hearing aids sit behind the Ear ear goes actually sit in the year I’m actually wearing them right now here Goes sells directly to consumer so as Opposed to selling via clinics you go Advertises and it’s basically presented Digitally or online there’s not a Distribution in the middle of it meaning That we can actually offer products at a Lower price and also have a much more Seamless experience from product to Wearing to rehabilitating your hearing And so on so traditionally you would Need to book an appointment wait a Couple of weeks you would get in you Would have your hearing assessed and Then you would sort of get into the Whole counseling Aragon what kind of Solutions exists how do you get it you Don’t need a prescription per say you’d Be presented with a range of options and A strong recommendation from the Professional and then offer to buy it The challenge in America is it’s an Investment there’s no reimbursement for Hearing aids the average price point in The market is around forty seven hundred Dollars for a pair that’s the Traditional process that’s a perfect Solution out here for you but you can Actually improve your hearing you don’t Have to go through the hassles off Setting appointments being tested you Can actually transact online we will get

Your hearing aids and you canít really Try it on typically two to three days After receipt of the product for an Unborn or welcome call so make sure that We can address all the questions am i Putting it in the right way how do I Change my programs any kind of issue That might arise we want to make sure we Tackle them head on upfront Our very first product yoga plus ergo Max and now also you’re gonna kneel all FDA approved so the ear go plus hearing Aid an ear go max hearing aid look like This and you see what I was talking About earlier in terms of the genesis of The design which is really this flexi Fiber tip right is the medical medical Grade silicone and you can see that the Miniaturization is really about taking The electronics And essentially shrink-wrapping it with A small plastic shell and most Importantly when insert it in your ear It essentially completely disappears neo Product which our latest product Offering you’ll note a few design Changes so lot cleaner look in terms of The Charter design the charger pockets Taking feedback from our end-users all Right we redesigned these pockets so It’s virtually impossible to get them in Incorrectly and then finally the the Hearing aid itself has has gone through Quite a few changes what you’ll notice

Immediately is the a much more organic Smaller form factor so we’ve moved the Microphone to the back of the back of The hearing aid and then we have Stainless steel contacts that are our Flush with the with the surface in Contrast to the first generation where The gold contacts are recessed a little Bit right so and then the design intent Here was really threefold improving Retention in the ear canal improving Comfort and improving the acoustics Acoustical performance right so by Moving to a fall upon design rather than The flexi fiber design we were able to Achieve all three of those in in one Design so you get a little bit more gain In in the overall system so we can fit More people with this device and it in Fact is more comfortable and better Retention we offer products anywhere From sixteen fifty to twenty seven fifty So it’s still an investment it’s lower Than the price of the market but it Gives people that you know opportunity To really try hearing what we really Wanted to do is you can almost call it Democratize hearing you know how do we Make it accessible and get away from the Medical environment saying this is Something about improving you and you Taking action [Music] [Music]

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