End of Coding? ChatGPT AI Creates Full Website with One Click

End of Coding? ChatGPT AI Creates Full Website with One Click. The new ChatGPT AI allows you to ask it anything and will return a response based on your input. It can be any questions about life or you can tell the AI to write out code like shown in my video.

What do you think this means for the future of developers?

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Yo chat GPT is the craziest thing I have Ever seen take a look at this so I’m Going to ask Chad gbt to write code to Create a website and you’re gonna Literally see in real time it write out Whatever I ask it to do and that’s just One capability that I’m going to show You that we can do in Chad gbt and I’m Actually going to end up asking it a Bunch of other questions after that Aren’t even code related and I’ll show You exactly how this works so look at This here I’m going to say right Code for a website template using HTML And CSS for a pizza rest Orance Include actually no I’m saying include Images And I’m just going to leave it to that Let AI Chad gbt do is thing and let’s go Ahead and see what happens so now it Looks like it is thinking trying to find Out a solution to my current uh question Or response I put right here so now it Says here is an example so now we got The Body we got some CSS being written out Okay there we go main section image Ul’s Li’s in there okay okay Okay we got a little about section Is links you’ll need a place to join Images and links okay so that’s kind of Cool so let’s do this let’s copy the Code

Bring it over to my vs code editor and See what this created for us so I just Opened up my code editor and let’s just Paste this code in and looks like the CSS is already infused here so I’m gonna Have to use my style CSS file and I’ll Just go open with live server and let’s See what we just created and look at This basic template so far nothing fancy But hey if you had to go in here and Write this out yourself I mean that Could take you know definitely more than Uh 30 seconds that it took for the Chad Gbt to make so let’s do this let’s Rewrite this but um Let’s do uh create a website template Using HTML and CSS code For a pizza restaurant Include a nav menu Let’s see contact form Add images and this would be a little More specific because this first website We’ve created didn’t have an actual uh Nav menu so let’s see what Chad GPT does So I got another Prompt right here give it a couple Seconds and let’s see the magic happen And see what it ends up creating for us This time All right so here it is here’s example Okay Similar similar style like this okay you Got a little CSS action going Okay got a lot of a lot of C says this

Time let’s see what the HTML looks like All right so header now okay there we go There we go we got a nav menu okay Let’s see we got images It looks like it’s using a pre-defined Website so I don’t even know Pizza Heaven but let’s copy this code now Go over here Select This then I’m gonna go back over to my New menu And so far it looks like it’s keeping The same exact layouts but at least you Can see here we got these little nav Menus now and obviously it’s not perfect But just from the basics what I just did There we have a simple website template So let’s try one more website and then After that I’m going to ask it a bunch Of random stuff that makes no sense Regarding that’s not has nothing to do With coding and you just show you guys The things let’s do another one and Let’s say uh Write code for a and let’s keep the Theme restaurant just because uh I want To see how it changes up it’s uh code Depending on how you write it because I Was using website template this time Right code for restaurant using HTML and CSS include a navigation menu so I’m Gonna make it more Specific instead of just saying nav Let’s see navigation menu uh let’s do

Body section That describes the restaurants Menu with prices and images And let’s just keep it at that see what It does and you guys can get the idea Once you mess around with this more In what is it capable of even doing and It seems like if you do include Specifics it will actually include it so For example I said prices in this prompt So I think we’re going to see let’s see We definitely should see prices Somewhere if I don’t see prices then you Know chat gbt man is playing with me Let’s see okay got nav okay Got a little belt section looks like Spaghetti twelve dollars that’s cool Yeah look at that look at that got our Prices in there contact form yo this one Looks probably the best let’s see Obviously it’s not the most uh code but In terms of what I was asking it I think I think it has it you can see here too If you’ve never coded basically this is Assuming I have the images like on my Computer and I would have like a folder And stuff but for anyone who knows Basically they already know so ideally If I start using it with like the um Dolly the image generator I’m sure but I Still have I’ve just started messing Around with this today guys so I gotta Play around and more but here this one Looks a little bit uh I’d say more nav

Menu I could probably specify like have The links over here Assuming these are the images And it’s like kind of almost it’s like Responsive but it is in a sense to where Like the lines actually over okay so Super basic look at this super basic and Let’s end up with that’s with the Websites now let’s just see what can I Do let’s say rights uh Hey Let’s do let’s do this create a Website using react JS code let’s Upgrade the complexity For a websites and I’m not even going to Specify it I just want to see what Chad GPT does The magic let’s see what goes on this Time so I’ve done it already with React.js just to see what it could do And it looks I’d say fairly simple Obviously but Let the AI do his thing and then we’ll See okay so got import and react Oh okay okay go down okay naps Components here Hmm Interesting so obviously it’s like Separated but we got a little nav Component I like how it literally it’s Almost like reading like the docs where It says uh like a tutorial saying like Yo here we made this component yo that’s Kind of cool I guess if you’re making Like Snippets little templates you

Definitely definitely could use um Chad Gbt for that now let’s just ask some fun Questions let’s see what can we ask it And also comment below any question you Want me to ask it I upgrade I had like a Payment method here so I can ask it as Many questions as I can up to you know The billing cycle so literally comment Below what you want me to ask Chad gbt Want me to make it uh whatever code you Want me to write whatever I will go and Make another video in the future On the comments and let’s start off Let’s see this Um Give me a workout routine to get fit So I’m not even gonna say nothing Specified just say Get Fit see what it Does And I’m sure you probably see if you Follow any uh training programs there’s Typical standard templates for stuff Like this so I’m gonna see this very Vague wording just saying okay Will I work okay Copy and paste All right this wasn’t the best I had to Make it more specific give me a gym Workout routine To Gain 10 pounds in three months look at This all right let’s see I’m assuming With this type of question it’s gonna Say specifics like

X wrap sets of something and I just want To see I want to test out chat gbt what Is it actually capable of doing and it’s Most likely going to give specific Numbers if I’m predicting how this works And then after I’m gonna ask you some Crazy stuff okay Come on Chad what are you doing uh okay There you go see look like I said it has The specifics now three four eight to Twelve yeah okay not bad Now let’s ask it some more random stuff All right let’s see if they can replace Google So here we can say is who is the richest Person In the world So this is some people are saying it can Replace Google which if you just ask it A question Obviously it takes a little bit longer Because it has to do with a little AI Thing and uh we’ll just see if Eventually in the future once this Becomes much more advanced I mean this Is going to be absolutely nuts Jeff Bezos yo Amazon there we go and now We can ask it let’s see I’ll leave it Off with something That you could see can you ask it for Like Just advice let’s see um what should I Eat for dinner tonight chat GPT magic Eight ball do you got the answers I’ve

Done this already before with like a Simpler question or similar questions And I’m pretty sure it’s gonna say like I can’t make decision but up to you but Come on fam let me see what what will it Suggests I hope it does like some sort Of analysis on the best foods you know Let me see okay this options it says Literally it replicates good chicken Okay so it’s pushing the healthy Alternative which is interesting so next Time you’re out with your boys your Friends family they’re like hey what do You want to eat yo chat gbt it might be Able to help you out what’s up that guys Comment below what you want me to ask You for the next video aside from that Like And subscribe see you on the next

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